Sep 30, 2019


Well, Dearies, mystery solved as to why I have been feeling a bit off. Mr. Crohn's has reared his ugly head and I am home today with fluids, a heating pad, and steroids. I know it sounds nuts, but I am relieved to finally know what it was that had me thrown.

No worries. I am going to take advantage of the quiet to rest and renew. I'm pretty sleepy, so would imagine that the big girl sleigh bed will be calling to me in a few minutes, but that's perfectly OK with me.

My friends made it home safe and sound and this morning I was delighted to receive a message from another dear college friend who will visit this next weekend! I absolutely love and miss this woman and follow her amazing life on the Facebook, so it will be wonderful to see her and catch up.

I. Am. Truly. Blessed.

Our meatloaf dinner was really good and hearty last night and JB has a fridge full of leftovers to get him through the week. I am back on smoothies and salads without exception until I hit my next goal. I was pretty careful over the weekend and didn't completely over indulge, but I don't want to stray too far away from austerity or I'm likely to go backwards!

If I can, I'm going to switch out the stitchy basket this week to some Halloween things. I might even pull Plum Pudding back out to tackle another section or two. Either way...the ultimate goal is to get at  least 30 minutes a day. I have allowed life to get in the way of my stitching, and that is just OK at all. A stitchy spinster makes for a happy healthy it's back to needle and thread I go!

That's the report for a foggy Monday. I hope your weekend was wonderful and that your week is off to a great start. What's on your agenda for the day?

Sep 29, 2019


My friends from Lima are on their way home, and I am in the Happy Chair with a post-brunch cup of damn good and the Crackpot Spinster Fireplace blazing away. What a completely wonderful weekend! A really great lunch yesterday before the game, some stitchy time during it, and then really good cheeseburgers after at CJ's Pub downtown South Bend. 

(When my mom and dad brought me to campus the very first time, my dad pointed out CJ's and said that if I ever went to school here I would have a bar of my very own to call home. My mom wasn't exactly thrilled by the prospect of me spending time in a bar instead of a classroom, but she would be happy to know that I never stepped foot in the place until last night.)

(It's a total "joint", but part of Notre Dame tradition and the home of some very good cheeseburgers indeed.)

Today was Mass in the Basilica and then another tasty meal at a favorite place just across the parking lot from CS2. Just delicious!

JB is buying provisions for a meatloaf, since it's cold and rainy and seems like a good day for it. I will happily oblige, since a Sunday afternoon playing in the kitchen is actually something I quite enjoy, and a meatloaf sandwich (or half of one anyway) might make for a nice little treat this week.

I hope your own weekend has been full of love and laughter like mine has! Do something lovely and come tell me all about it!

Sep 28, 2019


My goodness.

We had thunder and lightning yesterday for what felt like nine or ten hours. A few bolts and jolts were so loud I felt the entire building shake! I haven't seen and heard a storm like that in quite some time, I think.

I'm slurping my damn good and getting ready for a wonderful day with some Lima friends. Denise and Jeff have been part of my heart for over thirty five years and are the parents of my goddaughters, Jacqueline and Sara. I always come away from a visit with them feeling better about the world (and myself), so I am really looking forward to some catching up.

JB and I are not going to go to the football game itself, but we are going to meet up for a nice lunch before hand and maybe a light supper after. Then tomorrow we'll do the whole Basilica Mass and brunch thing before they head home. A perfect weekend.

Thank you for pitting up with me last week. I really do think there is something "off" with me, so I'm going to have a quick check-in with the doc on Monday morning just to make sure. I know it seems like a complete overreaction, but I've discovered that little things can turn to big things pretty quickly if you're on dialysis, so away to the doctor I go.

Well, Dearies. That's it for me on a rainy Saturday morning. I hope your corner of the world is practically perfect in every way today. Come tell me all about it!

Sep 27, 2019



Well, Dearies, my first gain of Operation GO. 

Here's the crazy part.

I'm actually glad it happened.

There's no other way to say it, but I just didn't pay attention this week. I let last week's number go right to my head and I decided to self-sabotage by not sticking to the plan. I had fast food and I ate my body weight in Chinese food from the casino buffet last night, as well as scarfed down candy and chips and other crap with impunity.

So I'm disappointed, but also kind of glad that I got it out of my system without too much damage. A .7 pound weight gain is utterly fantastic considering the circumstances, and I'm glad that the lesson hasn't completely derailed me.

I'm home from a relatively rough treatment and have my Starbucks next to me in the HappyChair. In exactly three minutes I will shake this off, wash my face, and move on with my night. Three minutes of self-flagellation.. After that, it's back to sitting up in the buggy and Getting. It. Done.

Mary Poppins and I are going to play if it's the last thing I do. I tried so hard to stitch in the d-chair but was just completely knocked out and woke up to my tech prying the needle out of my hand. Fortunately, she is a stitcher, so when she saw me go out her first worry was protecting my stitching! She parked the needle on my needleminder, carefully gathered up my threads and such, and stowed them back in the project bag tor me. Such an angel in more ways than one!

I'm humbled and a little peeved, but totally determined! Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is wonderfully and perfectly swell! Come tell me all about it!

Sep 26, 2019


It's 7:30pm on a Thursday night and I am in the Happy Chair with clean pajamas on and a fresh manicure. I spent a few hours doing a bookkeeping gig, hit the salon, then the library, and then JB and I went to the casino for dinner.

(Thursdays are Senior day, and JB gets a big kick out of the "Buy one get one free" promotion, even though I am technically a few years away from being eligible.)

(What can I say? I'm a cheap date and always have been.)

(Cheap, but not easy.)

The black dog is still here visiting, but now he seems to be happy to snooze a bit in his little bed rather than sit in my lap requiring full attention. Eventually, he will wander home and send a post card every now and then to let me know he's well, but for now all is...OK.

I'm going to put the iPad and iPhone away now and get needle and thread in hand. The Eagles are on the TV and I'm ready fora little stitching before bed.

Happy Thursday, Dearies! Come tell me all about your corner of the world.

Sep 25, 2019


Dang it. I really am not right in the head, Dearies.

(Pause for eye roll and utterance of a big fat "DUH").

It's Wednesday, but I find myself in full-fret mode about the weekend. I think what it boils down to is my propensity for making everything harder than it has to be and wanting to make everybody's visit here a super colossal VIP experience. I forget that not everybody needs to be impressed...especially not the two friends that are coming...but still I find myself on the Pinterest looking at recipes and table settings like a crazy person.

What can I say? I like to make it nice.

I also need to remind myself that I've got my hands full just staying upright, so nobody is going to be disappointed if I say "Nope...can't do it like the old days, kids." and we just eat at a restaurant.

It really must be the moon or something, because my podmates are all out of sorts too. Some are not feeling well, some are quieter than usual, and some are not happy to be here. We lost another one of us (the lady that I asked you to pray for), and I suspect that we are all feeling a bit shell-shocked over the loss. Five of my compadres have passed since I started. That's too many to process, but statistically what happens. I just wish there was a way to fix it.

My eating plan has been a bit off also, but today my gain was only minimal and I am back on track. I see the surgeon on November 21, so now is not the time to quit! Salad, salad, salad! And I need to get myself on that darn treadmill!

Stitchy-wise, I am verging on a slump, so I have promised myself some studio time on Sunday evening. Maybe it's time to switch it up a bit and pull Fall and Halloween things. Either that, or maybe it's time to re-visit canvas work or needlepoint?

So that's it for me today. Sorry to be out of sorts, but I suppose it is what it is. Please don't worry...things will be right as rain again soon and I will climb back atop my glittery unicorn and jump the rainbow!

Happy Wednesday! Do something fun and come tell me all about it!

Sep 24, 2019


There's been something in the air around here the last two days that left me completely out of sorts. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but all day yesterday and for most of the day today I've

I slept for several hours this morning and finally hauled myself out of the big girl sleigh bed and said "Right. That's enough of that for now. Let's get on with it." So I prepared myself a nice tall cold brew with vanilla creamer, toasted a lovely bagel with some crunchy peanut butter, and gathered my planner supplies.

It only took about a half hour, but pasting pretty stickers and washi tape in my book and writing down my appointments and to dos for the week lifted whatever was ailing me. I suppose that it was all banging about up there in my tiny little brain and needed to come out so that I could see that it really is a quiet week and not chock full of things I don't want to do.

My only real appointment is with Miss Karen, my nail specialist, and then friends are coming this weekend for the Notre Dame game, so I really do have absolutely nothing to complain about. Sure, the kitchen and bathroom will need to be scrubbed, and the apartment will need to be tidied, but some good music, a few cups of damn good, and I should be able to knock that out in an hour or two.

I also took a minute to update Bob. Bob is my book journal, and he's where I've written every single title completed since 1991. My goal is to surpass my previous year's total by at least one, and this year I've already done that. I read only 13 books in 2018 and have already finished 18 books so far this year. Tonight I will finish The Guest Book by Sarah Blake. I'm sorry that I can't give you details. I seem to read right before bed and then completely forget everything overnight. It bothers me somewhat...the fact that I see a title in Bob and can't tell you one thing about it...but as soon as I go for the phD in Literature I'll sit up in the buggy.

I always thought that my dream job would have been to be a lawyer, but mow I realize that I would have really loved being a college professor -- maybe at a small school someplace where I could have also been a dorm mother.

Oh well.

Time to think about dinner, Dearies. I made Pioneer Woman's pulled pork over the weekend for JB, so he will probably have that. I, of course, will opt for a salad. I've been getting pretty good a creating a nice big one on Sunday afternoons and adding to it during the week. So far, I've figured out that I am a huge fan of butter lettuce and red cabbage, but not so much hearts of romaine anymore. The last batch I had was very bitter, so we're sticking with the butter.

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start and that you are doing everything your heart desires! Come tell us all about it!


Sep 23, 2019

Sep 21, 2019



As per usual, I went from being High Queen of The Exalted Diet Universe to a filthy animal in a gutter sucking down Taco Bell like some kind of demented garbage disposal.


After blogging, I made myself a little snack plate with cheese and nuts and crackers and such and I ate it while basking in the glow of my loss.

Then I made "just a few more bites" of said snack plate.

Then I ate the Autumn Mix/candy corn that I swore was just for decoration.

After calculating my calories, I said to myself "OK. You did well today and gave yourself a little treat. You're at your calorie limit for the fact, just a teensy bit over, so water with lemon for the rest of the night and start fresh tomorrow."

Uh, yeah. That happened.

Rich stopped at a Taco Bell and ordered half the menu. And I ate half the damn menu. At least that's what it feels like today as I'm green and woozy in the Happy Chair in between trips to the powder room.

Jimminy Crickets.

BUT! The very happy news is that the new me is able to see that the falling off the wagon was YESTERDAY and that it is no reflection on TODAY.  Instead of enjoying popcorn and candy at the movie today and a cheeseburger tonight when we go to watch the Notre Dame game, I'm going to take apple slices and grapes to the movie and have a salad at the Hooters. So, in essence, my treat day just came a day early and I have two days this weekend to behave myself at hit my 3-2-5 goal.

(3-2-5 is a new thing for me. Each week I strive to have 3 good treatments, 2good days off, and 5 good eating days. This week I hit the 3 and the 2 and I need Saturday and Sunday to hit my 5.)

So, Dearies, I have proven the old adage that pride really does goeth before the fall. It was true when Sister Assumpta hollered it at me in second grade and it's true now when I get too big for my britches and crow about losing weight like I'm some kind of hero. That'll teach me to Happy Dance...better to keep my head down and save the dancing for 160, I think rather that 252!

I'm taking myself to see Downton this afternoon and then we're off to see Notre Dame play Georgia tonight. In between, I hope to get a little stitchy time in. I finished Mary's umbrella last night and started on Big Ben, but need to frog a bit and get it back on track.

So that's it for me on a sunny Saturday morning. I hope your very own weekend is off to a wonderful start. Do something fabulous and come tell us all about it!

Sep 20, 2019



Dearies, I am sitting in the Happy Chair stunned senseless.

This was not one of my better weeks, eating-wise. As a matter of fact, I ate so much JUNK on Tuesday and Thursday of this week that I resigned myself to having my very first gain since the start of Operation GO. I swear, I think that's what my problem was this morning...dread that manifested in a feeling of unwell.

I had a good treatment crashes or cramps or other shenanigans. After I was disconnected and got taped up, I packed up my stuff and headed for the scale to get my off-weight and right there in front of God and everybody burst into the ugly cry, did a happy dance, and scared the beejeesus out of Sean the Nurse by grabbing him and kissing him full on the face.


How in the Holy H-E-double toothpicks did THAT happen?

This milestone means that living donors can now begin their process of testing to see if they are a candidate for donation, and, as an added bonus, the transplant team at IU decided that I can do mine too to get it out of the way before the final goal weight of 242.

Dr. Goggins and his team will be here in Mishawaka on November 21, so that is now my official GO day. I am going to walk into that appointment at 240 pounds and he's going to look at me and say "You are cleared for takeoff, kid. Let's get you a new kidney".

(Or words to that effect.)

As much as I would like to tell you that this achievement is the result of my hard work, it is 100% due to the fact that you all are my accountability team. I now feel responsible to stay the course because I know that you are out there cheering me on and I owe it to you (as well as myself) to GET. IT. DONE.

Oh, and I am also convinced that Bosco has an awful lot to do with it. Today is his 14th birthday. Guess what the kilo weight read on the scale today?


Happy, happy, happy Friday to us all! I'm going to celebrate with my damn good cold brew, You've Got Mail on the TeeVee, a sensible salad, and some stitching! Come tell me all about what you're celebrating today,


I'm decidedly "off" today, Dearies...almost like I'm coming down with something.  I don't know what it is, but it has me craving the big girl sleigh bed, a sleepy Stewey, and something lovely playing on the radio.

Oh well.

For now, there's dialyzing to be had, a visit from the nurse practitioner, and lots of Flosstube to catch up on while I play with needle and thread, so no complaints.

Happy Friday!

Sep 19, 2019


I just returned from a dip in the pool after running several errands and getting myself lathered up into a sweaty mess, and I'm still chuckling over what a complete and utter nutjob I am.

My swimming companions today were two littles by the name of Owen and Gwen. Owen was, I guess, somewhere in the neighborhood of five or six and his sister Gwen about two, perhaps?

Our pool is constructed in such a way that there is one set of stairs in a corner of the shallower end. Naturally, this is where the littles tend to congregate, so to enter said pool you need to maneuver around them and pray to God you're not smacking anybody in their little heads with your wobbly bits as you make your way underwater.

Most kids mutter something unintelligible and splash away and then sit and stare as I stand in the deeper end and do my old lady exercises. If they have goggles and deploy them, I try exercise restraint and not throw obscene hand gestures their way underwater.

Not today, though.

I was mid-way through the first set of arm circles when two little heads popped up about an inch and a half from my face and started chattering away. Owen has lost three teeth and Gwen asked (quite politely, I might add) to please call her Nemo.

Mom and Grandma both jumped out of their lounge chairs, seemingly mortified that my "big person quiet time" was being interrupted, but something in my brain just clicked and I said it was perfectly OK with me, as long as we could continue our chat in the shallow end, because I was pretty sure neither kid had ever been in water deeper than eighteen inches before, and I was pretty nervous about having to perform a rescue.

When it came time for introductions, I said "My name is Miss Poppins. How do you do?". As God is my witness, I have no earthly idea where the hell that came from, but once out, I decided to run with it.

"Are you MARY Poppins?"

"Certainly not! Mary is my older sister. I am Constance. Constance Poppins. How lovely it is to make your acquaintance."

The poor wheels came so far off the bus after that, that I'm waiting for the doorbell to ring and open it to a squad of Disney lawyers seeking licensing and royalties.

So in the space of about an hour I created an entire family of Poppins sisters. There's Mary and me, and then we have Hildegard, Enid, Gertrude, Solange', Marian, Patricia, Judith, and Hortense.  I was coming up with every interesting name I could think of, and before I knew it I had Poppins sisters flying all over the place, taking care of children and going on adventures and generally saving the day.

Owen was a bit skeptical at first, but when he asked me why I didn't fly to the pool with my umbrella I said "One never uses one's umbrella on a Thursday in September, Owen." and he looked at me like I had just given him the secrets of the universe.

My little excursion into psychosis was just what I needed after such a crazy day, and I confess that I was a little sad that the sun eventually got a little low and the water a little too cold to continue, but both Mom and Grandma asked if I was a teacher or a nanny because apparently these kids had never been so quiet for so long. Gwen, apparently, is normally very shy around strangers, so the fact that she came right up to me and felt comfortable doing so means I'm not a complete loss just yet.

So now I'm home and showered and in the Happy Chair and ready for some REAL Poppins before it's time to call it a night.

I hope your very own Thursdays were wonderfully swell, Dearies! Come tell me all about it!

Sep 18, 2019


My goodness, but the time is flying faster and faster! I woke up today thinking it was Tuesday, but then I remembered I already had one of those and got myself ready for the d-chair.
Mary is coming along quite nicely and is delighting my techs and podmates. Something about the universal appeal of a woman flying through the air by means of an umbrella, I suppose. I am going to continue playing with her for a bit longer here in the d-chair and might think about something different for home...we'll see.

My sister writes to tell me that she is getting ready to sell her wares at the Mountain Home Berry Farm at the end of this month, as well as on her etsy shop. She has been sending pictures of her creations...wreaths and mason jar bouquets and needleminders, etc, and I am so very sad I can't sit with her for a Craft Day Gone Awry. Remember those? I think it was the 2009 version that resulted in me being banned from use of a hot glue gun and anything involving Martha Stewart glitter.

I also miss our Mumu and Mocktail celebrations on the patio. Despite my very best effort, I can't seem to get JB on board for that one, even though I think he definitely has the legs for a festive mumu.

So that's it for me today. How is your very own Futzingday going? I hope it's wonderfully swell in every way! Come tell me all about it!

Sep 16, 2019


Hi, Dearies!

Mary is almost complete...just missing her magic umbrella! As soon as I finish writing this here post on this here blog I'm going to get back to her!

I had the most wonderful Sunday catching up with one of my very dear Besties. We met in college over thirty years ago and I immediately loved her because of her relationship with her mom. She is a piece of my heart and I can't wait to see her again.

I hope your very own weekend was grand and that the pieces of your heart are happy too! Come tell me all about it! 

Sep 15, 2019


Yesterday was a great success in the relaxation department. I ended up spending about an hour and a half in the pool, and then I came home and made JB a nice dinner. I was still quite full from lunch so ended up just having a bite "to make sure it was good".

(NJ sausage with spinach and provolone from Bagliani's, peppers, onion, garlic, and baby potatoes roasted in the case your were wondering.)

(Jimmy John's slim sandwiches were what filled me up at lunch, even though they are smaller than a normal sandwich.)

I played with Mary Poppins a bit:
She is still a very enjoyable stitch, but I'll be happy to finish that black overcoat and get on with the bag and then BigBen on the far right. I think I'll keep her as my d-chair stitch until she's finished. Maybe a fish through the basket for something totally different to stitch in the Happy Chair this week?

Well, Dearies, I'm off to lunch with an old college friend. I haven't seen her in quite some time, so I'm looking forward to a good catch-up!  

Happy Sunday! Come tell me all about your day!

Sep 14, 2019


I'm headed to the pool for some exercise, then it's home to stitching and football! No chores, no laundry, no fretting, no nothing that doesn't blow my skirt up. 

What's on your agenda for the day, Dearies!

Sep 13, 2019




Hi, Dearies.

I'm in the d-chair and doing my thing, but a bit rattled. I just learned of the passing of  another one of my pod mates, with another expected any time now. That will mean that five people have died in the almost two years that I've been here, and I suppose my tiny brain and big fat heart are busying themselves running between fear and sadness.

When I started dialysis, my Aunt JoAnn told me not to get attached to anybody here. At the time, I thought it very strange, and maybe a little bit mean-spirited, but now I see that she was trying to protect me from myself. This fact makes me peaceful inside, since it means she really knew who I am  and valued that. I think my Uncle Connie understood me too, so this means that the two people who gave me their names really were a huge part of who I turned out to be.

Grandma Josephine said my name was perfect because I was a "little bull-head named after two big bull-heads"....a fact that I now appreciate when it comes to my propensity for digging in when it comes to something I care about, or want to overcome, or want to accomplish.

I suppose this was an "off" week for me, but that's why God made week ends, right? I was not particularly good about staying on the diet wagon. As a matter of fact, I jumped off of that sucker at the Applebees on Tuesday night and let it roll over me, back up, and hit me again on Wednesday with Papa Johns and his evil Papadias. Eight hundred and fifty calories! Eight hundred and fifty, Dearies! That's more than I have been eating in an entire day...let alone for a late night dinner after a lunch of hot dogs and pretzel pieces!

Good grief, Spinster you think I'll ever get a clue?

I did behave better yesterday, but still managed to have scrambled eggs at 9:00 last night because I was ready to eat my slippers. Back on track today, though, and if Magoo suggests the normal Friday night pizza, I just might smack him with said slippers.

Absolutely zero stitching to report, which I think explains almost everything. I am, however, going to remedy that sad fact right now by putting down this iPad thingie and getting needle in hand.

God bless and keep you, my friends. I promised myself I would be better about telling you how important you are and how my life is better with you all in it. I hope your weekend will be full of good health, good food, good stitching, and good times with those you love.  Come tell me all about it.

Sep 12, 2019


After a busy morning of bookkeeping, I went to the fancypants salon and had my nails done...a real treat, indeed! On Tuesday night I had about six inches cut from my hair, and last night I had my brows cleaned up, so it just seemed right to spend a third day in a row getting pampered.

Moonstruck is on the TV, the paper is ready to be read, and I am going to try my level best to get some stitchy time before bed.

What's new with you, Dearies?

Sep 9, 2019


Chello on a cool and cloudy Monday from the d-chair, Dearies!

Would you believe me if I told you I'm still sore and tired from Saturday's shenanigans?  How completely out of shape can one portly spinster be, I ask you?

The first thing I need to do is say a hearty THANK YOU to those of you who sent me an email. I call them my love notes, and when feeling blue or just not quite myself, I read them and let the lovliness wash over me like the healing waters of Lourdes.

So, thank you for that. Really. Truly. Deeply.

The consensus seems to be that I answer questions on this here blog so that the entire Spinster Nation can share in my quirky ineptitude, so henceforth and hitherto I shall endeavor to do just that.

Two questions that I can remember today are: what is the SpinsterShop and who designed the blue sunflower piece hanging in my studio.

The SpinsterShop will eventually be an online store with a dozen or so items that are stitchy-related  that I will sell to add funds to my kidney transplant fund. I was so very blessed to receive an amazing start on this fund by donations to a YouCaring fund, but I have a fair bit to go before it's fully there. I'm hoping to get this thing up and running before year's end, so please stay tuned.

As far as the piece in my studio, if it's the one with the blackbirds, that is a painted canvas (needlepoint), and I think the designer is Birds of a Feather. I believe I stitched that one in Vineyard Silk and selected the stitches myself.

I did get an awful lot of inquiries about my doing videos. Um....I had never considered this because I am very camera-shy, but I also love to see tips, tricks, and how other people stitch. If I can figure out how to do it, I promise to consider a "behind the scenes/life with Spinster" video.

Time for me to settle in with some music and stitching now, if I can keep my eyes open, Dearies. My tech thinks it might be better for me to close my eyes and rest for a bit, since I apparently look like I've been dragged out of a dumpster. I am, however, clean and fresh smelling, so a few undereye bags are going to be forgiven.

Thanks for hanging in on a long-winded Monday! If I haven't said it recently...I love and appreciate you more than you'll ever know!

Sep 8, 2019


Dearies, for some reason, I am unable to reply to your comments on this here blog. This means if you have asked me a question, I have been unable to post a reply to you. (How rude!)

If you have question for me, could I trouble you to email it to and I will reply (to the best of my ability) post haste!

Or, if this is too inconvenient, I could do a weekly answer post, but I would need to assemble all of the questions over a period of time.



Holey Schmoley, Dearies. I think the expression is that I feel like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. Or hit by a bus. Or dropped from a very tall building.


I had a very good sleep, am up slurping my damn good, and in an hour or so I'll get ready for church.

The rest of my day will be simple, I promise. There are, unfortunately, several loads of laundry to do, but I can accomplish that while enjoying some stitchy time in the Happy Chair in between sploshings. I am also going to make a lovely Sunday dinner for JB...stuffed pork chops, roasted baby potatoes, and steamed broccoli, but instead of fussing over it, I might just put it all on a big sheet pan and be done with it all at once.

Thank you for indulging my completely obnoxious display yesterday. The truth is, that as I completed each room I desperately needed a rest, and sitting down and blogging made me feel like it wasn't wasted time. In looking back, though, I think it was too much "look at meeeee" for one day.

Off to the tub! I hope your Sunday is completely wonderful! Come tell me all about it!

Sep 7, 2019


Oh, what a happy Saturday! Six hours of cleaning and decorating and futzing and putzing about, and CS2 is in tip top shape and ready for Fall! I am beyond thrilled with the calories burned and steps walked, but I know that I am going to pay for this tomorrow.




First, we clean the bathroom to within an inch of its life...channeling our inner angry Amish woman:

Then, we change the decor. I'd like to think of this as "Suburban Spinster Sheek":


I learned something about JB today. He doesn't much care for the term honey-do list, but if you ask him nicely to get the Fall decorating boxes out of the storage unit, he happily complies.

Sep 6, 2019




The scale didn't go down very much this week, but it didn't go up either! I am not at all defeated, and still very happy with my attempt this week. For the most part I stayed on track and ate well, and even my treats were in moderation.  I also suspect that this might a "timing" issue (I know, right?! TMI).

So no worries, Dearies. Onward!


I never really thought of myself as a TGIF person, but I am definitely feeling it today, Dearies! This week seemed long and hectic and exhausting for some reason, so today is very welcome as the last day of it, indeed.

My plan for the weekend is, relax, clean and decorate CS2 to within an inch of its life, cook, read, bake, organize, stitch, go to Mass, hit the pool, do all of the laundry, switch the closets, change the bed, eat a salad, go for a walk, see a movie, write my Needlepoint Now column, play with stickers in my planner, work on finding stuff for the SpinsterShop, and take a nap.

What I probably will do: sleep, eat, and stitch.

Isn't it somehow comforting to know that some things never change?

Happy Friday! Come tell me all about your very own special plans!

Sep 5, 2019


I think there should be some kind of point system that you can redeem for prizes for all of the times you watch football instead of the Bravo.

For example..."You've earned 25 points for watching the Bears/Packers game instead of Below Deck, SpinsterStitcher! Redeem now at needlework/craft store near you or a webshop online."

Sep 4, 2019


I pulled into the Starbucks on my way home from the d-chair today and before I knew what was happening, I heard a voice come out of my head saying "Hi! It's Coni! May I please try something new today? I think I'll try the Nitro Cold Brew instead of my usual Venti Cold Brew with two pumps of sugar free vanilla syrup and a splash of light cream".

And before I knew it I was slurping something that looks and somewhat tastes almost a bit and just slightly of a Guinness! 

A Nitro Cold Brew is basically a regular Cold Brew infused with nitrogen. This makes it draw much like a beer and has the same kind of creamy/foamy head as one. The cold brew itself is still richly flavored, so I think I would have liked it a little better with my normal two pumps of sugar free vanilla syrup rather than the just one that I ordered because I didn't want it to be too sweet, as well as that splash of cream.

Despite this new-found "devil may care and I accept and embrace change" attitude, methinks I will go back to my usual next time and enjoy the comfort of the familiar. It was nice, though, to give myself a little pat for trying something new!

Chopped salad with grilled chicken for dinner tonight, Dearies. I'm telling you this so when I think about going face first into a Jimmy John's sub sandwich or a bar-b-que chicken pizza or a vat of spaghetti and meatballs I will stop myself and remember that I. Am. Accountable. and Operation GO is too important to blow it.

Ciao for now! We'll return to our regularly scheduled stitchy program, so keep your pants on, Betty!


Oh, my goodness, Dearies! I am just completely discombobulated this morning!

Yesterday was a very full, very hectic, very tiring day, but I assume I survived it, because here I am in the d-chair doing my thing. I actually looked forward to getting here today, since I figured it would be five hours of "peace and quiet". far have we fallen that we look forward to sitting in a chair for five hours with needles in one arm, a blood pressure cuff on the other, and a woozy feeling that ebbs and flows from slight to unconsciousness?!

But my view is very pretty today, and I'm back in my crazypants, and when this is over I have Starbucks and the salon (for a face wax!) to look forward to.

No stitchy progress to report, I'm afraid, but I will remedy that in a few minutes when I get my toys out. My techs get a big kick out of watching me stitch, and if I alarm because my arm is bent too much they happily correct it so I can keep playing. I think it irritates the other patients a bit, but for the most part I am very well behaved, so phooey on them.

(That's not what I really mean, but we have a few folks in here who are not taking care of themselves, are missing treatment, and aren't following any orders, and they get mad that they don't feel well. These machines can only do so much, and I know that if I'm bad and go off the deep end it's going to show up here.)

I had my treat meal last night at the Applebees, so today will be back to smoothie/salad only. Amazingly, I still managed to not put any fluid on, so this just confirms that moderation with the OCCASIONAL treat is going to be key for me.

Who knew? (She says sarcastically).

OK...enough of a babble for now. I'm going to plug in and get the Flosstube rolling. I hope your very own day (whatever one it happens to be) is wonderful in every way. If it's not, I pray that tomorrow will be better for you. Stay warm and safe and dry and come tell me all about it!

Sep 2, 2019


Hi, Dearies!

I ended up having a very quiet, peaceful, stitchy, delicious weekend. I'm in the d-chair doing my thing today and listening to everybody grumble that they have to be here on a holiday. I don't mind so much...JB is driving back from New Jersey and we won't have our holiday cookout/picnic until later this evening, so the timing for me works perfectly.

My home stitchy piece, Fraktur Flowers, is coming along nicely, but I forgot to snap a pic before tucking her away in her project bag last night. My d-chair project, Mary Poppins, is also moving right along, and I've decided to stop worrying about the coverage.

So nothing earth shattering to report...which is a very good thing in my world. I hope life in your corner of the world is wonderfully swell today. Come tell me all about it!

Sep 1, 2019


I had a very quiet, restful, peaceful Saturday, and methinks today will be much of the same. Although disappointed that I couldn't decorate for Fall, I guess the rest was what I needed!

Here is my start on La-D-Da's Fraktur Flowers:
This is my first piece stitched on 32ct linen in quite some time. I am using the recommended one strand of floss, so the coverage is very light. At first that bugged me, but then I remembered that it is, after all, cross stitch, and in some cases you probably WANT to see the individual xxxx.

OK. Better get scoooching. I'm heading to church, and then going to come home and tackle a mountain of laundry, bills, and planning for the week ahead. If the sun ever makes an appearance today I might take a dip in the pool, but it is very cool and cloudy at the moment and not likely to warm up enough to do so.

Happy Sunday, Happy September, Dearies! I hope you have a simply marvelous time of it today. Do something fun and come tell me all about it!