Apr 30, 2018


I found two more pair of these crazy leggings on the amazon and broke out the non-fuzzy socks for today's session. I confess that I kinda like being known as the "crazy leggings girl" here at dialysis, just like I really like being known as the "crazy spinster girl" here on the blog.

Hook up went well (knock wood), so now I just settle in for iPading and bad TeeVee viewing until it's time to go home. It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Hoosierville, so I have promised Jersey Boy that I will go for a nice long walk this evening, since I am determined to get these last hundred pounds off come h-e-double toothpicks or high water.

So that's the report, Dearies! No final Maynia plans, but they are percolating! Stay tuned!

Apr 29, 2018


JB and I had a delightful night out at a local Mexican restaurant with our friends Barney and Norma. I sometimes forget that I have the ability to actually leave my Happy Chair and pretend to be a fully functioning adult human that wears mascara and a bra a proper shoes...so it was nice to be reminded of that.

Today I am going to do a few small household chores, send Lovey to the Martins for provisions, do a little planning in my Erin, and stitch stitch stitch. Maynia has my little hampster wheel spinning, and I am trying to figure out a way to participate without throwing myself into a tantrum by not reaching goals and deadlines. I'm hung up on the number 31...thinking that the only proper way for me to "win" is 31 of something, but that already sets me up for failure since I know there are days in the 31 that I will not feel well enough to play.

Hmmm...methinks I need to break out the WD-40, grease that little wheel up, and get it spinning faster.

The sun is shining and the birds are sweetly tweeting today (even if I can't see them here at CS2). Oh, how I miss the view that once was from the Happy Chair:

But now I suppose I should be grateful for the new one and stop mourning what once was:

(Lovey has bed head and is not keen to share photos of it, so I will obey (for once) and not overshare.)

(But I do find it endearing that he has a gorgeous head of hair and is quite vain about it...just like my dear dad was.)

So that's the Sunday musings from Yours Truly, Dearies. I hope that your very own day is exactly what you want it to be. Come tell me...blah blah blah.

Apr 28, 2018


Well...so that happened.

At the end of my d-sessions, they remove the needles, I apply pressure, and then they tape me up and I go on my way. Yesterday one of the sites decided to play fire hose and break open at the exact minute I stood up to put my sweatshirt back on and head out.

I really do wish I knew how I did it, but I looked down, called for help, and then immediately sat down with my arm over the trash can. Not only did I NOT make a mess...I avoided passing out on the floor in front of God and everybody (which would have precipitated a need for a forklift).

I kept apologizing for the two drops of blood that hit the floor and started to cry like a toddler because I felt like I had failed somehow, and my techs and nurses just kept laughing that only Coni would apologize for bleeding out after a dialysis session. (What can I say? I'm a people pleaser, apparently, and still feel like I'm a big fat problem most of the time rather than just a patient.)

We got the bleeding stopped, cleaned me up, re-taped me, checked my blood pressure, and I was good to go. I felt a little woozy, but managed to get home and into the Happy Chair before heading to bed at 7:30.

Today I am hungover and feel like my arms and legs are encased in cement. We have plans to go walk around in the sunshine today, but methinks I might need a few more cups of damn good (and maybe some waffles) before I feel semi-human again.

So no stitching to report, I'm afraid. I do hope to remedy that sometime this weekend, as well as make a final decision about Maynia. Given my ability to put in quality time with needle and thread lately...I don't want to set myself up for disappointment.

Betty let me know that she's tired of hearing about dialysis, but I was always told to write what I know, and this is what I know now. If, however, Betty is correct and I am overstepping with it...let me know, Dearies, and I will do my very best to find another channel!

Here's hoping that your weekend is off to a less dramatic start and that you get to thread up and do whatever your heart desires! Come tell me all about it!

Apr 26, 2018


Today is the first real "free" day I've had in quite a while. To celebrate, I am going to take myself to the beauty parlor for a mani/pedi and a bang trim, then a nice light lunch, and then I am going to come home and play with my stitchy stash. There might be a nice long snoozy nap, a cup of afternoon tea, and some book browsing too...but I'm pacing myself and not going to get too bogged down by details. 

No stitching to report from last night, unfortunately. My chair session did not go as planned and we had  a fight with Buzzy and his ability to flow properly. I fear there might be a trip to the Access Center and more angioplasty in my future. Phooey.

So that's it for the day, Dearies. I hope that your very own Thursday is perfectly swell and that you get to do everything your heart desires!

Apr 25, 2018


A little damn good:

A little progress:

A quick run through of the paper:

And then we're off to the Unhappy Chair for dialysis.

Hope your Futzingday is everything you want it to be...and nothing you don't. Come tell me all about it!

Apr 23, 2018

Apr 22, 2018


You enter the newly completed 400 million dollar Campus Crossroads project, consisting of three new huge buildings, fake grass, and a Jumbotron and all you can think to say is...

"Jimminy Crickets. It looks like Mother Theresa put on lipstick, a push-up bra, and fishnets and decided to go out for a night on the town."


Apr 21, 2018


After the Blue/ Gold game today we stopped at a local drinking establishment so that Jersey Boy could watch the Sixers and have a beer.  I sat with an iced tea and was pleasantly surprised to see a familar face in the crowd.

The only problem with this pleasant surprise is that it's a face that belongs to a perfectly lovely person that I've never actually met before.

Remember the scene in You've Got Mail when Kathleen admits that she only knows NY157 through the internet and she throws herself over and buries her head in her pillow?

Well, that was me...in a figurative sense.

I started following a woman on the Instagram several months ago called imkindofabigdealinindiana because she is from the midwest, loves Notre Dame, and has an adorable little dog named Cookie. I think I messaged her to wave hello, but couldn't remember if we had ever "connected" in an internet kind of way.

So today I walked up and said "I promise you I'm not a crazy stalker (which is probably the very first thing a crazy stalker would say) but I follow you on Instagram and think you're amazing".

Or something equally as socially awkward and stupid as that.

But it turns out that imkindofabigdealinindiana really is perfectly lovely and friendly and pretty and kind, and was not at all creeped out by a portly spinster breaking out in a flop sweat and gushing on and on about what a fun life she has and how I live vicariously....

God grief, you simply cannot take me any damn place at all.

We are now home and in the fall asleep in front of the TeeVee portion of the program, so I will say goodnight for now and hope for some stitchy updates for you tomorrow!


No stitching to report this morning, Dearies. I came home from the chair, ate pizza, and went to bed (in that order).

Today has dawned bright and early for me, so I am going to take advantage of feeling relatively well to go forth and enjoy. Plans are afoot to go to the Xfinity store to organize contraptions here at CS2, perhaps a light breakfast, and then a day on campus going to and fro. Today is the annual Blue/Gold game...the Spring practice at the Notre Dame...and despite my connection to said place, I've never been.

So that's the plan for now. I suppose my energy level will dictate most of it, but I'm going to give it my best. Here's hoping that your very own plans consist of everything you desire and nothing you don't...come tell me all about it!

Apr 19, 2018


First I pulled out all of my cross stitch WIPs.  (Nope...not gonna count them.  You just can't make me.  Thanks to years and years of therapy and some industrial grade pharmaceuticals, I am OK with the fact that there are enough projects in here to last me eleventy seven lifetimes, and I'm just going to stay here on my glittery unicorn eating waffles while y'all contemplate):
(And no...not even gonna THINK about counted canvas or needlepoint stuff...let's just go down one rabbit hole at time today, Dearies!)

Then I pulled a few things for a half-heiney Spring basket:

And re-organized all of my cross stitch kits and charts into baskets for Spring/Summer, Fall, Winter/Christmas, and Misc:

And after a walk in the sunshine, a quick trip to the Michael's, and a cheeseburger at the FiveGuys, a new project selection:
The fabric is "Lemonade"...a 32ct Jobelan from Colour & Cotton, and I can't wait to give it a spin...especially since I enjoyed the last piece so much.  All threads are per the chart and DMC.

So that's it for me today. I'm going to go grab a hot and scrubby and then thread up and call it a day!  Hope your Thursday is swell and that you'll come tell me all about it!

Apr 18, 2018


No matter your country or politics...she was one of us:

Apr 17, 2018


Prairie Schooler
Garden Sampler (from book #45)
32ct Rose Water linen from Colour & Cotton
All threads are DMC per the chart

Apr 16, 2018


It's basically the size of a closet, but it has a window and is a good space for stitchy stash. I think once I hang some things on the walls it really will feel more like home.

Apr 15, 2018


Rich is at Mass and then doing the grocery shopping for the week, and I'm sitting in the Happy Chair on my big fat fanny having some damn good and reading the paper.

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes, Dearies! My day was quiet and peaceful and full of good food and lots of stitching...exactly what I had hoped for!

My Prairie Schholer piece is getting soooo close to completion! I am hoping to buckle down this afternoon and finally Git 'Er Done, but there are also plans afoot to re-org the cube room studio today, so I will probably be more like a squirrel in traffic.

Not sure what will be next on the agenda. I was planning and plotting and plotting and planning in my head last night and was contemplating a stab at Stitch Maynia this year...but with a twist. Rather than starting 31 new things in May, I was thinking about stitching on 31 WIPs. Even if I only put a few minutes into each, at least I will have pulled them from the depths and given them a little love.

Or maybe I will finish/finish 31 things.

Or...and this seems to be the best idea: Make a commitment to stitch at least 31 minutes every single day.

Oey. The possibilities abound! If any of you have a good idea for me to get better organized with this thing of ours...I'm all ears!

Dreary, rainy day today means an inside walk on the gym treadmill and lots of Happy Chair time. Rich will probably watch the sports on the TeeVee all afternoon, and then maybe we'll watch a few good movies or the next few episodes of Billions.  Who knows?

Hope your Sunday is wonderfully swell and that you are able to do everything your heart desires. Come tell us all about it!

Apr 14, 2018


I'm not sure what, exactly, it is that I've got...but one thing I know for sure is that the love and friendship and support and encouragement and prayers and happy thoughts that come my way sustain and push me forward like no medicine or treatment protocol on this big blue marble of ours.

Thank you for all of it, Dearies!  Today I am happier, healthier, and more blessed than ever!

WooHoo! It's going to be a GREAT year!

Apr 13, 2018

Apr 12, 2018


Apr 12, 2010


My favorite Aunt Chrissy story takes place on Eater Sunday 1975.....

Scene: A bustling kitchen in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A mother scurries about, getting Easter dinner ready. She glances to her left and sees her youngest daughter standing in the doorway.

Mother: Chrissy, I told you that I'm really busy right now and need to get this dinner ready. Can you go play with your Barbies for a few minutes, sweetheart?

Chrissy: Sure, Mommy. But I have so many things to tell you that I thought I would stand here and talk to you while you cook. That way I can fulfill my need to be talking every waking moment of the day and you get to spend some quality time with me.

Mother: Why don't you go wait for Grandma and Uncle Connie to get here?

The little girl walks to the front closet, gets her little green velvet coat, and heads out to the front porch. She sits on the cold hard cement and thinks about what a bust this holiday has been for her. Yesterday, she and her brilliant and gorgeous older sister Constance were playing nuns. This was an activity that they both loved, and two white terry cloth bath towels were always put into use as a simple yet effective head-covering.

Yesterday, though, something seemed off. Constance was out of sorts and was bossier than usual. "Nuns don't have curly hair", she grumbled. "We need to get rid of those stupid curls sticking out of your head thingie."

"OK", the little girl said as she trotted off to get the big scissors. "Will you cut it for me, Coni Jo? I'm only four and not allowed to use the big scissors."

The older sister grinned as she maniacally snipped and snipped all of the gorgeous light brown curls away from her little sister's face.

"There", said Constance. "Now you look like a real nun."

As she reflected on the ensuing spanking that both she and her sister received, the little girl wondered why it was such a big deal that she would have to go to Easter Sunday Church services with her hat on. Didn't everybody wear a hat for Easter?

Later that afternoon, the mother stopped the dinner preparations to call out to the little girl.

Mother: Chrissy? Where are you, honey? Come here and try a pickled beet for me to see if I've got them right. Chrissy?

Constance: She's outside.


Constance: You told her to go wait for Grandma.


Constance: OK.

Sadly, Constance is distracted by the latest Nancy Drew mystery that was in her Easter basket that morning. She heads into the den and buries her nose in the book...completely forgetting about her tiny little sister standing alone outside on the front porch.

Later that afternoon....

The front door opens and several voices are heard.

Grandma: Sig?! Are you home? What the hell is Chrissy doing standing out on the front porch?! We pulled up and she said that she had been out there all day waiting for us! Her little nose is running and she's frozen solid! What the heck are you people doing in here?

The relatives all kiss and hug hello in stony silence as the little girl heads upstairs for a hot bath. As she's hanging up her coat, she glances at the curls hidden in the wastebasket and decides that Christmas is definitely her favorite holiday.


P.S. Here's a few things you should know about Aunt Chrissy:

1. Yes, the hair story is completely true. When she was little she had positively gorgeous light brown curly ringlets that covered her head. I cut them off. (What can I say? I had a head like a bowling ball and was evil.)

2. My sister talked from the minute she woke up until the minute she passed out in her little bed. Some nights, she would tip-toe to the side of Mom and Dad's bed and poke Mom awake because she had more to say or had "forgetted to tell you something."

3. She was a very good little girl and usually did exactly what she was told, so the story above is as true and accurate as I can remember it. We believe that she had been out on that porch for at least three hours, because when Grandma and Uncle Connie finally got there they said she was really really shivering and her lips were a bit blue.

4. My sister isn't just in my life...she is my life. (Sorry, that's a line from Tony Soprano, but it's just too damn apropos not to use it here.) She is funny and kind and strong and very very brave. She takes care of me, tolerates my silly little dog, and feeds all of the birds, squirrels and ducks faithfully and with great care. She is the rock and the leader of our little family, and there are times when I really wonder what I did to be given such a gift of this particular sister. I love her, need her, and care about her more than anything or anyone I've ever known, and I cannot and will not live my life without her in it.

So there you have it. Aunt Chrissy turns 39 today and I couldn't be happier about it.

Apr 9, 2018

Apr 7, 2018


A happy view from the Happy Chair:

The day's to-do list:

Hi, Dearies!  A quiet week followed by a quiet weekend, I hope.  I was a bit under the weather with a Crohn's flare up, so I hunkered down and let it ride its course.  All is now well, and I am happy to report that after a missed dialysis session on Wednesday, Friday's session was blessedly smooth.

The plan for today is to remain quiet...in pj's and stitching to my heart's content.  We were going to go over to Notre Dame for a baseball, softball, and lacrosse event, but decided against it due to a whopping 34 degrees on the thermometer.  I'm game, but Mr. Spinster isn't too keen on the cold...even if it is sunny out there.

I'm contemplating some putzing in the kitchen today, but looking for inspiration. Our Sunday brisket was delicious, so I'm trying to figure out what will give us a repeat performance.  Maybe another turkey breast...or salmon...or pulled pork...or...

So that's it for me. Boring, but peaceful and still here, which is exactly how I like it these days. Thank you for indulging my quietude last week...come tell me all about what's up in your corner of the world!

Apr 6, 2018

Apr 5, 2018

Apr 4, 2018

Apr 3, 2018

Apr 1, 2018


Very nice job, girls, but you just about gave this portly spinster alumna a heart attack!