Sep 20, 2019


I'm decidedly "off" today, Dearies...almost like I'm coming down with something.  I don't know what it is, but it has me craving the big girl sleigh bed, a sleepy Stewey, and something lovely playing on the radio.

Oh well.

For now, there's dialyzing to be had, a visit from the nurse practitioner, and lots of Flosstube to catch up on while I play with needle and thread, so no complaints.

Happy Friday!


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  3. I love your Mary Poppins stitch. Sorry to hear you're not feeling the best, hope you're just tired and not coming down with something. Take care of yourself & get some rest. Hope you have a relaxing evening!

  4. I do hope that you feel better in the morning. I would hate for you to be unwell with the weekend (and no d-chair)!


  5. Coni, have a peaceful evening! You have earned it!

  6. I am feeling the same today. I didn't do much of anything today other than watch a movie and move my laying hens to a new pen. That was a job in itself but they are happy to be in a fresh pen so all worth it.