May 31, 2021


Well, well, well.

Here we are on a Monday morning...doing our thing.

Some random highlights from the weekend...

On Saturday we did the golfing over at Notre Dame:

And stopped at the Lowe's for vegetation for JB's Happy Place:

There were the usual holiday weekend fixins....burgers and brats and salads and whatnot. I think I might have managed a big breakfast in there someplace too.

Last night we joined some friends for a baseball game at Four Winds Field. The South Bend Cubs took on the Ft Wayne Tin Caps. 

(Can you believe I've been to TWO baseball games featuring the Ft Wayne Tin Caps in the space of three weeks?)

(The Tin Caps are named for the Disney depiction of Mr Johnny Appleseed His Very Self, who was reported to wear his cooking pot on his head as a hat.)

I even wore makeup and lipstick...a trial run before the wedding next weekend. It was cool, so I don't know if it will be melt-proof, but...say la vee, Dearies. Say la vee.

(My big fat face looks bigger and fatter because my haircut ended up much shorter than I anticipated, but anything is better than the geriatric squirrel thing I had going on.)

Four more sleeps until we head over to Lima! In between them will be lots of fretting and wringing of hands and worrying about not making a spectacle of myself before my brain swats my overinflated ego with the reality that the wedding is NOT about me, and absolutely nobody will give a tinker's damn if I puddle my dress shields before the I do's are finalized.

(That's the best part of being an anxiety flop sweater...the more you stress about it...the more you sweat.)

(Nope...couldn't have gotten THAT gene from my mom. She couldn't create a bead of perspiration if her life depended on it. Instead, I get the gene that makes me look like a plow horse after a long 110 degree day working the back forty.)


Tomorrow I go for my first facial laser treatment to see what we can do about my beard, mustache, sideburns, and old lady dark wish me luck that they don't break the machine tackling my mess. I've been assured that they've seen women with worse, but that was probably in a circus sideshow someplace.

So that's it. A week of pictures and now I'm back to babbling my nonsense all over the place. Don't worry...I'll probably go back to the all-picture format this week and next while I'm in Godmother of the Bride mode and recovery.

What's new in your corner of the world? If you're stateside an observing Memorial Day I hope it is a safe, peaceful, restful day off. Come tell me all about matter which state you're beside!


May 28, 2021

May 26, 2021

May 25, 2021

May 24, 2021

May 22, 2021


Last night's fun with Paige (a bridesmaid) summoning a gorgeous sunset:

And Jacqueline the bride getting smooches from Mom and Sissy:

Today's brunch at The Hoppy Gnome:

And Aunt Squish giving one last hug to the bride before heading back to Hoosierville:

(I decided to officially change my name to Aunt Squish, because every time I could, I grabbed my sisterfriend Denise and my goddaughters into a big squish and squished them with love and happiness and impunity.)

My godmother's heart is so very full, Dearies! I somehow managed to participate in the bash without killing myself, and I am happy to report that I am home safe and sound and none the worse for wear. It was an enormous struggle, though, to exercise restraint and NOT try to keep up with the girls and put myself to bed early and drink lots and lots of water.

But I just have to say that Fort Wayne, Indiana completely astonished me. The hotel, the ballpark, the restaurants....just so fun and friendly and positively lovely.

I can't wait to do this again!

May 21, 2021


I'm presently in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the Bachelorette Bash of my goddaughter, Jacqueline. We are going to go to a baseball game...the Fort Wayne Tin Caps...and are staying in a lovely hotel overlooking the ballpark:

I am SUPER behaving myself and have eaten lightly and carefully, secured plenty of bottled water for my room, and am resting for a few hours before we head over to the ballpark.

Lots of gifts have already been given:

And there was something called Fireball in my sippy cup, but I think I'll save that for the younger girls:

Tomorrow we will have a nice brunch themed "Panties and Pancakes", and then I'll make my way home to Granger with lots of happy memories.

I hope your weekend is full of fun, Dearies! Come tell me all about it!


May 20, 2021

May 19, 2021


Well, here we are on a Futzingday in Hoosierville...doing our thing in the d-chair.

Yesterday was just what I needed...a full day of nothing but stitching and Downton watching. I made pretty good progress on Eliana and really enjoyed the time to just sit and be still. I think, somehow, it was just what the doctor ordered.

Nothing else new to report. Today is a d-chair day and will probably result in a nice long nap this afternoon in the big girl sleigh bed. We're either having pasta for dinner or sandwiches...depending on my energy level. I managed to get a nice grocery delivery accomplished, so the fruit bowl is filled once again, and the salad fixings are all ready to go in their respective containers. (I chopped all of the veg. and that way we can have a little "salad bar" right there on the kitchen counter and make our very own).

One of my podmates got the kidney call from IU last night! She is going to be part of a multiple organ transplant chain taking place on June 16, and my beloved Dr Goggins will be leading the team...putting various parts into various recipients. I am so very happy for her...she had an anonymous donor come forward with a non-matched kidney to her, but it matched somebody whose donor was a match, so they essentially swap. I think there might be other donors and recipients of other organs too...hence a "chain".

My goddaughter Jacqueline's wedding is officially seventeen days away, and I am getting so excited! I keep debating whether or not to have my dress altered, but I am heavily leaning toward leaving it alone and if it's a little too big in the will just have to stay that way. Besides...maybe if I do that I won't have to wear quite so many layers of spandex underneath to contain all of my wobbly bits!

Time to close my eyes, I think. This is always the point of treatment when I seem to get extra sleepy.

Happy Futzingday, Dearies! I hope your day is wonderfully swell and that you will get to do something fun. Come tell me all about it!


May 18, 2021


God laughs.

And laughs.

And laughs.

No Indy for me today, travel companion is decidedly unwell, and although I am a grown-a$$ woman and could probably go by myself...we're going to re-schedule for another day.


No worries. I will find something to stitch and watch Downton all day and contemplate a lovely salad for dinner. I scrambled to get all of the laundry done last night, and the messes aren't too bad here at CS2, so it looks like this might just be a free day for your hapless spinster!

So Happy Tuesdays all around! Come tell me all about your little corner of the world!

May 17, 2021


 Hello, Dearies!

Buzzy and I are in the d-chair doing our thing this morning, and I am head-planning the next few weeks ahead. Tomorrow is Indianapolis, and then we're off and running with Memorial Day, my goddaughter's wedding, and tons and tons of tests and appointments.

This weekend was perfectly swell and exactly what this spinster needed! I never got out of pj's on Saturday, and stitched and watched Downton Abbey and cooked and rested. Yesterday, we headed over to Grand Beach, Michigan and played nine holes of golf at a lovely little course that we had all to ourselves! And when we got home we walked across the parking lot and had a wonderful dinner on the outside patio of the restaurant that you can see from CS2's front windows.

It. Was. A. Perfect. Day.

I need to get my act together when I get home this afternoon and get laundry done and pack for Indy. I did look up the test that I'm having tomorrow, and it's a quick, easy, non-invasive one, so there's nothing to fret about.

Not much stitchy progress to report, but I know you will forgive me, even if Betty won't. 

I hope the week ahead is full of fun for you and yours! Bear with me while I run hither and yon!

Happy Monday!

May 15, 2021


In an attempt to re-populate CS2 with living breathing things, I now have these two little guys perched on the crackpot spinster fireplace. They are planted in 6in grower's pots, and I then put the grower's pot in a ceramic pot.

Should I take the plants out of the grower's pots and re-plant them into the ceramic? Or, should I let them continue on in the 6in grower's pots and then upgrade them to larger pots as they get bigger? I actually have four of these ceramic pots, so my intention is to get two more plants as budget allows, and then move them into bigger pots as growth demands.

I'm so paranoid about re-planting things since the demise of my fern, so any advice you can give is most appreciated, Dearies!

All of the plans for today have gone right out the window, because I have no energy or motivation to get out of my pajamas or the Happy Chair today, so I think I'll pick up my stitching, turn on the Bravo, and get on with it.

Ciao, my beauties! Here's to a lovely weekend!

May 14, 2021


Don't ask me how I did it, Dearies...but I managed to get ALL of my chores and errands done PLUS a few extras for good measure.

First, I emptied the dishwasher, loaded the dishwasher, and disinfected the beejeebers out of the kitchen:

Then I gathered all of the trash and recycling and got it ready for the evening pickup. (We put our trash in front of our doors at 6pm and the nice people come and remove it for us. (I actually carried all of the recycling to the dumpster myself to get some extra steps at the last minute!)

Then I cleaned off the dining room table:

 I moved the water bottles into the closet but forgot to take a pic.

Before I knew it, I was freshly showered and dressed and on my way to the eye doctor for contacts. I did that, got labwork done, stopped at the grocery for creamer (and a Starbucks and some sushi), and then headed home to wait for JB to arrive.

After helping him carry all of his stuff up the stairs I was bushed, but made him a tuna melt, grabbed my California roll, and watched TeeVee a bit and stitched!

All in all a very lovely, productive, high-step-count kind of day for Yours Truly! (My goal is a measley 1,000 steps on d-chair days and 2,500 on others.) I went to bed very happy and peaceful, indeed.

So now my Spinstercation is over and it's back to reality. Hopefully some golfing this weekend, and then back to Indianapolis next week for more testing and discussions about this liver situation. Hopefully this time we will be able to find the hotel without too much drama and maybe even go out for a bite to eat!

Happy, happy weekend to one and all! I hope the next few days are filled with fun for you and yours! Come tell me all about it!

May 13, 2021


I feel like I'm sixteen and my parents are returning from a two week trip and I have an hour to get rid of all of the evidence of me being a completely depraved slob while they were gone.

(For the parents never went on a two week trip anywhere...especially when I was sixteen...and I didn't become a depraved slob until well into my thirties.)

My JB will be home this afternoon, and I have EIGHT things to get done before he gets here! I have to put water bottles away, gather the trash, break down boxes for recycling, clean off the dining room table, empty and load the dishwasher, and go to a doctor's appointment, get labwork, and pick up more coffee creamer. Yikes!

(Raise your hand if you'd like to wager on how many of those things actually get done.)

No stitching last night. I came home from treatment, ordered dinner (another bad habit that is going to stop), and went face first into a bowl of fettuccini and The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I think it's been three years since I indulged in all things Bravo, and it took a hot minute to re-orient myself to the storylines and not get distracted by lip fillers and boob jobs. The most striking difference is the fact that the children have all grown up now and have become little housewives in their own right! My goodness! Theresa's four little girls are now four little women...accessorized and with acrylic nails of their very own now!

I do have a progress pic of Eliana for you, just to demonstrate that I do ply needle and thread every now and then:

And a mani update:

I am ashamed to confess that I had almost gnawed my nails and cuticles beyond repair! With everything going on, I stopped my mani/pedi routine and took polish off and really let them go haywire, but one look at my sissyfriend's lovely mani had me running right back to the table for a few quick coats. I would love to get back to the salon for nails, but money-wise and safety-wise methinks I will just stick with self-spas instead!

And in the gardening department, I went a little Joan Crawford on the fern and am hoping and praying that it will rebound:

Please don't tell me if I've completely killed it. I am watering and saying all kinds of nice things to this big pile of dirt every day in hopes of a miracle.

So that's the report for the day. Today is Stewey's birthday and the anniversary of my dad's passing, so I am doing my level best not to curl up into a ball of hot sweaty tears all day. Good thing I have so much to keep me distracted! Maybe I'll add a trip to the Grotto to my list for a few minutes of gratitude that I had both of them in my life...even if it was entirely too brief a visit.

Happy Thursday, Dearies! Do something fun and come tell me all about it!

May 12, 2021


Hello, Dearies!

I had so many things to show you, but completely forgot to photograph them! As usual, I kept getting distracted by shiny things and Chinese food (yikes!) and now I'm here in the d-chair without evidence (but a few extra ounces of bloat from the low sodium soy sauce that is just that...LOW sodium, not NO sodium).

The fern got a BIG haircut...can you say "now a big pot of dirt"...and I soaked and fed the bejeebers out of it and put it in front of the patio window. I have absolutely no idea if the thing will survive or not, but I figure that's why God made garden centers.

As for the succulents...

The amazon driver wasn't out of the front parking lot before I stuffed these babies into the bowl and slapped that grow light thingie on them. This is my last attempt. I figure I could have bought a lot of great stitchy stuff with what I spent on stupid succulents these last couple of years. It's either now or never.

(But I do think the grow light thingie really is the key, and if I didn't think it would make me feel like I was living in a weird plant-growing lab, I'd get them for all three of my plants.)

Stitching-wise, I had an epic fail with the Ehrman daisy:

You more astute observers will see what I did there immediately...I reversed the direction of the stitches! Then, just for giggles, I did it TWO MORE TIMES before making the sign of the cross over this one and tucking it away for a minute.

I did pull out Eliana and spent a few hours with her while watching/listening to A Star Is Born. (Oh, who am I kidding...I was watching/listening to that deliciousness called Bradley Cooper. I don't care if he looked like he needed a good bath and actually sounded like Sam Elliot's little brother...he can darken my doorway any damn day of the week.)

(Sorry, Magoo and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.)

I don't have pictures of Eliana, but suffice it to say, she is coming along quite nicely indeed.

Today is a total crap shoot as to whether or not I get anything done. Monday's treatment knocked me out completely, and yesterday was a full-blown pj day. The list is pretty long and contains all of the stuff I wanted to do while Rich was in New Jersey.

Oh well, that's apparently what Thursdays are for, right?

Time to close my eyes, I think. My podmates are already snoring away in their chairs, so it looks like I might have to don some 'phones and catch some shuteye myself.

Happy Futzingday to one and all! I hope you'll do something swell and will come tell me all about it!

May 11, 2021


I'm wallowed, fretted, worried, and hermitted out.

Hello again, Dearies.

I am happily perched in my chair and easing into the day ahead. No big plans...just an eye doc appointment to get back into contact lenses. I saw the ophthalmologist last week, but he doesn't do contacts (go figure), so back I go today to see the actual contact doctor.

(I miss my old guy at the WalMarts. You basically walked in, got your eyes checked, new glasses and contacts, and picked up extra toilet paper and shampoo all in one fell swoop.)

No news to report from CS2, I'm afraid. On the health front, I won't know a thing until the 25th, when I go to the liver guy and we go over all of the tests. I've also pretty much decided that I don't want to know another thing unless it's going to kill me in the next two weeks. If it's in there, it's going to stay in there, and I don't want to know a thing about it. Just give me a heads up if the bus is getting close enough to splat me on the pavement and we'll be just fine.

My sissyfriend Denise came for the weekend (to supervise, I suspect) and we sat in our jammies for hours and hours and gabbed our fool heads off. It was heavenly. The best part, though, was when she kinda sorta indicated that she might like to learn how to stitch, so within ten minutes of her departure I was plotting and planning and planning and plotting how to make her one of us. (I'm seeing lots of kitting of things and plans for another weekend in our future.) But Denise is the mom to my two goddaughters who are getting married in the next few months, so I might give her a break and wait until after the weddings.

Miss Emily has inspired me to add to my plant family, but I am nowhere near close to her prowess. My poor fern has bit the dust:

I thought re-potting it into a larger container would be helpful, but now I'm starting to think that was a huge mistake, and I really can't seem to figure out if it has too much water or not enough water.


I added a snake plant in the crackpot fireplace corner (which has become a plant stand/candle holder):

And finally figured out that my lack of success with succulents was a light issue:
That little gizmo is an LED light that plugs into my stitchy lamp USB port. The few little suckers in that big bowl are thriving now! Amazon is going to deliver a package of five more succulents to add to this today, so hopefully it will get nice and full.

Rich is still in New Jersey, but should be home on Thursday. I've missed him terribly, but will admit that the quiet has been good for my tiny little brain. I haven't done as well on the eating/exercising front as I had hoped, but he and I are turning a new leaf next week...we are both in dire need of a lifestyle change, so this seems to be as good a time as any to just get. it. done.

On the stitching front, I have dabbled here and there in not much of anything, but I'm all set to play with my Ehrman daisy today while finishing The Crown. I did get a lovely surprise from my sister, though, so I can bling up every project with impunity:

I don't know which one I love more! These are supposed to be floss rings, but I am using them as scissor bling:

I think I might even put one on my key ring or purse handle...anywhere I want to take her with me!

(My sister has a shop on the etsy called Siggy's Closet, by the way. That's where these lovely things come from.)

(I know, I know. Shameless plug.)

Now, Dearies...I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look back over the last several years of this here blog and I absolutely cannot stand my stupid drama, but I am completely overwhelmed time and time again by the outpouring of love and support from you. This thing of ours is indescribably wonderful in its love and kindness and compassion and generosity. It has saved my life, kept me going in the darkest of tines, and made me want to be a better person, all the while being a constant recipient of the best it has to offer.

Thank you.

Thank you.

A thousand thank yous for your love and good thoughts and prayers. They sustain me, they inspire me, and they heal and comfort me beyond imagining. 

I'm off like a herd of turtles. My loins are girded, my rosy-colored glasses are polished and in place, and I've got my glitter wand and all of you in my pocket and am ready for action!

What's up in your corner of the world today?

May 6, 2021


Well, it would seem that there's a lesson someplace about realizing that I am not, in fact, the Boss of everything...including my own life.

The nodule that showed up on the CT scan of my head isn't in my nasal cavity at all. It's actually at the back of my throat, between the top of my spinal column and my airway. It's about 1.5cm long and is shaped very much like a Mike and Ike. 

It does not appear to be a tumor, but rather a swollen lymph node...thank God. The doctor scoped my nose and throat and wasn't able to visualize a bump or lump, and there's no sign of anything else amiss, so we're going to just let it be for the moment and take another look at it in three months. If it's grown or changed, then we'll go from there, but the hope is that it will shrink back to normal.

As I was getting ready for that appointment, I got a call from my transplant coordinator from IU. When I was there in April, I had a CT scan of my torso to make sure all of the vessels there are good and clear to be hooked up to a new kidney. I think they are, but unfortunately, the scan showed something else.

Dearies, I have some pretty significant cirrhosis of the liver. 

In my case, this scarring/damage/nodules is probably the result of either medication or other health issues, since I was never a heavy drinker and have not had any alcohol in the last ten to fifteen years. It's bad news, I'm afraid, since there is no way to reverse it or cure it. My weight loss and careful eating will certainly help prevent further damage, but this is going to get a bit more complicated now in terms of transplant. 

I will travel to Indy on the 18th for more testing, and I've pulled my gut doctor here into the mix so he can weigh in and work with IU on a plan going forward. I don't know if my beloved Dr Goggins does double organ transplants, so I might have to head to Mayo or Cleveland Clinic after all.

Yes, in case you were wondering, I am still in a bit of shock and more that a little numb. I did manage to talk to Dr Melfi today, and spewing everything out was good. Rich being in New Jersey is also good, because it forces me into strong mode and I have to focus and handle my business instead of fall apart.

I hope you will bear with me during the coming months. I just have no idea what's going to happen next and whether or not I will be able/up to blogging every day. I confess that I debated long and hard about posting this news, but we've always been honest with each other and you are, quite simply, my people and I love you.

Prayers are always appreciated, and I promise that they are reciprocated every night when I thank God for my many many many blessings. I just hope I am worthy of them.

I'm off to bed and 84 Charing Cross Road! Please come tell me all about your day! Night night and kiss kiss!

May 4, 2021

May 3, 2021


 Happy Monday, Dearies!

Buzzy and I are in the d-chair in my old pod (as a matter of fact, we're in the chair I had when I originally started), and life feels like it just might get back to normal. The techs and nurses have been dropping by with both apologies and horror stories about the gentleman that gave me so much grief on Wednesday -- apparently, he is quite a problem that they just haven't solved yet.

My weight and fluid gain was a LOT less than what I would have expected, especially when I consider the amount of stuff that seemed to make it onto my plate this weekend. I went to bed all three nights with a super full tummy and a promise to do better the next day, but too many treats made for an over-indulgent weekend.

I'll remedy that this week by getting back into routine, and hopefully I can add some exercise in there to really up the ante. I am still below my transplant weight, but want to get back to a losing mode rather than a maintaining mode. Operation Keep Going needs to kick in again!

Tomorrow I meet with the specialist about this thing in my head. I'm still a bit nervous about it, but know that no matter what it turns out to be...I'll handle it. I am actually more concerned with my Thursday eye appointment, since that impacts my stitchy life. 

So, the end of the week your hapless spinster just might be back to some semblance of normalcy and in her happy little lane again! This detour, I admit, threw me for quite a loop, but we'll get there eventually to be sure.

No plans for this evening other than recovery from treatment, a healthy dinner, and some stitching. I re-started The Crown last night, so I'll get another few episodes in before bedtime.

Hope life in your neighborhood is swell, and that any detours that pop up have something pretty to look at! Come tell me all about it!

May 2, 2021


This was supposed to be my new sippy cup for Indy after transplant, but I figured I'd give it a trial run until the phone call comes. It's a Bubba, and holds a whopping 32 ounces! I am in love.

(And yes, most dialysis patients are very restricted when it comes to the amount of fluid they can have, and this 32 ounces represents an entire day's worth, but for me it is just the opposite. The more I restricted, the more I gained. It was only when I went back to drinking gallons that the weight came off, so drink gallons I shall!)

(Unless I stop urinating, of course (which happens). Then I will go back to being the compliant and obedient patient. But until then...lemon water for everybody!)

Last night's dinner from Kyoto. Vegetarian lettuce wraps (looks awful, tasted delicious), gyoza, and California rolls. My JB doesn't care for this kind of cuisine, so I indulge in it big time when he is away!

(The lettuce wraps are a PF Chang knock off version, but sufficed. My sister introduced me to PR Changs in Phoenix about a hundred years ago, and I have never had better, but we don't have one of those yet and have to make do.)

And finally...some stitching! All that talk about switching projects was just Eliana continues to delight, and as soon as I finish my second cup of damn good, I'm getting back to her!

(I have visions of a lovely guest room studio, with a day bed on one side and my cube wall on the other and Eliana hung above the day bed in an enormously elaborate frame.)

This is the dog that lives downstairs, and whose bark sends shivers up my spine. He is LARGE, Marge, and this photo doesn't capture just how big he really is. I don't know his name, but for all you Game if Thrones fans out there...I call him Ghost.

(The woman behind him is about 5'7" or so. When she stands and he stands, his back is well past her hip...quite possibly the biggest dog I have ever seen.)

(He is a white German Shepherd, by the way, and not a dire wolf.)

So that's it from a simply gorgeous day here in Hoosierville, Dearies! My better angels prevailed, and I managed to stay in the big girl sleigh bed snoozing until 12:30 rather than going to play golf. I am still a bit tired from the antics of last week, but I think one more day of rest should have me back in the action for the week ahead!

Happy, happy, healthy Sunday to one and all! I hope your corner of the world is everything you want it to be today! Come tell me all about it!