Jan 30, 2023



Rich was flipping through the YouTubes and found this clip called "Table For Four". The picture is rather unclear, but herewith...DeNiro, Scorcese, Pesci, and Pacino.



Quiet, cold day today, Dearies. We've just finished dinner and I'm going to thread up and play until bedtime!  Happy Monday!

Jan 28, 2023


I finished my five day online seminar, took a little break to re-do my nails, then made a lovely dinner. Here's photographic evidence:

I don't know the name of the design, but they are from Lily & Fox. I know the reindeer are upside down in those views, but they are right side up when viewed like this:

Dinner was Chinese Chicken Salad made in my new bowl:

I made two chicken breasts in the air fryer and put them on top of a big bowl of shredded and chopped veggies...cabbage, carrots, peppers, onions, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. and added lo mein noodles and    added Kraft Asian Sesame dressing.

(Rich ate leftover macaroni and meatballs).

For dessert, we're having mini apple pies, and I might have a tiny little bit of peppermint stick ice cream on mine because I was good today.

My Irish are beating Wisconsin in the hockey at the moment, but it's still too early to celebrate just yet.

Happy Saturday, Dearies! Did you have your own bliss today? Come tell me all about it!

Jan 27, 2023



We left at the crack of dawn for labwork (for me) and an eye appointment (for Rich). I volunteered to do car cleaning duty, and I was a big fat red fleece popsicle by the time I got through the four inches of snow and then chipped through the inch of ice that had accumulated on Miss Puff.

(Yes, Betty, I know. If I would just clean out the garage and get rid of everything from the house and quit whining about it already, we wouldn't have this problem, but Rome wasn't built in a day, Betty, and I am almost 80% the way there to just let it all go and move into another stage of grief, but it's a pretty big job, and I've been busy getting a new kidney.)

So there.

Rich is watching the basketball, and I'm getting ready to settle in for a bit and stitch. We were supposed to be at a hockey game tonight, but decided to stay warm and cozy instead.

The weekend is upon us, Dearies! Mine will be full of stitching, reading, and hopefully a little cooking and baking. How about you?

Jan 26, 2023


Please go to my previous post and read the comment from kathiquilts. I'm still gathering myself out of the ugly cry tear puddle! Thank you, Dearie, for making such an extraordinary human! 🥹❤️

There really are such amazing people in this thing of ours! 🥰

Jan 25, 2023



Finally...an actual winter day here in Hoosierville! It seems like the last month has been full of grey, but not much else. Now, though, we have some beautiful white to go with the grey.

I have been quite lounge-y so far this morning, and am enjoying lots of damn good and the cozyness of my Snoopy robe with impunity. I had thought briefly of making this a full chore day, but methinks I might just camp out in the big girl sleigh bed with tons of magazines, papers, and books and read the day away instead.

Nothing to report on the stitching front, I'm afraid. I finished the red bird and set things aside for a minute while I contemplate whether I want to stick with this or move on to something new. 

What's new in your corner of the world, Dearies?

Jan 24, 2023



I finally finished the bird atop the hat atop the snowman on "All Bundled Up", and depending on what I find in my basket, I might start something new for February. I'm thinking something lovey would be lovely.

This week I'm watching an online seminar, and my homework tonight is to write my old story and then write what I want my new story to be.


This is going to require a good think, I think. It's not exactly information that I've had in the front of mind lately...especially not my old story. The new one is easy enough, especially when you consider BellyBean, Angel, SpinsterNation, and all of the other incredible parts, but as to the old?

I'm stumped.

So, Dearies. If anybody has an idea of how I would describe things here in Hoosierville in days of Yore, I'd be eternally grateful!

Happy Tuesday!

Jan 17, 2023


It's quiet.

The weather outside is gloomy, a bit blustery, and on the damp side, but I am warm and dry and very cozy in the friendly confines of CS2. Laundry is sploshing about in the sploshing contraption, the dishes are getting cleaned and scrubbed in the dish cleaning contraption, and I'm happily slurping my second cup of damn good with the paper and stitching for company.


Yesterday was skin check day at the dermatologist's office, and I was so uncomfortable over baring all of my parts to a new Nurse Practitioner that I chattered away like a crazy little circus monkey who had just broken into an espresso factory. I have a LOT of skin with a LOT of spots, folds, fur, imperfections and barnacles, and as she checked to make sure nothing was troublesome, I felt the need to introduce her to every icky blemish, give her an oral history of its origin, and then reveal its family tree.

For example, I have a spot on the back of my right hand that just appeared one day. I've named him Walter, and the little spots adjacent to Walter are his children, Zane, Penelope, and Brian. Walter is a single dad who has recently relocated from Buffalo, and he's become very active in the local community by coaching soccer and baking brownies for Teacher Appreciation Day at the kids' high school.

On the bottom of my left foot is a mole that I've named Darren. Darren is a bit of a loner, but an outdoor enthusiast who hikes and rock climbs every chance he gets. He's not thrilled about the color of the glitter polish on my toes, but he keeps his opinions to himself and only complains to his cat, Mickey.

I did this through the entire exam, and by the end of it, I was sweaty, exhausted, and ready to check myself into a "facility" for further evaluation. I swear I head the medical scribe/assistant mutter something about medication as she quickly gathered up her laptop and made a run for the door.

The good news is that nothing is amiss from a skin cancer standpoint, so I have six months before returning to work on some new material.

Well, Dearies, I suppose I should contemplate breakfast. It's 2pm, and as usual, I haven't had anything to eat yet today. I think I've got this Intermittent Fasting thing down pretty good without even intending to do it! I'm seeing a protein shake of some kind in my near distant future!

I hope you are all well and enjoying your own quiet Tuesday. Do something crazy and come tell me all about it!


Jan 15, 2023


She fell down.


And she was smaller and slower and less likely to touch the puck than any other player on the ice.

But the itty bitty girl in the itty bitty pink helmet got out there on that enormous ice in that enormous arena in front of an enormous crowd with even more enormous spirit, determination, and grit.

You go, Miss Mighty Mite. 

You go.

Jan 10, 2023


Added: Apparently, this was a TicToc thing that was popular about a month ago. And because nobody seems to get what in the h-e-double-hockeysticks I'm talking about, I filled in the creepy evidence for you:

As I was mindlessly flipping through the Instagrams last night I came across a posting that said " The initial of your soul mate can be found on your left thumb".

Am I crazy, or can you see a perfect letter R on my left thumb?! 😳

Here...look inside the circle:

OK, I have to go breathe into a bag now. I'm gonna need a minute for this one, Dearies!

Oh, and P.S. ...  Rich is completely non-plussed by this sign from the universe that we were meant to be in this crazy thing together and that I really need to re-think my habit of scrolling through the Instagrams.

Jan 9, 2023


Goodness, gracious me,  Dearies!

As some of you know, for many years I wrote a silly column that Miss Elizabeth was kind enough to publish in her magazine, Needlepoint Now.

I enjoyed this immensely, and looked forward to my bi-monthly opportunity to share my crazy someplace other than this here blog. I cherish the relationships I made along the way.

Miss Elizabeth sold the magazine, and the new owners have just produced their first issue, but my column is not in it. This is not the result of anything nefarious...I promise you.  It appears that all of this mish-a-goss is simply the result of missed communication.

You are all just lovely to write and comment and write and comment and write and comment that you are concerned and disappointed, and I hope this here post will assuage your concerns. We're still besties, Dearies. You can count on me to keep you up to speed with all of my shenanagins right here at SpinsterStitcher Central. I also attempt postings on the Instagrams and the FaceBooks, but this is "home" and we can be comfy here without the rest of the world getting their sticky fingers all over our pretty stuff.

On that note...

It would appear that one of my neighbors got a puppy for Christmas, and that this might be the day of my new neighbor's return to work. The poor baby has been howling and crying and crying and howling since early this morning, and my heart and nerves are beyond the breaking point. Do you suppose I could raise enough bail money to get out of the pokey if I stuff myself through a window or two to rescue the poor little thing? Rich finds it amusing that my instinct is to put a note on everybody's door announcing that I would be happy to babysit (since it's 3:30 in the afternoon and I'm still sporting my pajamas), but I just feel so bad for this lonely little creature bawling its eyes out.

No news yet on the state of BellyBean, but to say I'm being super-diligent is an understatement. Thank you, though, for all of your continued prayers and well wishes...

The sun is shining, my damn good cup has been refilled, and I'm going to settle in for a few hours with needle and thread! What's new with you?

Jan 8, 2023


I made the most delicious veggie thingie for dinner last night! Rich had air fryer dinner (chicken fingers, potato skins, appetizer type things), but I wanted to go a different direction. I took a garlic naan bread and topped it with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, red bell pepper, cucumbers, and mushrooms...added a little bit of feta cheese and cucumber ranch dressing and finished it with everything bagel seasoning.


(As much as I would love to take credit for this invention, I confess that it's a copycat of the Macri's Deli veggie pita that I've been eating since sophomore year of college. We used to be able to get a veggie pita, a chef salad, and a huge drink for about five bucks.)

(Now, it's probably fifteen!)

I pulled a new project to play with that I think I started last year or the year before:

I still love the Mira Santa, but decided to play with something new, and this fit the bill perfectly!

New nails. This one is called "Where The Reindeer Roam":

There's something about grey nails in January, and the little white deer make me so happy!

That's the Sunday report, Dearies! I hope you're warm and cozy and having a great day! Do something fun and come tell me all about it!

Jan 7, 2023



I have to up my protein game, so two poached eggs every morning was suggested. I have always been intimidated by poached eggs...all of that simmering swirling water, and when do you fish them out with the slotted spoon, etc.  The idea of figuring it all out just seemed pointless somehow, especially when I could scramble the eggs, clean up the kitchen, and eat the scrambled eggs in the time it would take me to Google "How to poach an egg".

And then, through the magic of the internets, I saw a video that taught me how to poach eggs in the microwave.

Two ramekins or small glass bowls. An egg cracked into each (don't break the yolk). Cover with water. Micro for two minutes or however long it takes your microwave to perfectly cook the whites and yolks to your liking.

I served them with mashed avocado (which I'm really trying to learn to love), and a sprinkle of the ubiquitous Everything Bagel seasoning.


It's gloomy and cold here today, so as soon as I finish my damn good and have a nice scrubby shower, I'm going to settle in with some stitchy goodness and get on with it. 

What's new with you?

Jan 6, 2023


Just a few quick notes as I head out for provisions, Dearies.

The new kidney is having a proteinuria issue, which means it's time to add a few new meds and ramp up the exercise and weight loss efforts significantly.


Secondly, I have received several lovely notes from you asking about my column in Needlepoint Now magazine. When Miss Elizabeth sold the magazine, she indicated that the new owners might reach out, but when they didn't, I assumed that they wanted to go in a different direction. No drama...just a transition to a new team!

Happy Friday! I hope the weekend is wonderfully swell!

Jan 5, 2023



Not a great appointment with my BeanTeam today, Dearies, but stay tuned. After a few minutes with the covers pulled over my head, I'll be back with a plan. 

Good thing I'm such a freaking Weeble!

Jan 4, 2023



I've just returned from the salon, and I feel like a billion bucks. I had my toes tended to, my hair cut, and my brows waxed. In just three short hours I went from looking like something scraped from the underside of a bridge to a semi-retired drag queen.

On the way, I treated myself even further by stopping at the Starbucks and trying the new Pistachio Cream Cold Brew, but I did make sure to skinny it up as much as possible with sugar-free syrup and light on the cream. It was...delicious!

So now I'm settled in with my water...ready to stitch the night away!

Happy Spaghetti Day, Dearies! I hope today has been a treat for you, too...in whatever form!

Jan 3, 2023


Today didn't exactly start any better than yesterday, but my feeling about it is entirely different. Instead of bemoaning and bebitching and bekvetching about everything I haven't or have done, I decided to pull up my socks and get on with it.

There are two things that I used to do during Operation Go that held me accountable and made me sit up in the buggy. One, is that I tracked my food on an app called LoseIt, and the second is that I wore a step-counter thingie to remind me to move my fanny.

Done and done.

I enjoyed a Naked Juice this morning instead of a meatloaf sandwich, and although I should have selected something with more protein and less natural sugar in it, the choice was a good one and I got lots of lovely vitamins in me to boot.

The step thingie is charging its little brains out, so as soon as it's done, I'll slap it on my wrist and contemplate a walk later. It might only be downstairs to the mailbox and back, but steps are steps, and it doesn't matter if I get them futzing or on the treadmill at the gym. Right?

Dinner will be crab cakes and salad. My JB is starting his own journey by trying to eat less and move more, so I will have plenty of company and support along the way to getting healthy again. (Our combined weight is enough to threaten the structural integrity of the floors here at CS2, so we've got a whole community service/health and safety component built into this thing, too.)

My BellyBean is fifteen months old now. Time to stop using recovery as an excuse and get on with doing everything I can to make sure he lives a long and happy life. My biggest nightmare is that I lose him and run down to IU for another and Goggins says "Are you effing kidding me?! I gave you a miracle and you didn't think enough of it to take care of it!  Go back to dialysis, you ungrateful lump! No more kidneys for you!"

(Or words to that effect. If you know Dr Goggins, there would be a lot more effings in there.)

So I will try to pay better attention and be diligent and stop thinking that unless it's perfection it might as well be failure. You know exactly what I mean. You're on a diet and "slip" by eating a donut, so you eat six more donuts because you've already screwed it up...why not go completely overboard in the process.

Oh wait. Am I the only one who does that?

So, Dearies, the moral of the story is that I'm still here with all of my flaws, idiosynchronies, and quirks, and I'm pretty sure that somewhere along the way I'll go face first into a pile of RiceKrispy treats or fettuccine alfreddo with ham and peas, but at least I know that no matter how many damn times you fall off of this stupid wagon, it never moves far enough away that you can't claw your way back up and into the driver's seat.

Cheers to those of you out there who inspire me to get my proverbial act together. You consistently make me want to be a better human person. Thank you for that.

Happy Tuesday, Dearies!

Jan 2, 2023


So how many of you started 2023 by going to the gym, having a healthy breakfast, organizing your datebook, paying bills, straightening a couple of closets, cleaning the kitchen, and starting a new journaling/praying/meditating routine while simultaneously selecting a theme word for the year?

Good for you.

It's 4:30 in the afternoon and I'm still sleepy, had a meatloaf sandwich and Cheeze-Its for breakfast (at 1:00), and I'm still in the same pajamas I wore on New Year's Eve. 

I suppose if I still had a Dr Melfi, she'd talk to me about self-sabotage and how I can never seem to get out of my own way, but since it's just me combing through the freak show in my head,we're just going to chalk this up to the weather and move on.

I finished the ornament hanging from Santa's mitten, so now it's on to the moon:

I really do hope your year has started exactly as you hoped it would! Mine will get there eventually...I'm sure. In the meantime I'm going to keep stitching away and enjoying my meatloaf and then head to bed.

Happy New Year, Dearies!

Jan 1, 2023



I had not performed the ritual in three years, but that didn't mean I didn't have all of the yearly orts carefully collected. Today I transferred 2020 - 2022 orts into their final resting places and labeled the jars accordingly.

Before you all ask me about the jars and labels and where to get them, I have to warn you that it was a total PROCESS of crackpot spinster craziness that caused Aunt Chrissy to stop talking to me for three years and then eventually move far far away.

(Michael's, Dearies. Just go to the Michael's or JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby or Container Store near you...or go on the amazons and make it work. It will literally take you three minutes, even though it took me four months, seven days, and a bottle of bad vodka to finally scratch my psycho itch.)

2023....here we come!