Jul 21, 2015


Money has flown through my checkbook like a drunken spinster in a needlework shop.   Between the visit to the emergency vet, Stewey's annual physical, and now an air conditioner repair....methinks my pen has scorch marks on it.

I settled in for some stitching last night and felt a bit flushed.  This is normal for me, especially when Kevin Costner is on the Tee Vee, but by 11pm, it was a balmy 78 degrees in here.  When you consider the fact that I normally keep the place like a meat locker, this was definitely a problem.  I was smart enough to turn the thing off so as to preserve the motor, and headed to the big girl sleigh bed to fret.

One capacitor later and we're back in business, and God willing that will be the end of our little surprises for a while.

I did get the full report on our patient.  Turns out he's perfectly perfect in every way, and a coat or two of clear nail varnish every now and then will do the trick.  I would prefer to go the Sally Hansen route, but I heard somebody on the phone this morning asking about package deals at Canyon Ranch. Damn dog.

(I am, however, completely relieved to know that he is in good health and will be around to torture me a good while longer.)

I'm headed to the Happy Chair for a stitching session.  If all goes well, I hope to finish my LJP piece and move on to the next!

Jul 18, 2015


I'm sorry, but this picture makes the whole world a better place.


The heat index is predicted to be 105 today, so Stewey and I are hunkered down with vats of iced tea with lemon.  (Pips removed, thankyouverymuch, or SOMEBODY throws a colossal fit).

I've decided that we're going to stitch and watch bad TeeVee for the entire weekend. ( I seem to be obsessed with all things Kardashian as well as old Dateline episodes. Wonder what's up with that?)

Here is the piece that's captured my attention for now.  This is Laura J. Perin's Stained Glass Windows done in a pink and brown colorway:
I had completed that second to last block last night but realized that I had stitched it entirely wrong because I was a) looking at the wrong page of the chart and b) I had my canvas turned upside down.  A few choice swear words later, some reverse stitching, and a little bit of sympathy from You Know Who and all was put right once again.

With all of the drama around here, I think I neglected to show you the end result of my Independence Day piece:
I so enjoyed this one, and now have three projects finished in the red, white, and blue theme.  Maybe I should think about getting these framed and up on the wall one of these days?

Jul 15, 2015


I can't even...

In the event that you can't figure it out, please note that You Know Who is now sporting a new booboo cast on his left front foot, as opposed to the old booboo cast that was on his right front foot a week and a half ago.

This time, though, we had the added bonus of a visit to the Emergency vet (read: "Who needs groceries when you can spend it on booboo casts instead?"), blood everywhere, and nine vicious bunny teeth bite marks on Mommie as she tried to staunch the flow, find the missing toenail, and put on a bra for the white-knuckled dash to the hospital.


And, yes, we have an appointment with the non-emergency vet tomorrow to see what's going on with Little Lord Fauntleroy's toes.  I swear, if it turns out that he's getting some kind of exotic spa treatment that's causing all of this, or that he's stubbing himself on his Manolos when we play fetch, I'm going to move far far away.