Sep 23, 2020


 Dearies, are you as bored with me as I am?

I swear it was just yesterday that I was riding the Crazy Train through Adventureville, and there were fun and various things to report. I'm sure that life with Stewey was the cause of that, and his presence and supervision were the only reason why I might have been the least bit interesting.

Now it's just sleep, slurp, schlep, and suck it up, I'm afraid.

I went from being Mo-ther Dearest to the guy that makes the donuts in one fell swoop.

That's not to say that I am unhappy or complaining in any way...I promise you. My life is perfectly wonderful and truly blessed, but there is a little part of me that just wishes I felt better so that I could enjoy it more, you know?

On days like this I have to remind myself that this is just a temporary chapter and not the entire book, and that a new kidney will mean a new life and I will be able to get back to running around at mach ten with my hair on fire.

The weight battle continues, but my gain between treatments was very slight today, so that means a loss of body weight. A normal gain in between dialysis treatments for me is about three kilos...or six plus pounds. Today, though, I only gained one kilo...or two point two pounds.

Still no idea why I am having such bad bouts of nausea and cold sweats, but the doc is making her rounds today, and after she blabs about my pants for ten minutes, I'll see if I can get her focused on other things. She's lovely, and I respect her position, but sometimes I feel like I have to grab her by the lapels and say "Swarupa! Sit up in the buggy here with me, Girlfriend! You went to medical school! Fix me!"

My view is of the fountain today, soI am going to enjoy every minute of it. The tree just outside our window has shaggy favorite...and the light coming through the leaves is just so pretty this morning that I'm going to kick back and enjoy it.

I do hope your very own Wednesday is going swimmingly and that you'll come tell me all about it! 

Sep 22, 2020


I am one big mess today, Dearies, but it's nothing that a day of stitching in the Happy Chair won't fix. Treatment was fine yesterday until it wasn't, and I am a bit seasick and semi-conscious ever since. I think it's a blood pressure issue...way too low...but we can fix that.

The syrup is a game changer, and I find myself looking forward to a drop or two in my afternoon cold brew. Delicious!

OK...back to bed for a bit.

Happy Tuesday! Do something fun and come tell me all about it!

Sep 21, 2020


Hello, Dearies!

The weekend has concluded with all of its shenanagins, and Buzzy and I are back to work keeping me alive and kicking. For as much as I dread coming here, there is something comforting in the routine of it, and I remind myself daily to be grateful that dialysis was invented oh so long ago to keep us going. It may not be going as fast or well as we would like, but going at all certainly beats the alternative.

That's not to say that it's all sunshine and unicorns dipped in glitter all the time. This weight issue has me grumbling and miserable and desperate to lose 20 pounds before the end of October. The liquid diet was, unfortunately, an epic fail (some chemical in it didn't like me very much, and the feeling was more than mutual, I assure you), and no matter what I do the numbers just won't budge.

I'm off to a new good start today, though, and determined to get some exercise in the beautiful sunshine when I get home this afternoon. Even if it's just up and down the stairs a few times...I need to move my heiney.

No stitching progress to report. I poked Eliana a few times, but kept getting distracted by this or that. She is coming along nicely, though, so never fear...she'll be complete and sparkling like a Vegas show girl in no time.

So that about does it for me today. Thank you for the birthday wishes for little Bosco. I'm told that he had a good day with lots of snoozy naps in his new fancy blanket that just happens to have his name on it (thank you, amazons!).

Happy Monday to one and all! I hope the week ahead will be filled with blessings and giggles! Come tell me all about it!

Sep 20, 2020


Hello, Dearies! 

If your name is listed below, could you please send your mailing address to me via email? My email address is

Thank you!

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Today my little puppy nephew turns 15 years old. His name is Bosco Oliver Willowswamp, and he is not only my sister's baby...he was actually Stewey's biological cousin.  

Bosco is, quite possibly, the sweetest, funniest, and most dear little dog on the planet. He was an only child and brought into the family home very early, and we suspect that he lived in his playpen under a heat lamp for quite some time, because he needs to be warm and snuggly 24/7.

He was itty bitty as a baby and used to ride around inside my sister's jacket when they came to and fro between our houses. He is very well trained, completely into routines, loves to play with rocks, and snores like a little motorcycle.

Bosco and I have a very special bond as nephew and favorite aunt, as did Stewey with his Aunt Chrissy. I was blessed to spend a lot of time with him when he lived with me at Chez Spinster from time to time, and I miss him terribly.

He is in Arkansas with his mommie, and doing very well. Here are a few of my favorite snaps of him from years past:


Sep 19, 2020

Sep 16, 2020

Sep 15, 2020


No stitching last night, Dearies, but I am definitely going to fix that today. I came home from the d-chair and passed out on the couch until 3am and then went in to toss and turn in the big girl sleigh bed until 9.


You know me and unpredictability...I'm not exactly a fan.

The day has dawned sunny and lovely here in Hoosierville and I am enjoying a lovely breeze. It is supposed to be in the upper 70's today, which means I might have to consider closing the windows, but I am hoping to hoping to hold out as long as possible.

I hope your week is off to a good start! Do something nice for yourself and come tell me all about it!

Sep 13, 2020


Holey Schmoley, Dearies...I. Am. So. Sore!

But, the end results are so very worth it for this OCD addled spinster.  I just don't do visual noise very well, and that sooty door was absolutely driving me nuts, especially since I can see it from the Happy Chair!

Today is a zero activity rest day, but as I type this I do have towels sploshing in the washing contraption. I am trying to clean them with vinegar and baking soda to see if that will whiten them. I'm just at my wit's end with the dingy already!

So help me, I am making steak fajitas for dinner tonight! Everything is marinated and veggies are all cut and ready to go, so it really shouldn't be too much of a bother. I was going to make them yesterday, but...see above.

Eliana and I have a playdate today and I am going to continue enjoying her. Yesterday's frenzy resulted in a very happy surprise: I have a pair of Ginghers that match her perfectly, but I couldn't find them to save my life! I was mourning their loss these last few weeks, when viola! Right there they were in a long-forgotten project! So now my bliss is complete!

I hope your very own Sunday is restful, peaceful, happy, healthy, and wonderful. Come tell me all about it!

Sep 12, 2020


The door before...soot damage from burning my crackpot spinster fireplaces (Yankee candles):

And the door after a good soaking with Scrubbing Bubbles and a scrub with several Mr Clean magic eraser sponges:

It worked! I will give it a second pass next weekend, but first I have to be able to lift my arms again.

I started at 11:15 this morning in the cube room studio office dumping ground walk in closet space that the apartment company calls a den. Here's the before...please excuse the hot mess:

And here's the after at 5:30pm. Yikes! I seriously underestimated the amount of time and work it would take to get things back in order. 

I added two more cube shelves and organized JB's catalogues and samples for him:

Here are the bins of excess that will go down to the garage until I can muster the strength for a good sort and purge:

I'm bushed! The plan was originally for a steak fajita dinner tonight, but I decided to order in instead as a treat for all of my hard work.  I am showered and in clean pajamas and ready to just rest and relax tonight!

I hope that you had a good Saturday, Dearies! I pray that you are safe and well!


Sep 10, 2020


A cool and cloudy day here in Hoosierville means I get to putter the day away in the Happy Chair with papers, puzzles, and stitchy time. There are some minor chores to be done, but I can knock those out in a few minutes and then get down to the serious business of doing absolutely nothing.

Yesterday was...a challenge. I think it was meant to test my patience and fortitude, as most Wednesdays are. I would love to tell you that I managed myself with grace and good humor, but it was more bull-headedness and desperation.

(Thank goodness I am made of hearty peasant stock and have a head like a rock.)

English Garden Sampler has me a bit twitchy. Would it be so wrong to add it to the mix? In my weekend clean-out of the cube room studio, I am going to carefully pack/store away all of the things that are languishing and give them a little rest and gather a small basket of projects to finish off the year. I know Eliana, Hoity Toity, and Baked Alaska will be in the mix, and I'm thinking I could add the Magic Santa and the English Garden to top it off. 

We'll have to contemplate that one.

What a nice sit and contemplate stitching things today! I have come up with a new phrase that I hope catches on. (If somebody else already coined this, please forgive me and let me know.)  I'm going to gather threads and fabrics and charts and whatnot and spread them all around me today and take a....wait for it...STASH BATH.

Cute, huh?

Oh, before I forget, I have an update on the mask orders. The company that is printing these is overwhelmed with production and will not be shipping these to me until next week! I am profoundly sorry for the delay, and will issue immediate refunds upon your request. I am mortified that I have had your money for quite some time and you do not have your masks, but I promise that they will ship out of here the very day I receive them!

Happy Thursday, Dearies!  I'm off like a herd of turtles armed with my second cup of damn good and nothing but my wits. Thank God I don't have to operate any heavy machinery or solve world peace today!

Sep 9, 2020


 If they ever re-make the movie Groundhog Day, I think I could star in it. 

Sep 8, 2020


As much as I would love to tell you that yesterday was wildly productive and satisfying, the truth of the matter is that I came home from the d-chair with my cold brew and drooled into my t-shirt for a few hours before stumbling into the big girl sleigh bed.

I really need to learn that Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are pretty much shot and that I should just mark them off the calendar all together and get on with it.

But it's a new day and I am rubbing my hands together in anticipation of the trouble I can get myself into. Should I re-organize the studio? Finally tackle cleaning out the timy little pantry cupboard next to to fridge? See if I can get the uggy looking towels white and fluffy and un-dingy again?


I think I will read the paper and do the puzzles, maybe take a snoozy nap, and then sit and stitch for the entire duration. It's cool and cloudy here today in Hoosierville, so no pool time, I'm afraid, but maybe that's a blessing in disguise.

One of the things (among many) that drives me nuts about myself is that on days when I have things to do (like dialysis or appointments or chores) I yearn for a day when I can just sit and do nothing but stitch. And on days when I can just sit and do nothing but stitch, I twitch and fret over all of the stuff that I could/should be doing.

Damn spinster tiny brain.

Elliana and I are going to comtinue to enjoy each other's company, then I might play with Hoity Toity again, and today (thanks to the Instagrams), I spied my Christmas project for this year...Mirabilia's Santa's Magic. 

It literally took my breath away when I flipped the screen to it. kansascitygirlinacoloradoworld is stitching this or getting ready to stitch this in an upcoming snowstorm, and I about fell over when I saw it! Thank you for sharing this one, kc!

So, Dearies, that's it for me today. Slow and steady, quiet and happy. I do hope and pray that wherever you are, you too are quiet and happy today! Come tell me all about it!

Sep 6, 2020


And just like clicked into Fall.

Hello, Dearies, and welcome to another blissful Sunday here in Hoosierville. I managed to snuggle into the big girl sleigh bed until noon today. It was cool and cloudy this morning and I just didn't feel like I didn't!

I made some good progress on Elliana last night while watching Mad Men and drooling over that handsome dasterdly Don Draper. Only four more episodes left until I finish the series, so I have to start thinking about the next? Sopranos? West Wing? Tudors?

I know, I know. I've seen each at least a dozen times, but until I get my ability to stitch and watch TeeVee sorted better (which will involve paying attention more and a less complicated stitchy project), I want something familiar that I can just listen to.

When JB is here, we watch the sports 24/7, and I've come to be very fond of the Philadelphia 76ers, the Phillies, and the Flyers. Who knew I could be a baseball fan?! Now that the footbal is starting again though, I suppose that I better brush up on the Eagles in addition to my Irish.

I did receive an email from a very concerned stitchy sister that JB and I had broken up, because of my alone time shenanagins. No, Dearie...JB is in NJ visiting with his mom. He likes to get back there about every six weeks or so to check in on her, but the pandemic kinda threw that out of whack and he was overdue for a visit. This alone time (for me, anyway) is critical to my sanity, since my propensity for hermit spinstering is strong and keeps the voices in my head nice and quiet.

So onward we go. My only agenda for today is laundry, which is sploshing as we speak, and a few minites getting organized for the week ahead. I am hitting it hard in the diet department with a protein shake fast for five days (yes...medically approved), so I need to get them in the fridge and all of the temptations hidden away.

I will be fasting Monday thru Friday and then we'll take a look at the after treatment weight to determine if I need another week, or if I can return to smoothies and salads. The goal here is to hit the 112 for IU first, then maintain 110 for a few weeks, and then finally, to get below 100 by year's end.

My off weight on Friday was 115.


Menopause, Crohn's, stress, and a possible face infection requiring antibiotics are all the culprits, but no matter the cause...the transplant doc will be calling in a few weeks and will not be happy if I am not back on track.

Enough of that. I hope that you are enjoying yourself today and that if you have tomorrow off you will be safe and happy and find a way to do something that makes your heart sing! Come tell me all about it!

Sep 5, 2020


Oh, Dearies...what an absolutely gorgeous few days we've had here in Hoosierville! Breezy and cooler, low humidty, and the most gorgeous blue/puffy cloud skies! I never thought of myself as one affected by weather, but I feel better today than I have in months!

Japanese food for dinner last night: California roll (sorry, can't do anything raw), edamame, gyoza, and spring rolls. All were from a new restaurant that I've never been to, and all were positively delicious! My JB does not care for that type of food, nor does he like Chinese food, so Spinstercation is my chance to indulge.

Three chores on the agenda today and then methinks it will be a pool day if it's not too crowded. I have had it all to myself the last week or so, but I would imagine it will be crowded with the holiday weekend.

I do hope you are off to a good start on your very own wonderful weekend. Do something fun and come tell me all about it!

Sep 4, 2020


Progress on Eliana:

And why I love my school. They turned the entire library quad into an outdoor rec room for the kids:
Well done, ND. Well done.

So Buzzy and I are doing our thing while the crew from Cottage Care does its thing to scour, scrub, spiff, and disinfect CS2. An indulgence, I know, but physically, mentally, and emotionally it is absolutely saving my life right now. ( it already about me being a spoiled fat little princess.)

(Besides....I prefer the term Dowager Queen, thankyouverymuch.)

Happy, happy Friday, Dearies! What's going on in your corner of the world?

Sep 2, 2020


Happy Wednesday, Dearies!

I'm home and not in the d-chair today with what I suspect is a benign tummy bug. I thought I could get my act together and go in late, but when I telephoned the unit to give them a heads up, they told me to stay put because there is a bug going around and they were sending several people home.

So I have TWO free days here to behave myself, rest, stay out of trouble, and maybe put my face in the afternoon sun during a snoozy nap in the big girl sleigh bed.

JB will leave for NJ tomorrow, and if I am feeling better I will tackle the studio. I promise not to go crazy and empty it all out into the living room like I did before...only a light tidy followed by a good dusting and sweeping.

Eliana has more hair, as evidenced by the pic above, and if the stitchy gods smile down on me, I might finish her head dress (minus beads, bling, and trinkets) this weekend. She is still delighting me to no end...I am thinking about browsing through her compatriots on the interwebs to see if there is another I might set my sights on once she is complete, but I also am hankering to get back to Baked Alaska and Hoity Toity.

So much to look forward to!

Nothing else new to report, I'm afraid. The JB and I just got off the scale (independantly, of course because otherwise that would be silly) and we are BOTH determined to weigh significantly less when next we see each other. I have a very good does he, so hopefully in a few weeks we will have jumpstarted ourselves back on track.

Time for that nap, I think. Being green around the gills is my worst feeling, and Lord knows, I have a LOT of feelings. I did take an anti-nausea med as well as a few Wintergreens, so I should be much better very soon.

Cheers! Come tell me all about your day!


Sep 1, 2020


Chello, Dearies!

I've just come from the dermatologist (what is it with me and the appointments lately?!) and I am finishing my second cup of damn good and contemplating a pool day. It's one of those cloudy days where you start stuffing yourself into your swimming suit and then it looks like it's going to pour down rain at any moment, so maybe my exercise today will be the stuffing and unstuffing of my jiggly bits into spandex.

Did you know that swimming costumes for old beefy gals like me now come with bike shorts?! I got my very first pair of actual swimming shorts this year, and I am hooked. Not only do they properly cover my thighs...they hold my tummy in quite nicely and then I am able to hide it under my swim dress better!

(Yes, if I could, I would wear a full length, long-sleeved, turtleneck suit if they made such a thing. Nobody needs to see what's going on over here...I can promise you that.)

Jersey Boy Magoo is at the golfing, and then it will be time for dinner. Tonight I am making him a chicken cutlet sandwich with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe on Atlantic City Italian bread a la Tony Lukes. He loves them and they are so easy to make: Boil and blanch the broccoli rabe in salted water, pat dry, then sautee with lots of garlic in a little olive oil. Set aside. Pound boneless/skinless chicken breasts thin, dredge in flour, egg wash, and seasoned bread crumbs, and sautee in olive oil until gooden brown. Serve on a sub roll with the chicken, broccoli rabe, and shaved sharp provolove. (I like roasted red marinated peppers on mine).

As for me, I am contemplating a chopped salad. I might reserve a chicken breast and grill it for some protein, but methinks I will avoid the sandwich and behave myself.

I've not done well in that department, I'm afraid, but JB's trip will help me focus. I know it's not right to use him as an excuse, but the 1950's housewife in me feels awful if I'm not stuffing him full of good things to eat, and God forbid I don't have a table full of snacks for him at the ready.

(Amazing, though, how the snacks seem to disappear despite him never having any!)

Completely stupid, I know, since he neither expects nor needs any of that. So...the next two weeks will be all about me shifting the focus to both of our health and getting the food around here cleaned up and ship shape.

As I type this it has started to rain, so looks like it will be a stitchy day after all. I didn't stitch at all last night, so this will be a good day to lose a few hours in all of those glorious colors!

Happy September! Can you believe it's here? For a year filled with chaos, it sure is flying by!