Dec 27, 2023

Dec 22, 2023

Dec 21, 2023


Little Miss Collins Christine entered the world on Tuesday, and my Goddaughter and her handsome husband are now the proud parents of a perfect little bundle of joy. All is well, and I can't wait to meet this lovely little girl and tell her all of the secrets that only a Great Auntie should know.

(You just have to love a kid that arrives with personalized accessories).

Dec 18, 2023


Good grief, Charlie Brown! I feel like I have been living in a bowl of jello for the last month. Everything has been so...blech...for so long, that a day of almost normal feels like I could run a marathon.

(But it's blustery outside today, and I am warm and cozy under my Stewey Christmas Magic blanket, so...maybe no marathoning today.)

I do have a little finish. This is Quilted Christmas Snowman from Emily Call, and I stitched mine on 28ct Picture This Plus linen in Fog with all of the charted DMC colors. 

(I especially like the way the vibrant red looks on this fabric.)

I have also been binge-watching The Crown, and am not at all embarrassed to tell you that the minute I finished the final episode of the series, I re-started it at Season 1, Episode 1. I watched all of that season yesterday, and hope to watch all of Season 2 today.

The final scene completely gutted me, and I was face down into my decorative Christmas pillow bawling my eyes out and working myself right up into an ugly cry of epic proportions. I must have needed it, because I fell into the big girl sleigh bed and slept like a hibernating bear for twelve hours.

(Does bawling oneself into hiccups count as cardio, I wonder?)

Anywhoose....I am here in a snowy blowing Hoosierville behaving myself. I don't want to jinx myself by declaring that I am all better, but I do feel considerably more human than I have in quite a while. I am, unfortunately, going to have to stay put here in CS2 for a bit longer, because I haven't been able to get my flu shot, covid booster, or RSV vaccine, and I am at stupid-high risk.

(There goes my hope of Midnight Mass at the Basilica.)

(But that would most definitely be one giant petri dish of stuff delivered from all over the world in the form of visiting relatives and kids home on break, and given the usual crowd, I suspect that I will have to enjoy the sounds and sights from the safety of my living room this year.)

(But I might don my new red turtleneck and fancy red lipstick for the occasion...just to feel a bit more festive.)

Have I mentioned how happy I am that I decorated so early this year? I have never hauled the totes out before Thanksgiving before, but I am eternally grateful that I did so this year, because in my pancreatitic delirium I have been able to bask in the warm glow of Christmas lights and stockings hung under the TeeVee with care. My favorite ritual has become the afternoon lighting of all of the candles and such and settling in with stitching and some holiday tunes.


Speaking's about that time, Dearies. I am considering my dinner menu and what project to play with next...all very important decisions that will require considerably more brain power than I presently own, as well as a big fat cold brew. I have discovered the perfect ratio of Caramel Vanilla cream coffee mate that gives me a little hit of sweet without making my teeth ache.

Happy Monday! I hope your corner of the world is wonderful today! What's new with you?

Dec 16, 2023

Dec 13, 2023

Dec 12, 2023


I had yet another medical appointment today, and as I was leaving the exam room, spotted this little fella:

Isn't he swell?

Pancreatitis just absolutely positively is on my list of things that I do not recommend, Dearies. Today I feel like I've turned a little corner, but the fatigue and back pain and bloated feeling has me heading right back to the big girl sleigh bed for the duration.

Many of you have asked the hows and whys. Most likely, this little episode is the result of a few different meds that I take for BellyBean. Adjustments have been made, and careful attention is being paid, and this is something I will have to be vigilant about going forward. 

I also need to lay low and stay away from people until I can get my flu shot and covid boosters, which I haven't been able to do because of not feeling well. Getting sick at this point with even a simple head cold would be catastrophic, and I need to stay the heck OUT of hospitals! the meantime, there is plenty of sleeping to be done, lots of water to be slurped, and a bit of stitching to attempt. I made a little dent on Emily Call's Quilted Snowman, and hope to get back to him this afternoon:

That's it from Hoosierville today! I hope that your neck of the world is exactly as you wish it to be! Are you doing something fun? Come tell me all about it!

Dec 10, 2023

Dec 8, 2023


Thank you for all of your lovely notes and thoughts and prayers, Dearies. I am still not feeling well, but am hopefully on the tail end of whatever got me this time. BellyBean is holding his own and I am getting lots of fluids and sleep....which is just what has been ordered.

Come tell me all about what's new with you!

Dec 5, 2023


I really should have gone to medical school.

Oh, wait.

I forgot that you have to actually be smart to do that.

I had an abdominal CT last night and am waiting for results. I still think it's pancreatitis, but I'm going to let the professionals give it a go before I don the white coat and start prescribing fluids and rest, which is exactly what I've been doing.

Still feel like...ugh.

Dec 1, 2023


 Heart In Hand
Wee Santa 2021
32ct Lugana from Colour & Cotton in Old West
DMC floss as called for

This was a delightful little stitch, and if all goes well, I might try my hand at another in the near future. I think, though, that I might play with a little needlepoint next and make a start on the Cashmere Santa.

Rich is ushering the Blue and Gold Invitational track and field meet tonight, so I had a little dinner, watched Serendipity, and did my nails. Tomorrow is our EGA Christmas luncheon, so I wanted to make sure I'm presentable.

How was your Friday, Dearies?