Aug 13, 2020


This is the next item for offer to help support my fund for a kidney transplant. This is a custom printed mask that is washable/reusable. The cost includes shipping and handling within the US. For non-US shipments, please add USD$5 per shipment. PayPal me at or

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

USD $20

All proceeds from the sale of this mask will be deposited to my kidney transplant fund to offset medical costs when I find a new kidney!



Aug 12, 2020


I'm just home from dialysis and am going to stitch a bit on Come Tarry before dinner, I think. For some reason this piece always reminds me of Stewey...maybe because it's soft and sweet? 

(Either that, or it vexes me a bit since I screwed up the wording and stitched them all together in one paragraph rather than split them between rows.)

(Stewey didn't vex me, exactly, but he did have the uncanny ability to pee on the drapes the very second I got them re-hung after a thorough washing).

Damn dog.

Treatment went better that expected today. The day after a procedure is usually a rest day for my arm because it's so sore, but I gritted it out and was happy that the pain was much much less than expected. Apparently Buzzy was blocked by as much as 90%, so the timing of getting it done was perfect. 

(Blockage is a very normal thing, by the way. An AV fistula is not a normal construction for one's body to readily accept, so it does its best to close it off.)

( How, though, I was managing to get good clearances with that much blockage is beyond me, but what do I know?)

Nothing else on my agenda for a few days, Dearies. I'm going to let my JB fend for himself in the kitchen tonight, and tomorrow I will sleep in, have some bed coffee, and video chat with Dr Melfi at 1:00. I'm hoping for a swimming pool day to get some exercise completed, but won't be too heartbroken if I have to stay in the Happy Chair stitching instead!

Thanks for bearing with me during my recent grumps. I know I've been out of sorts lately, and I haven't really figured out why, but I didn't want you to think I was trying to sneak it by you. Sometimes you get the bull. Sometimes you get the horns, I guess.

(Speaking of bulls and I the only one out here obsessing about Rip on Yellowstone?  I never thought myself a cowboy kind if gal (especially given my proclivity for JB), but...hubba hubba. You gotta be some kind of dreamy to pull my attention away from Mr Costner, I tell ya!)

OK. Time to go behave myself for a bit. Happy Futzingday, Dearies! Come tell me all about what's got YOUR attention today!



Aug 11, 2020


So much for having a productive Tuesday. Buzzy and I were up at the crack of dawn for his three-month roto-rootering, and I am just wiped out. The poor surgeon got quite a workout trying to get through the stent and pushed hard enough to almost send me off the table and into the next room, but it's over now and we can rest.

There hasn't been any stitching the last few days, Dearies, so you'll need to bear with me until I get needle and thread back in hand. I did manage to get a piece of fabric ordered from Miss Linda at the House of Stitches for a new start, so as soon as it arrives I'll get it on the q-snaps and get going.

Time for bed, I think. There's still enough goofy juice in me that my eyes are heavy and my head is a bit swimmy. 

Happy Tuesday! I hope things are swell in your corner of the world! Come tell me all about it!

Aug 10, 2020

Aug 8, 2020


Sorry to confuse everybody with this whole weight thing.

The bottom line is that I need to get back to the 240 range and be very careful to only gain 1-2 pounds of fluid in between treatments.

I gained a lot of weight quickly and missed a few treatments, so we figured a lot of it was fluid...thus the big attempt to pull a lot of fluid. 

Turns out, though, that the weight was actual body weight, so pulling that much caused me to crash because it was below my "dry weight".


Now even I'm confused.

Here...let's make it easy on ourselves, Dearies.

I am being super duper careful again so that the post-treatment weight on Fridays goes down each week. Being super duper careful means watching what I eat, limiting my fluid intake, and increasing my exercise.

Today I had an egg white/turkey sausage English muffin sandwich, swam/flapped around in the pool for a half hour, and had rice cakes and a little cucumber/tomato/feta salad with balsamic for lunch. 

So back on track...heading in the right direction, and determined to get there!


Aug 7, 2020


 Today's weight: 252

IU transplant weight: 246

Goal weight by year's end: 199

Ultimate goal weight: 150



Aug 6, 2020


Painted canvas by Melissa Shirley
Stitch guide by Paulette Paquette
This is one of four in a set purchased from Family Needlework Shop

I have to say, Dearies. This was truly a joy from start to fee nee. My fingers are a little sore from tugging ribbon through canvas, but the results are totally worth it in my humble opinion. I might jump back to cross stitch for a minute or two before proceeding on with the next one of these, but I am sure glad I did this when I did...I needed the boost of a fun finish!

Good healthy day today, I'm happy to report. Egg white, spinach, veggie frittatas for breakfast with an artisan roll and a Panera salad for dinner. Plus! I managed a good thirty minutes of old lady arm fat exercises in the pool, so my net calories for the day were exactly where I needed them to be.

Now I'm off to bed very very early so I can resist the temptation to snack my way to midnight.

Night, night!


So there I was, minding my own business in the vestibule to menopausal hell, when suddenly the doors swung open and I was ushered in without so much as a how do you do.

Twenty pounds.

Twenty #;'g+*$# pounds back on my portly little self in the space of about a week and a half. 

OK. Maybe it's a little longer that a week and a half, but the fact remains that I have bloated up like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon and I am completely and utterly miserable. Every ounce if it is in my mid-section and every ounce of it is screaming at me that I am a miserable failure.

Dr Melfi tells me that this is all 100% cortisol/stress related, and that recent events took more of a toll on me than just a few weepy sleepless nights, and that I shouldn't look at this as a failure but rather as an opportunity to remind myself how strong I am.

I love Dr Melfi.

We pulled nine pounds of fluid off during treatment yesterday, but that was just about enough to kill me. Literally. Blood pressure of 90/40 and lots of oxygen and hollering. Not gonna do that again. Nope. Just not gonna do it.

I'm giving myself precisely twenty minutes to wallow....that's a minute per pound for you more astute observers, and then I'm going to put my old lady sneakers on and go for a twenty minute walk around the apartment complex.

With a mask on.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I will record and report my after-treatment off-weight on this here blog to keep myself accountable, and I will be super super careful about my food and drink choices. There is no way in you-know-what I'm going to lose that kidney transplant. I just know that my kidney is out there somewhere, and when we find it I am going to be ready for it come hell or high water.

Enough of that.

On the stitchy front, I am happy to report that it all comes down to the silk ribbon flower today. This is perfect, because I have a nice long quiet day to stitch this carefully and enjoy learning something new. I haven't worked with silk ribbon very often in the past, so I want to take my time and do this right.

Here's the progress from yesterday:
So there you have it, Dearies. A tale of woe, a fist-shaking promise to bounce back, and a plan for the day. And all executed before 9am.

What's new in your neck of the woods?

Aug 5, 2020


I am damn, drat, and phooey today for about a hundred different reasons, but I'm picking up my shield and magic bracelets and tiara and getting on with it. The hundred things are just too stupid to mention, but suffice it to say I need to gird my loins and get back on track.

In the meantime...happy progress on my latest project:

Happy Wednesday Futzingday to one and all! Come tell me all about life in your corner ofthe world!

Aug 4, 2020


After the big finish of the patriotic piece, I was a bit stymied as to what might delight me as much. I decided to stick with canvas, and my selection didn't disappoint! I had to pry myself away from this last night to go to bed, and I am rushing through my to-dos today so I can get back to it!

This is the first in a series of four, so it looks like I might have fun for a little while yet! I originally saw the ad for these in Needlepoint Now, so I guess we have Miss Elizabeth and Co. to blame for the inspiration!

I hope you have a wonderful day! We finally opened the windows for fresh air, and I am just loving the breeze! Nothing else new to report, Dearies. Come tell me all about life in your corner of the world!

Aug 2, 2020


Patriotic Square States
Stickideen Von Der Wiehenburg
Needlepoint Now July/Aug 2020
18ct white mono canvas
Threads: DMC 311, 321, 322, white, 640, 644. 
DMC jewel effects E815. 
Silk Lame' Braid SL09

Aug 1, 2020


A homemade Starbucks cold brew with sugar free syrup and a splash of cream, a stitchy project almost complete, and Julie & Julia on the TeeVee.