Jun 24, 2014


So there I was, minding my very own business, when I looked up.

"Holy crap, Batman!" I exclaimed to nobody in particular.  "It's almost the end of June!  How the h-e-double-toothpicks did THAT happen?"

The truth of the matter is that time seems to be speeding by us here in Hoosierville quite quickly this summer.  It's not due to anything exciting, mind you, but rather just the general blah blah blah that is my life.

Stewey is fine...toes are all in tact and healed very nicely.  He was totally miffled that he had to have his little cast removed, especially since the sight of it gave everybody a case of the "Awwwww, isn't he the cutest little thing you've ever seen" bug.

Chez Spinster has remained spiffed up, but no visit from the Jersey Boy just yet.  I wait with breath that is batied for the day he crosses the threshold, but am doing my level best not to get too excited about it until I see the license plate in the driveway.

(You have to love that about New Jersey...front license plates!  We don't have them here in Indiana and I really do miss them terribly.)

(I find it comforting to know the home whereabouts of the cars that you're careening into on any given day.  Don't you?)

Aunt Chrissy is all skinny now and sporting her fancypants glasses where ever she goes.  I'm not sure how she did it, but my little sister has managed to get even cuter, all while maintaining her usual aura of exasperated patience with moi and moi's little you know who.

I am stitching a bit.  Managed to finish the little all-tent-stitch-all-the-time piece that I was playing with.  If I ever find the battery to the camera, I'll show you how it came out.

So that's it, kids.  Nothing new.  Nothing Earth shattering.  Just me,.

I'll make sure that Stewey gets back to it soon and updates you on all of his shenangins.  Until then, know that we remain your loyal and devoted friends and hope that you are well and safe and happy and stitching to your heart's content!

Ciao, mee amorays!