Sep 21, 2019



As per usual, I went from being High Queen of The Exalted Diet Universe to a filthy animal in a gutter sucking down Taco Bell like some kind of demented garbage disposal.


After blogging, I made myself a little snack plate with cheese and nuts and crackers and such and I ate it while basking in the glow of my loss.

Then I made "just a few more bites" of said snack plate.

Then I ate the Autumn Mix/candy corn that I swore was just for decoration.

After calculating my calories, I said to myself "OK. You did well today and gave yourself a little treat. You're at your calorie limit for the fact, just a teensy bit over, so water with lemon for the rest of the night and start fresh tomorrow."

Uh, yeah. That happened.

Rich stopped at a Taco Bell and ordered half the menu. And I ate half the damn menu. At least that's what it feels like today as I'm green and woozy in the Happy Chair in between trips to the powder room.

Jimminy Crickets.

BUT! The very happy news is that the new me is able to see that the falling off the wagon was YESTERDAY and that it is no reflection on TODAY.  Instead of enjoying popcorn and candy at the movie today and a cheeseburger tonight when we go to watch the Notre Dame game, I'm going to take apple slices and grapes to the movie and have a salad at the Hooters. So, in essence, my treat day just came a day early and I have two days this weekend to behave myself at hit my 3-2-5 goal.

(3-2-5 is a new thing for me. Each week I strive to have 3 good treatments, 2good days off, and 5 good eating days. This week I hit the 3 and the 2 and I need Saturday and Sunday to hit my 5.)

So, Dearies, I have proven the old adage that pride really does goeth before the fall. It was true when Sister Assumpta hollered it at me in second grade and it's true now when I get too big for my britches and crow about losing weight like I'm some kind of hero. That'll teach me to Happy Dance...better to keep my head down and save the dancing for 160, I think rather that 252!

I'm taking myself to see Downton this afternoon and then we're off to see Notre Dame play Georgia tonight. In between, I hope to get a little stitchy time in. I finished Mary's umbrella last night and started on Big Ben, but need to frog a bit and get it back on track.

So that's it for me on a sunny Saturday morning. I hope your very own weekend is off to a wonderful start. Do something fabulous and come tell us all about it!


  1. Just a reminder, in case its needed: every day is a new day, and take one day at a time. You're doing great!!!

  2. Coni, yesterday was yesterday and today is a brand new day. Apple slices and grapes actually good to me over candy at the moment. I hope you enjoy the movie, the game, and get in a few stitches. MP is looking good! Thinking of you!

  3. Just love your Mary Poppins...I imagine you really enjoyed
    creating her even with that bit of frogging. Lucky you getting to see Downton today...once I break free from tight
    schedule, viewing it tops the list. A container of fresh fruit will leave your theatre companions wishing they had done the same. The film will be sufficiently distracting to
    keep you on course. Enjoy the day and tonight's game.

  4. I have learned to take dieting not by the day but by the NOW. If I screw up, and I do, I haven't ruined the whole day, just the NOW and my being on program also starts NOW. When I goofed, I used to give myself permission to continue to goof because I'd ruined the whole day and that I would start new tomorrow. It took a while to figure that it was self-defeating. Now if I screw up, I'm back "on program" immediately--I don't continue. I know it's playing mind games with myself, but it seems to help me get immediately back on program and not beat myself up so much. That's another thing I need to learn not to do--beat myself up. lol I'm so glad you are doing this for yourself--it is a gift. Your strength has inspired me to get back to it. You have a doable goal and that is important. We are all pulling for you. Hugs from the desert where it's still summer. grrr

  5. I started watching what I eat about 1 1/2 weeks ago when my husband was in the hospital. I even started counting my steps as they had something at the nurse's station about 900 steps and how good walking was for you. I was doing so well, so very well, until l a s t night. Was there something in the air in Indiana? Because before bedtime, I ate those last 4-5 Arby onion rings that were sitting on the table and nobody was finishing them. I was okay with letting the fries go to waste but the onion rings? Well, I had been a good girl for 1 whole week. But then I also ended up eating those 3 dark chocolate cookies that were also left behind. I thought I'd be doing hubby a favor as he really shouldn't be eating those things. But I congratulated myself that I didn't have the milk that has to go with cookies. But this morning, grabbed my big ole water and have been carting it around with me and sticking to my healthier new lifestyle and feeling better. Surely, I sweated some of that off today? Back to the veggies and good healthy food and not feeling sluggish at all. All though, a dip in the pool would be great...

  6. Today is a new day. You cannot change yesterday. Just don’t give up. We are all cheering for you. We’re all the same, Coni, and none of us are perfect.
    Donna - Streamwoid

  7. Rats, rats, rats Coni. Interesting to ask yourself why you do such things. But it's onward and upward and never giving up. You've got this!

    Sydney, Australia

  8. You did it!!!! Wow!!!! Great work!!!!!
    A little slogan that WW gave me: Nothing tastes as good as meeting your goal feels!!!!!
    You've got this!!!! New kidney waiting for you!!!!!


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  10. Don’t you wish you could just put up an umbrella and disappear to a new place like Mary Poppins- I do! Great choice of pattern and movie!