Feb 29, 2016


Chello to one and all on this lovely Monday Monday.  Did you do something fabulous this weekend?

I finished this little piece from Lizzie Kate.  It's supposed to say "My" in front of "To Do List", but I liked it better without.  This one is going to go into a ready-made frame as soon as I make it to the bottom of my coffee cup and can haul my big fat self up the studio stairs.

Maybe I'll get a little push from Stewey.

My To Do List
Lizzie Kate #158
32ct. Bisque linen from Lakeside Linen
Threads are all WDW as per the chart

We're off like a herd of turtles today, folks!  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and I'm ready for the next adventure!

Woo Hoo!

Feb 27, 2016


Bosco is like a little kid...up early to have his Saturday morning cereal in front of cartoons.

Feb 26, 2016


See that red rubber ball?  Somebody has been carrying it around the better part of the morning wanting to p.l.a.y.

I guess I really should think about payng attention to the little guy or I'm sure there will be h.e.l.l. to pay later.

Feb 25, 2016


I always feel bad that I love the snow so much, since I get to sit in the Happy Chair and look at it while others have to be out in it working, or driving, or saving lives, or shoveling.

But it sure is pretty...

Almost finished with the lettering on My To Do List.  Today will be spent filling in all of the doo dads and whatnots:

Feb 24, 2016


My B-abydear, settled in for a morning snuggle:

A B-lizzard warning that means I get to stay inside without guilt:

A B-anana smoothie that was just what I wanted:

There is one more B word, but I don't want to spoil it in case you're a Downton fan and have yet to see last Sunday's episode.  I finally watched it last night.  Let's just say...this ain't your momma's PBS!

Here's last night's progress on Lizzie Kate...To Do List.  It's been a minute since I've stitched a LK, so I am enjoying this quite a bit...easy breezy!

If you're in our neck of the woods, stay warm and safe and dry, my friends.  Stewey and I are going to fire up the crock pot and see if we can satisfy our craving for broccoli, cheese, and rice casserole.  I think we're also going to try our hand at a garlic, brown sugar chicken recipe that I found on the Pinterest, so it just might be quite a feast! (*)

Woo Hoo!  Do something fabulous and then tell us all about it!

*Edited to add:  We've got dueling crock pots going, kids!  In crock pot number one is broccoli, cheese, rice, cream of mushroom soup, a little onion, and salt and pepper.  In crock pot number two, chicken breasts, olive oil, garlic, brown sugar, and a little cayenne.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Feb 21, 2016


Hearts Afire
The Princess and Me
painted canvas...18ct
Threads: Caron Watercolours Cardinal, Silk Lame Braid SL08, Treasure Braid TR265, DMC #5 perle cotton in black and white


I might have half a shot at being normal if I would just stay off the internets.

I've really tried to put this silly contraption away after dinner each evening so that I can get some stitching done, but last night was an epic fail.

Pinterest is very dangerous for a lonely, portly, aspirational, hungry stitcher spinster.  I think I've redecorated my house at least eighty two times, enhanced my stitchy stash tenfold, and gotten myself completely lost in all things planning and organizing.

Plus, it has adorable pictures of Jack Russell terriers.

And Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

So today I am going to head to the grocery for some provisions and then spend some time trying to cook, organize, bake, arrange, and fluff myself into a tiny resemblance of all the crap I've been pinning.  I suspect that it will all go awry, but at least I'll have something to tell you about tomorrow...right?

Happy, happy Sunday to you and yours!

Feb 20, 2016


What a wonderful day!  I just returned home after a day out with Miss Charlene and Miss Jane, and I'm ready for a nap with my face in the sun.

But first...

A new project from House of Stitches:

A visit from my favorite nephew:

A gorgeous sunny day with the birds chirping away in the warm breeze:

Feb 19, 2016


Today's goal...get this one finished!  I got the border idea from Miss Laura J Perin Her Very Self and I think we have a winner!  Now it's on to the black blocks in the background...only a gazillion to go!

Feb 18, 2016


Some days I feel like my very own little stitchy factory and get quite a lot completed.

Other days...not so much.

I thought I would do some of the black background blocks in a sparkly thread to give the piece a little oomph.  I swear....some of these boxes are stitched with a sparkly thread.  Really.  I swear.

It's just so darn subtle you can't see it!

OK, here's proof. 
('Scuse my backside).
(And my pajamas).

The happy news is that I somehow managed to wash, dry, fold, AND put away every single piece of laundry yesterday.  I don't know when that last happened, so today we are celebrating.  Cake for everybody!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, Stewey is toasting, and the Spinster is spinstering.  Here's hoping that your day is exactly what you want it to be!

Feb 17, 2016


OK, I know I was supposed to be working on the black and white background only, but I kept thinking about a border for this little piece.  So after I finished the white blocks, I started to build what I think might turn out to be kinda cool...if the stars align and if luck is on my side.

For some reason I think this is supposed to be a purse insert, but I think it would be a lovely little pillow or framed piece.  Maybe a little tray to hold goodies and whatnot on a stitchy table or nightstand?

Anywhoose...as soon as today's chores are done, it's back to the Happy Chair.  Stay tuned!

Feb 16, 2016


I finished the stitching of the hearts...now it's on to the background!

Feb 15, 2016


Is it just me, or does it feel like every time you turn around it's Monday again!  Wow...time sure flies when you're having fun!

After finishing the little LJP ornament I decided to play with the little painted canvas.  The designer of this one is The Princess and Me and the name of it is Hearts Afire.  It does have a stitch and thread guide, but I decided to try my hand at selecting both.
I'm using Caron Watercolours Cardinal, and so far I've just kind of played with different stitches that I thought would be cool.  

Well, I suppose that it's a good start to the week, even if it's a little slow and quiet around here today.  That can be a good thing, right?  Slow....quiet.  Just how I like it!

Happy Monday!  Do something fabulous and tell us all about it!

Feb 14, 2016


Little Box of Chocolates
(this is a bonus chart in the Box of Chocolates chart)
Laura J. Perin
18ct mono canvas in light pink

chart / my substitution
DMC3371 / VS Caviar
DMC898 / DMC647
Ribbon Floss 148-049 /  WC Cherry Cordial
DMC3685 / Anchor972
DMC3687 / DMC3687
DMC778 / DMC822
Ribbon Floss 148-051 / DMC822

DMC  = DMC #5 perle cotton
WC = Watercolours by Caron

Feb 13, 2016


I had hoped to be at the library, stitching with my stitchy peeps, but the weather had other ideas about that.  So it would seem that today will be a Happy Chair day instead...right after I get a pot of soup going on the stove top.

Last night, I started the little "ornament" from Laura J. Perin's "Box of Chocolates", but I must have had my eyes closed when I pulled threads for it.  I didn't have the colors that Laura suggested, so I tried to go with a pink and grey theme instead:

Um, well, I guess I really don't have anything to say about this other than I hope it turns out OK in the end.  If it doesn't...no harm, no foul.  It is all from stash and easy to do again properly once I get the right colors on board.

Man o' manachevitz...am I getting relaxed in my old age, or what?  Not too long ago I would have put three stitches into this and had a nervous breakdown that I had screwed it up.  Now I'm just happy that I had so much fun watching the snow fly with Stewey snoodled up beside me.

Hmmmm.  I wonder if he's been slipping sedatives into my oatmeal again?

Happy, happy Saturday to you, my dear friends!  I hope that you are warm and safe and dry and that your needles are flying!

Bosco says hi, by the way.  He came for a sleep over with his Aunt CJ last night and is now readyto go play in the snow!

Stewey, of course, is not:

Feb 12, 2016


Wonder why I can't be as diligent about housework as I was about getting this piece finished?
The Drawn Thread
B My Valentine
34 ct. Cafe Au Lait linen

Here's my thread conversion:
Chart / my substitution

NPI 342 / WDW Kudzu
NPI 346 / WDW Bark
NPI 711A / CC Boysenberry Jam
NPI 715 / GA Red Plum
NPI 931A / GA Jasmine
NPI 932 / CC Purple Aster
NPI 933/ WDW Taffeta
DD 192 / GA oatmeal
DD 181 / GA Shaker White

NPI = Needlepoint Silk
WDW = Weeks Dye Werks
CC = Crescent Colours
GA = Gentle Art
DD = Dinky Dyes

Feb 11, 2016


When last we met our heroine, there were nine blocks to go until the FeeNee Happy Dance for "B My Valentine". I thought I would try to finish three blocks each evening until Friday, thus leaving my Saturday free to play with the hearts painted canvas at Guild.

But as luck would have it, I finished one extra block and awoke with the burning desire to see if I could finish the last five blocks with a little stitchy marathon today.

Here's the progress from last night:

The weather is co-operating.

And so is Stewey:

So I suppose there is no reason why I can't just snuggle in and go for it, right?  Wish me luck...results tomorrow!

Feb 10, 2016


I managed to complete three blocks on "B My Valentine".  The first two went smoothly enough, but when I got to the third (the one with the heart), the wheels came right off the bus.

It had to be the combination of cream linen, 34 count, and the fact that I was trying to do a cream heart.  I couldn't see to save my life, I tell ya, and after stitching and ripping about eleven times I finally got a clue and switched to a different color. 

Problem solved!

Feb 9, 2016


I decided to stick with a heart/Valentine theme for February, so up to the studio I lumbered.

It's a holy heck mess up there with things scattered all over the place, but sorting it out is a task for another day.  Today is all about keeping up the stitchy momentum.

This is a piece that I started quite  some time ago and stupidly dated.  I suppose that I will leave the 2012 on there, though, since that will be a reminder of when I started it...right?

I wish I could tell you when this one entered the stash, but I suspect that I might have picked it up at a Homestead Needlearts retreat way back when.  I haven't one single clue as to why I haven not played with this one before, especially since it comes complete with a stitch guide!

You just knew I had to have a little LJP in the mix!  I'm thinking that the little "ornament" chart that is included with the larger project might be just what I need for a quick and pretty little finish.

Finally...I think my eyes were definitely bigger than my ambition with this one.  I thought it would be fun to knock out a cross stitched heart piece 'a la the Blossom tree, but this one is a bit more intricate and needs some thought as to threads.  The linen is just too pretty for me to slap whatever I fish out of the bin onto it, so methinks I am going to take my time and colorize it properly later today.
That's the Spinster Stitcher Basket 'O Valentine Fun, kids.  As soon as I complete a chore or two Stewey and I are going to see what we can do about making a dent in it!

Happy Fat Tuesday!  Eat, drink, and do something decadent and then tell us all about it!

Feb 8, 2016


We had a lovely, quiet Sunday here at Chez Spinster.  I attached the beads to Valentine Wreath, but I forgot to watch the Super Bowl.  Oh well, we're one for two!
This is the last pic of this one...I promse!

As soon as I get to the bottom of my cup of coffee, finish the puzzles from the paper, and get my morning snuggles in with You Know Who, it's time for the to do list.  

We could be here all day!...

Feb 7, 2016


Oh, what a lovely day yesterday!  I came home from my stitchy outing and fell into a blissful four hour nap...dreaming about projects and threads and the sheer joy of being allowed at the cool kids' table.  These ladies are so extraordinary -- funny and smart and generous and talented and kind.  How blessed can one poor old lonely spinster be to have them in her life?

I made a minor adjustment to "Blossoms" by moving a couple of crocheted snowflakes around.  The piece seemed unbalanced to me, but now I think it's a little better:
I think I'm going to get this one into a frame this week, and as luck would have it, I might have everything I need right here in the studio!  Who's happier than me?

Next is an almost FeeNee.  As soon as I sign off here today I will attach the beads and then we can call this one completely finished.  Oh, what fun this was!  I am contemplating having it made into a dimensional padded wreath:
Laura J. Perin 
Valentine Wreath
18ct. ecru mono canvas with gold sparkles
Threads per the chart: DMC perle, Threadworks perle, Petite Very Velvet, ribbon floss

Stewey and I are having a lazy lazy Sunday and then it's off to the races next week.  I have lots of appointments and laundry, and I'm starting a job search after being "retired" all these years.  Wish me luck...the wardrobe alone should prove to be very interesting!

If you're doing the Super Bowl thing...may your dip be spicy, your favorite team win, and may you travel safey home with lots of winnings in your pockets!  As for me...I'm watching it for the commercials!

Feb 6, 2016


I feel like a six year old.  Today I'm going stitching, and you would have thought that I was going to Disneyworld to meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan for waffles.

I love waffles.  Almost as much as I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Do you suppose that I will be able to just keep my crazy on the inside today and not make a complete boob of myself by chattering like a circus monkey and breaking out into song like some kind of TeeVee nut job that lives multiple crazy lives in her head but that is actually just a mild-mannered spinster by day?

Why can't I just be normal?

Naaaah.  That would be too easy.  And God knows I'm all about the non easy these days.

Well, kids, after a long hard week of not feeling well and fretting over almost everything, methinks a few hours with my stitchy friends is just what my pitiful self needs.  My bag is packed, my shoes are shined and the sedatives should kick in any minute now.

Here's hoping that your Saturday is off to a wonderful start.  Do something fabulous and tell us all about it!

Feb 5, 2016


A few more hours, and I think this one will be complete!  

Stewey and I decided to watch "Love Story" last night.  I didn't quite get what all the fuss was about.  Stewey, of course, wept copiously into his little handkerchief.  

Hmmmm.  Must be something wrong with me.

I hope that your weekend is filled ith everything you want it to be!  Stewey is hosting his ladies' luncheon on Saturday and I am going to stitch with Miss Charlene, Miss Jane, and Miss Myrtis!  

Woo Hoo!

Feb 4, 2016


Last September, I got the bright idea that I was going to start being a big girl, and that I would paint my nails with a different color each month.

(I also decided that I would try to conduct myself like a real grown person who was raised indoors and should know better, but...baby steps, people.  Baby steps.)

January was supposed to be a lovely icy grey blue, but ended up being more navy-ish by the time the end of the month rolled around.  I think the verdict is still out on whether or not I am cool enough to carry off a fashion color like that....the memory of my dear departed mother says "Absolutely, not, Constance JoAnn!".  The twelve year old geeky bookworm trapped inside me says "Like, totally rad, dude!"  So, the blue goes in to the basket until next year.

For February, I decided that I wanted the perfect red.  This might not seem like a tall order, considering that most cosmetic companies offer a gazillion shades of the color, but when your skin tone is somewhere between ecru mono canvas, an old banana, and a brown paper sack depending on the lightng, this can be a challenge.

So in pops Laura J. Perin with the solution.  I don't know if it's a trick or not, but all of this time spent playing with Valentine Wreath convinced me that if I could just find red nail polish the same shade as the bow, I would be happy as a clam.

Enter OPI Red.

Probably the first color they ever made, and judging from the age of the bottle in my beauty closet, probably in my colllection all along without me knowing it.

Ahhhh, stitchy peace brings manicurial delight!  I am chuffed...feeling like a lady with my red nails and toes, and over the moon that all things stitchy and spinstery are matchy matchy!

Woo Hoo!

Feb 3, 2016


You switch a dog from English Breakfast tea and toast in the big girl sleigh bed to a vitamin and a couple of cookies on the ottoman and you hear about it for days.
Damn dog.

Feb 2, 2016


I didn't get started until late last night, but I did manage a little progress before it was time to hit the big girl sleigh bed:
Amazing how it's really starting to look like a wreath!

Feb 1, 2016


I finished the hearts on Valentine Wreath and moved on to the greenery.

One note of advice, though...don't try to smoosh that last heart in there while simultaneously watching Downton.  I must have stiched and frogged it seven times before I had to hit the pause button.  I suspect that my bow might be one or two threads off kilter, thus throwing off that last little bit.

But I think the end result is still fine, and now I'm happily stitching the green background!

Stewey is unhappy with his breakfast selection this morning.  He feels strongly that a lovely tray of tea and toast should be presented to him in the big girl sleigh bed.  Instead, he gets a milkbone presented to him on the living room rug.

Oh, the indignity.