Apr 30, 2023

Apr 27, 2023


The newest Vonna video, stitching, my new sippy cup full of iced lemon water, and a delicious homemade Cold Brew (Kirkland cold brew can, a pump of sugar free syrup, a splash of cream, and cold foam).


Apr 25, 2023




2023 Collector's Heart
Heart In Hand
32ct Heartland linen
Cottage Garden Threads in JK02 Leather Bound

Apr 24, 2023



Rich called me quirky the other day.

At first, I was a bit offended, and I wanted to interrogate him as to which of my many charming behaviors he would consider...quirky, but instead I silently reviewed the list in my head of charming behaviors that I consider quirky, and I zipped it.

I get nervous if there are less than forty or fifty rolls of toilet tissue in the house.

I am known to twitch if there is the slightest possibility that I won't be able to have the perfect cup of damn good within ten minutes of waking up. (Starbucks French Roast with a slight bit of Truvia and just the exact right amount of half and half in a big cup that has been warmed under hot water.)

I have a sippy cup addiction problem.

I have been known to break out in a cold sweat if we run out of "the good" ice.

I pat Stewey's box every night before bed and say the same thing to him that I did when he was alive: "Night night, my little Prince. Mommie loves you. You have good sweet puppy dreams and I'll see you in the morning."

I don't like air hitting the insides of my elbows.

I used to love public speaking and won a few speech contests in my time, but the thought of leaving the apartment now sends me straight into a full-blown panic attack that can last three days.

I will reveal the most intimate/horrifying details of my weird little personality to you all on this here blog, but if a person asks me how my day is going on the rare occasions I'm out in public I completely freeze.

How's THAT for evidence? I could go on until the cows come home, but the truth of the matter is that I happen to think that one spinster's quirk is just another's way of coping with a world that sometimes scare the beejeebers out of her, or that can be a rough and tumble or mean-spirited place to survive sometimes, and we all just have to do what we all just have to do.


Change of subject.

I wanted to say a bit more about our libraries here. We have two different systems available...the St Joe County system and the Mishawaka Penn/Harris/Madison system.  I can say from first-hand experience that both are quite excellent, but I am particularly fond of the St Joe system and its branches. The newly re-modeled and expanded Main Branch in downtown South Bend takes up an entire city block, and I am dying to go explore it fully. The branches...of which I have frequented two...are gorgeously appointed, and full of amenities like fireplaces and living room settings, fantastic architecture, great selections of all kinds of materials (I'm partial to adult fiction and new releases), fantastic programming, and some of the nicest staff you'll ever meet.

The woman that is responsible for all of this amazingness is Debra Futa. She was the head of the entire library system for many years prior to her retirement, and I have the honor of considering her a friend. She reached out to me when Stewey got sick, and we exchanged emails back and forth over the years...much to my delight.

Deb is a stitcher, which makes her even more perfect in my opinion!

But yes...to answer your comments here and on the social medias...our libraries here are like cathedrals, and if you asked me why I never want to think about leaving here, they are #2 on the list right behind Notre Dame and right in front of because this is where all my stuff lives.

Finally...how about a stitchy update? I am closing in on a finish, and were it not for the fact that I had to glue my eyeballs to Rabbit Hole, The Diplomat, and Succession on the TeeVee last night, I might actually be reporting a finish today.

I'll thread up as soon as I'm finished writing to you, so stay tuned for a FeeNee from Yours Truly!

I hope you've had or are having a very Happy Monday, Dearies, and that your weekend was full of fun. What's blowing your skirt up these days? Come tell me all about it!

Apr 21, 2023


St Joe County Public Library...Francis Branch.

Apr 19, 2023


My day started at the Nephrologist's office for a follow-up. As I was waiting to check in, I admired the lady in front of me for being so well put together. From the top of her well-coiffed head to the tips of her perfectly manicured toes, she looked great. Great outfit, great shoes, great bag, and beautiful hair and makeup. 

And then there was me....in my Woman Within sweatsuit and bright white Sketchers that are two sizes too big and make me feel like I have bags of marshmallows on my feet. I was clean and had properly deoderized, but pulled together?  Um. Not so much.

 Do you think I'm EVER going to get my act together?

After a Starbucks pickup (Cold brew with sugar free vanilla syrup, a light splash of half and half and cold foam) I was in the chair for some afternoon stitching time:

I love how quickly this one is stitching, and the red is really truly blowing my skirt up! 

JB enjoyed his time out on the balcony listening to Philly sports radio, then came in and announced that we were going to go watch some baseball since it looked like the weather was favorable.

It was:

My Irish beat Western Michigan by a score of 2-1. We had fantastic seats, and it was just beautiful out there in the fresh air and semi-sunshine!

Tomorrow is a bill-paying/paperwork/dining room table kind of day. I have piles and piles of mail and such that needs to be sorted, and I'm hoping to get my planner out and play with stickers and markers and glitter and stuff.

I hope your Futzingday was wonderful, and that you futzed with impunity like I did! 

What's blowing YOUR skirt up? Come tell me all about it!

Apr 17, 2023


I'm happy to report that I did my ENTIRE laundry today! Washed, dried, folded, and put it all away, thankyouverymuch. I also started this new lovely little project and am enjoying it after dinner while listening to the 76ers.

All in all a very lovely Monday, indeed!

Apr 16, 2023


 There Dwells My Heart
Shepherd's Bush
Full kit with fabric, threads, and buttons
Quote says: Where My Home Is There Dwells My Heart

Next up:

I kitted both, but think I will start the 2023 Collector's Heart from Heart in Hand Designs (bottom image).

Apr 15, 2023



Thank you, Dearies, for all of your lovely birthday wishes!  I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at my favorite place downtown South Bend, and then we spent some time people watching at the Grotto before coming home for relaxing and stitching.  Quiet and just perfect!

Apr 12, 2023


Today is my sister's birthday, and as per tradition, I repeat my favorite story. If you're new here, she is my little sister by five years, but referred to as "Aunt Chrissy" because that's what Stewey called her.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Chrissy! I hope it's full of stitching, and love, and good things.

My favorite Aunt Chrissy story takes place on Eater Sunday 1975.....

Scene: A bustling kitchen in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A mother scurries about, getting Easter dinner ready. She glances to her left and sees her youngest daughter standing in the doorway.

Mother: Chrissy, I told you that I'm really busy right now and need to get this dinner ready. Can you go play with your Barbies for a few minutes, sweetheart?

Chrissy: Sure, Mommy. But I have so many things to tell you that I thought I would stand here and talk to you while you cook. That way I can fulfill my need to be talking every waking moment of the day and you get to spend some quality time with me.

Mother: Why don't you go wait for Grandma and Uncle Connie to get here?

The little girl walks to the front closet, gets her little green velvet coat, and heads out to the front porch. She sits on the cold hard cement and thinks about what a bust this holiday has been for her. Yesterday, she and her brilliant and gorgeous older sister Constance were playing nuns. This was an activity that they both loved, and two white terry cloth bath towels were always put into use as a simple yet effective head-covering.

Yesterday, though, something seemed off. Constance was out of sorts and was bossier than usual. "Nuns don't have curly hair", she grumbled. "We need to get rid of those stupid curls sticking out of your head thingie."

"OK", the little girl said as she trotted off to get the big scissors. "Will you cut it for me, Coni Jo? I'm only four and not allowed to use the big scissors."

The older sister grinned as she maniacally snipped and snipped all of the gorgeous light brown curls away from her little sister's face.

"There", said Constance. "Now you look like a real nun."

As she reflected on the ensuing spanking that both she and her sister received, the little girl wondered why it was such a big deal that she would have to go to Easter Sunday Church services with her hat on. Didn't everybody wear a hat for Easter?

Later that afternoon, the mother stopped the dinner preparations to call out to the little girl.

Mother: Chrissy? Where are you, honey? Come here and try a pickled beet for me to see if I've got them right. Chrissy?

Constance: She's outside.


Constance: You told her to go wait for Grandma.


Constance: OK.

Sadly, Constance is distracted by the latest Nancy Drew mystery that was in her Easter basket that morning. She heads into the den and buries her nose in the book...completely forgetting about her tiny little sister standing alone outside on the front porch.

Later that afternoon....

The front door opens and several voices are heard.

Grandma: Sig?! Are you home? What the hell is Chrissy doing standing out on the front porch?! We pulled up and she said that she had been out there all day waiting for us! Her little nose is running and she's frozen solid! What the heck are you people doing in here?

The relatives all kiss and hug hello in stony silence as the little girl heads upstairs for a hot bath. As she's hanging up her coat, she glances at the curls hidden in the wastebasket and decides that Christmas is definitely her favorite holiday.


P.S. Here's a few things you should know about Aunt Chrissy:

1. Yes, the hair story is completely true. When she was little she had positively gorgeous light brown curly ringlets that covered her head. I cut them off. (What can I say? I had a head like a bowling ball and was evil.)

2. My sister talked from the minute she woke up until the minute she passed out in her little bed. Some nights, she would tip-toe to the side of Mom and Dad's bed and poke Mom awake because she had more to say or had "forgetted to tell you something."

3. She was a very good little girl and usually did exactly what she was told, so the story above is as true and accurate as I can remember it. We believe that she had been out on that porch for at least three hours, because when Grandma and Uncle Connie finally got there they said she was really really shivering and her lips were a bit blue.

4. My sister isn't just in my life...she is my life. (Sorry, that's a line from Tony Soprano, but it's just too damn apropos not to use it here.) She is funny and kind and strong and very very brave. She takes care of me, tolerates my silly little dog, and feeds all of the birds, squirrels and ducks faithfully and with great care. She is the rock and the leader of our little family, and there are times when I really wonder what I did to be given such a gift of this particular sister. I love her, need her, and care about her more than anything or anyone I've ever known, and I cannot and will not live my life without her in it.

So there you have it. Aunt Chrissy turns 39 today and I couldn't be happier about it.

Apr 8, 2023



Dear Anonymous Friends:

I apologize.

I really am sincerely sorry for offending you by the junk food post. More importantly, however, I really am sorry that I a) bought all of the damn stuff in the first place and then b) made a half-assed joke about it all in the second.

You are right, and I 100% agree with you. I owe you more, I owe myself more, and I owe Rich more by not thinking bingeing on stuff that's bad for us is a "treat".

So please accept my heartfelt apology and feel free to contact me directly if you'd like to discuss further, or you are certainly welcome to continue to join me here.

I'm going to take a little break and get my head and heart in a better place.

The Spinster Stitcher

Sorry to alarm, disappoint, and upset you, Dearies. I honestly didn't think the junk food picture would offend so many, but never fear...those items were purchased for JB as an Easter treat and my comments about resisting them was an attempt at a bit of Spinster humor that obviously fell completely flat.

Many of you have asked me about the performance of The Passion. There are several places online where you can watch it...I think YouTube is your best bet. The choir toured the East Coast in March and then performed it on campus last night out on the South Quad.

We're heading out for dinner and then Easter Vigil Mass in the Basilica tonight, so I'm going to scoot and get myself ready.

Happy Easter!

Apr 7, 2023


 On Ash Wednesday (Feb. 22), the Notre Dame Folk Choir will release its latest album, “The Passion.”

Through song and spoken word, the album’s 40 tracks present the events of Holy Week through the eyes of Jesus’ disciples, led by a character called Memory who guides them as they grieve the loss of their friend.

The Folk Choir serves the University community, including the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, as one of the principal liturgical choirs. Since its founding more than 40 years ago, it has toured across five continents and released eight studio albums.

For two years, the choir’s 60 students collaborated with professional artists, including poet and librettist Tristan Cooley, to compose the text and music of “The Passion,” staging the work over a series of workshops and retreats designed to communally rediscover the mystery of Christ’s saving passion and death.

“This collective work of praise invites listeners to find themselves in the story and to contemplate the experience of Christ’s passion,” said J.J. Wright, director of the Folk Choir. “The theology underlying this piece is that the passion as a faith environment can help us enter into a discussion about difficult  things in our own lives in a meaningful way.”

Produced by three-time Grammy winner Joe Henry and directed by Wright, the album was recorded in Jerusalem at the end of the choir’s weeklong pilgrimage to the Holy Land. While there, the students traveled from Galilee to Golgotha, following in the footsteps of Jesus — an experience that was not only moving but also added depth to the project, Wright said.

Folk Choir 2 1200
Members of the Notre Dame Folk Choir in Jerusalem

“The day we recorded the crucifixion scene, we went to the Holy Sepulchre in the morning so that we could connect our artistic work with our faith and our ministerial work,” Wright said. “It was really impactful in all the ways that we had hoped. In the end, I think we were able to capture something really special because of the context that we were in.”

In support of the album, the Folk Choir is embarking on an East Coast tour, where it will perform a fully staged production of “The Passion” directed by Matt Hawkins, director of musical theater at Notre Dame. The tour, which will feature an all-student cast, will conclude with an on-campus performance on Notre Dame’s South Quad on Good Friday (April 7).

Apr 6, 2023


Made these lovely sandwiches for dinner and only ate half....chicken cutlet, sharp provolone, red peppers, and broccoli rabe with garlic on a crusty roll:

And then ordered all of this crap for dessert:


I'm practicing self-control, Dearies, but staying away from the Corn Nuts is going to be a challenge! 

And the Crunch 'n Munch.

And the m&ms.

And the ice cream cones.

Time to thread up so my hands (and tiny brain) are occupied!

Apr 5, 2023



This took entirely too much time to do today, but I am simply determined to never throw away another unused vegetable again. This prep makes it very easy to make a healthy choice at 5:30 when I'm ready to go face first into DoorDash, so I've got that going for me too.

(The containers were a bargain from the Costco, and as long as I'm careful to open or close their little vents, they really do seem to prolong the life of whatever is in them.)

(But if anybody has any good tips for this kind of thing and how I can do it better...I'm all ears.)

No stitching to report, I'm afraid. Our silly weather has thrown me into a bit of a headache cycle, so I am ending up in bed instead of happily ensconced with needle and thread.

Happy Futzingday, Dearies. I hope that you are well and that you have everything you need to be perfectly, wonderfully happy!

Apr 4, 2023



As soon as my little chores are complete, I hope to finish this little beauty! I made great progress on all of the stars and moteefs under the flag last night!

Apr 2, 2023