Apr 27, 2012


Thank you for all of your lovely comments about Tahiti.  I haven't really decided what to do with the finished piece just yet, but I'm leaning toward a funky frame for the Big White Wall of Nothingness.   I think that the Michael's is having a framing sale, so Aunt Chrissy and I might have to add a trip there to our list of Sissy Day errands.

Last night I played with Barnwood Buttons.  I wish that I could adequately capture the color of the linen.  Miss Joy from House of Stitches really hooked me up with this -- it's 28ct. "Raisin" and is simply divine.  I will confess, though, that I'm having a heck of a time seeing adequately, so methinks I'll have to put a white towel/cloth on my lap for some reflection. (Either that, or I could scrub Stewey up with his new brightening shampoo and position him just so. Good grief, I can almost hear him kvetching now.)

If you have an opportunity to see this piece in person, make sure to look at the buttons for it.  They are absolutely gorgeous and unlike any I have ever seen.  Many of them are carved and remind me of scrimshaw. (I hope I'm using that correctly.)

What's on your agenda for the weekend?  Aunt Chrissy and I are headed to the Rural King for some backyard supplies.  Although neither of us are what you'd call "outdoorsy kind of people", we do love a pretty patio.  I usually do flowers and such in the front of my house, but this year I'm thinking that I'll concentrate on the back so that I can enjoy it.  I'll keep you posted, and I'm sure that Stewey will give you his thoughts and opinions as soon as it's all finished.

Have a great weekend!  Woo Hoo!

Apr 26, 2012


Needle Delights Originals
18ct. mono canvas
Watercolours, DMC #5 perle, DMC floss

(This was the March/April project for the Hoosier Heartland Chapter of ANG and was presented/taught by Miss Charlene Her Very Self.)

Apr 25, 2012


I was all set to plow through to the finale' of Tahiti last night, but realized that I had made a major mistake.  See that horizontal orange line on the right?  Well, I screwed up and stitched it under all of the flowers above it.  This meant that the section under THAT was screwed up and the one under THAT...and so on and so on and so on.

Stewey caught wind of what had happened and peered over his reading glasses to say "Mo-ther.  Rather than sit there for eighteen hours trying to figure out how you can fudge things to fit, why don't you just remove the offending sections and fix them?"  Then he went back to reading The New Yorker or whatever the hell else it is that he finds stimulating these days.

So I frogged and re-stitched and am happy to report that we're back on track now.  In all, I think that the detour was about twenty minutes long, as opposed to the above mentioned eighteen hours that would have been.

Today is cold and rainy here in Hoosierville (can I get a big Woo Hoo! from the congregation?), so I will plant my heiney in the Happy Chair and set about the business of getting this one finished.

Happy Futzingday to all!

Apr 24, 2012


In the category of "Why can't she do anything in moderation" is the report of the events of Sunday afternoon.  "Stewey", my idiot mo-ther announced.  "I think I'm going to make meatballs today".

Four hours and a lot of sweating and grunting later, I entered the kitchen to find my mo-ther sprawled out on the floor muttering "Thirty six.  I've just made thirty six meatballs."

Good thing this isn't the week that she decided to become a vegetarian.

On the stitching front, progress continues on Needle Delights Originals Tahiti.  This was the project for Mo-ther and Aunt Chrissy's newly joined ANG guild, and with all things in her life, Mo-ther is woefully behind schedule.  She is enjoying it, though, so if laundry day proves successful today, she'll get quite a but accomplished while the towels and underpants splosh about in the machine.

The moment Mo-ther saw this next one she knew that she had to have it.  It's called Flowers, Awake! and it's from Miss Karen of Rosewood Manor.  The linen is called Barnwood, and all of the threads are DMC.  I think that this one will get started as soon as its "companion" called Barnwood Buttons gets finished.  I'll  keep you posted.

Finally, I'm happy to report that my mom and Aunt Chrissy have enjoyed several Sissy Days lately, and the old lady is sporting a pretty pink manicure and perfectly trimmed bangs (for once).  I also suspect that there have been a few stitchy shopping trips, since the contents of the tote bag revealed a few new supplies for the studio.   The light bulb was my idea, since I can only imagine the hair-pulling angst that would result from a late night outage.  Mom has been stitching under a proper stitching light now instead of the nuclear halogen desk lamp, and I'm determined to keep her quiet and sans flames.

That's the report for today, my dear friends.  I'm headed to the back patio for a little sunbathing and squirrel chasing.  I hope that you are all well and warm and safe and dry and that your needles are flying!

With much love from your devoted pal,

Apr 17, 2012


Oh, how can I explain what it's like to sit in my big chair and let your kindness wash over me? You just ROCK my silly little world with all of the nice things you have to say. THANK YOU, my dear stitchy friends! THANK YOU!

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that Stewey is horrified that you encourage me. As you know, he's not exactly thrilled with most of what I do and/or don't do around here, so when you tell me that I'm swell and this results in me dancing about the living room clutching the computer mouse in my hands like an Academy Award while chanting "They LIKE me! They really really LIKE me!", he heads right for the drapes.

Humility, thy name is Mo-ther.

No stitching to report from last night, I'm afraid. I went face first into a bowl of popcorn and didn't come up for air until it was time to hit the big girl sleigh bed. I think it might be only the second or third night so far this year that I didn't poke something with a needle and thread. (heavy, heavy sigh)

Apr 16, 2012


Daisy O'Hare
designed by Miss Laura J. Perin Her Very Self
18ct. mono canvas in pink (I think it's called rose blush)
threads according to chart and what I had in my stash

Apr 12, 2012


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's in the kitchen swearing at the oven and wondering why she isn't bright enough to know how to make a cake from a box. Today is my Aunt Chrissy's birthday and all she asked for was a fudge marble cake with milk chocolate icing. That's all. Just a nice simple cake and a few good wishes from her idiot sister. You would think, from the sounds coming out of the old lady though, that Aunt Chrissy had asked for the moon instead.

So it's up to me to pull this little goat rodeo together and try to salvage what I'm sure will turn out to be a complete culinary disaster. I had suggested that Mo-ther try ordering a fancypants ice cream cake, but considering that she never listens to me and has a head like a rock, we're left with Duncan Hines and all his evil intentions. Phooey, I say to that. Next time I'm putting my foot down.

I don't talk about it often, but there hasn't been one day of my life that's gone by that I haven't wished that she was my mom instead. She is smart and pretty and funny and very very organized. She knows that pups like me require some intelligent discourse, a comfy pair of cotton pajamas, and several good tummy rubs during the day. She play with me and talks to me and calls me Twinklebutt just because she knows that I secretly love it. Whenever I've watered the drapes, she puts her hands on her hips and says "Stewey, I don't approve of you peeing on the drapes, but I'm pretty sure that your mo-ther had it coming. What did she do this time?". And then she listens as I pour my heart out and reveal all of the ugly truths about life here at Chez Spinster.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Chrissy. I love you with all my heart and hope you know how special you are.

With love from your nephew,


Apr 9, 2012


(sound of telephone ringing)


STEWEY: Hello, Aunt Chrissy? This is Stewey.


STEWEY: Aunt Chrissy? I would like to take a moment of your time this evening to discuss something very important with you.

AC: What did she do now?

S: It's not Mo-ther, Aunt Chrissy. It's you.

AC: Me? What did I do?

S: Aunt Chrissy, are you aware that my mo-ther is walking around in the house wearing a new pair of sunglasses that look like they might have been very very very very expensive?

AC: Yes, I am, Stewey. I bought them for her.

S: Aunt Chrissy! What could have possibly possessed you to indulge Mo-ther with such an extravagant gift? You do realize, do you not, that she wouldn't know luxury if it bit her on her ample backside, and that the last time she had something this special in her proximity she tried to eat it because "it was pretty".

AC: Stewey, your Mommie is going to be 46 years old soon. Do you know what that means? She's old, Stewey. She'd old and crabby and has rapidly deteriorated into a slobbering mess of pre-menopausal chin hair. We need to do nice things for her so that when we finally send her to live at "the special place" she will remember us fondly. Besides, you aren't the one that has to sit next to her in the car when she's wearing her taped-together Target sunglasses, so mind your business. I like to do nice things for your Mommie, Stewey, and if you're not careful one of those nice things is going to involve a clothes pin and your peenie. Now is there anything else you'd like to discuss with me at the moment?

S: No, thank you Aunt Chrissy. As always it's been very pleasant speaking with you. I bid you good evening.

AC: Good night, Stewey. (muttering to self) Damn dog.


Aunt Chrissy is on a secret mission to make me look like a human woman and not a caricature of a drag queen. On Saturday morning we had a few buffs and polishes at the spa and then we went to the fancypants eyeglass boutique for some sunglasses. I thought I was going to just switch out some lenses in a pair that I already have, but once we started trying things on I got outnumbered pretty quickly. Needless to say, it looks like I'm going to have to start wearing big girls shoes and a bra now whenever I leave the house....otherwise everybody is going to think I'm just nuts enough to wear a mortgage payment on my face as an accessory to eighteen year old sweatpants and Wal-Mart old man slippers.

Nope. Can't take me anywhere.


I had hoped to be able to show you a finished Daisy O'Hare today, but there were so many shows to watch last night that I finally just gave up stitching and glued my eyeballs to the TeeVee. Game of Thrones! Nurse Jackie! The Big C! And lest we forget my beloved Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Magic City! Holey Schmoley, methinks I had better start pacing myself or there's going to be a lot of Monday morning TeeVee hangovers and not very much stitching to report!

Was the Easter Bunny good to you?

Apr 3, 2012


Well, firstly, may I just say a big fat teary thank you for all of your concern regarding my ennui of late? Yes, I promise that all will be well again soon and that all of the appropriate authorities are on board, so please don't cry for me, Argentina. I am strong like bull.

Just a bull that's a little on the comatose side. That's all.

So about this list thing....

In my mis-spent youth, I was quite a list writer. As a matter of fact, if I could have figured out how to have done it, I would have written lists for a living. Sadly, this never came to be, so I was left to enjoying list scribbling as a hobby only. But what a hobby it was! I wrote my heart out on these lists, and can remember the smug satisfaction I felt as I crossed and crossed and crossed all of the items on the list as I plowed my way through life.

Now....not so much.

I didn't write lists for a very long time, but after witnessing Aunt Chrissy's success with them last year, I decided to give it a try. You see, at the beginning of the warm weather last year, Aunt Chrissy wrote a list of all of the stuff that she wanted to get done around her house. Things like painting and landscaping, and garage cleaning. All of the stuff that a responsible homeowner would do to make their little castle perfectly perfect in every way. The amazing thing is that she tackled this list with a grim determination that didn't relent until the very last thing was complete.

I was so proud of her I couldn't stand it.

My lists aren't quite that ambitious. As a matter of fact, I just wrote "empty the damn dishwasher already", followed by "check to see if Stewey has run away from home because he hasn't been seen or heard from since tea and toast this morning". What can I say? I'm pacing myself it would seem.

I've thought about starting a stitchy list, but I'm pretty sure that would just send me right back under the covers. There are at least seven hundred and ninety four projects that I'd like to complete before the SpringTide is over, and once the London Olympics start, I just know that I'm going to be jonesing for something USA'ish, so the mind already starts to whir. I suppose that I could write a list of all of the new techniques I like to learn (like wool applique), and then I could find a class or a kit that would teach me said technique on a rainy afternoon. But that would mean that I might have to put shoes on and leave the house, and we all know how THAT will end up, so methinks my stitchy list should just say "stitch".

What's on your lists? Do you set goals or jot down reminders? What about stitchy shopping lists? Do you head to your LNS armed with a list of stuff you want to purchase, or do you just let the wind take you wherever it may?

I guess that's a lot of heavy thinking for a Tuesday. Maybe it's time to tuck myself into the happy chair for a little afternoon needle-poking session. I've got Plum Street Sampler's "A Handwork's Pace" all q-snapped up and ready to go, so I'm thinking that this might be a good day for a new start! Woo Hoo!

Apr 2, 2012


Progress is sloooooooowwwwww. At this point, I'm happy if I can get the darn needle threaded, but the good news is that I'm not fretting too much over it and just going with the flow. (And that flow is rather like molasses in January.) I suppose that I could pretend that this new pace is all Zen Buddha-ish and that I'm just trying to be mindful of each stitch, but the truth is that I feel like I'm stitching under water.

Or under a thick layer of Jello.

Good thing I have that dvr thingie so that I can watch and then re-wind and re-watch the TeeVee over and over again. It took me about three hours to get through a show last night because I couldn't keep up with the plot.

Oh dear...she's lost the plot.

Anywhoose....still here. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your own needles are flying! Woo Hoo!