Jun 25, 2015


I started this piece quite some time ago, but it seemed like the perfect project to return to now.  
This is Laura J. Perin's "Color Study: Starry Nights", and I have changed the colorway to a red, white, and blue theme.

I'm using DMC perle cotton #5 in 321 red, 336 blue, and 3865 white, along with the corresponding DMC floss in the same colors.  I think that the background will be Caron Watercolours in Honeysuckle, but I only have one skein and am not sure if it will be enough, so that might change.

All I know is that I'm enjoying this tremendously, and am just happy that needle and thread are part of my evenings again!  Oh, how I missed the perfection of a LJP chart!

Stewey sends his love and thanks for your concern for his recent Mo-ther induced injury.  I have to say...he only milked it for a day or two before he returned to his usual Royal Heineyness Little Self.  Almost makes me wonder if he realized how bad I felt and decided to go easy on me?  

Jun 19, 2015


The title of this post should be "Why my Mo-ther sucks, by Master Stewey Angus Willowswamp, His Very Little Self".

We awoke early, had breakfast, took our morning constitutional, and then headed for our pedicure.  We even left early enough to enjoy some sniff-time at the pet medical center so that we didn't rush in the place like we usually do, with Stewey a nervous mess and Mommie Dearest svitzing like a pudding at a picnic.

And then I proceeded to hit him with the door on the way into said clinic, and managed to rip two of his little toenails right off of his tiny little bunny foot.

It took the team about a half hour to patch him up while I frantically tried to clean up the massive pools of blood all over the lobby, me, the exam room, and the lovely display of historical materials celebrating the clinic's 100 year anniversary.  Between me huffing and puffing and bawling over what an idiot I am, and the horrified parents of other pets trying to console me, there was blood.  Lots and lots of blood.  Who was the character in Shakespeare who kept trying to wash the bood off of her hands?

Well, about an hour ago, that was me.

Except instead of looking all tragic and elegant, I looked more like a pitiful lunatic trying to sanitize an entire pet medical center with a crumpled up tissue and a travel size bottle of Purell that I fished out of the bottom of my Vera.

I'm pretty sure we're going to have to move now.

P.S.  Stewey is fine, by the way...I'm the hot crock pot full of mess in need of sedation.

Jun 18, 2015


Bora Bora
Needle Delights Originals
18ct. mono canvas in white
Threads from chart

I finished this moments ago after a long day of....well, I'm not sure what it was a long day of, actually, but apparently carefully reading charts was not on the list.  That last section is not at all what is charted in terms of the color placement, but methinks it is going to have to do for now.  I'm afraid that if I un-stitch and re-stitch, it will kill the little bit of momentum I've had these last few days, and given the state of my stitchy union lately, I really don't want to tempt fate.

Why can't I get my act together?

Even Stewey is out of whack.  He jumped up into the Happy Chair and told me that if I didn't take him for a pedicure soon, he was going to run away from home.

(Tomorrow.  10am.  And if somebody behaves himself, there is the possibility of a quick trip to the PetSmart for provisions.)

I hope that your corner of the world is considerably more in sorts than our is at the moment, and that wherever you are is exactly where you want to be!