Jul 21, 2018



I posted this ten years ago, but I think it still says everything I'd like to say about my dad. Today he would have been 86. Seems impossible to imagine sometimes.

Several of you have asked me if he knew my Rich. The answer is...yes, he did, and he liked him very much.

This is Dad. Mr. Robert P. Rich. He would have been 76 years old today. This probably explains why I have been fighting off the boo-hoos all damn day long. I miss him so much I think I think my heart will break.

This man was a hero. He was a kind and gentle soul. He lived in "houses with women" all his life.....first Grandma and Aunt Lou (because his own father died so young) and then Mom, me, and Chrissy. He used to joke that even the dog (Charlie) was "fixed". This probably explains why he was the way he was. I don't think I ever heard him raise his voice or say a bad thing about any one or any thing. He was funny and ornery and had twinkly eyes, especially when he was hiding cookies in his shirt pocket. You could talk to him for hours or just sit and watch a football game on a Saturday afternoon, and you'd come away feeling better about yourself and the world you lived in. You could depend on him for anything and knew that no matter how much you had royally screwed up, he was still your dad and he loved you.

He loved chocolate and Snyder's hard pretzels. He always smelled nice and he always combed his hair the same way. He didn't like guilt or mean people and he quietly went about making his little corner of the world a wonderful place. He never bragged or lectured. He never hit or grounded. He talked and explained and made you want to be a better person so that he would be proud of you. He hugged and patted your cheek and always let you know how special you were, even when you felt like the least special person on the planet.

Dad could do math in his head and Chrissy and I called him Rain Man because of his ability to do this. He went to Notre Dame and graduated as an engineer, but spent all of his working life as a management executive for Westinghouse. Chrissy and I never knew how "powerful" or "respected" Dad was until he died and his former collegues wrote to us. We found out that this man we loved wasn't just our hero....he had fans all over the world.

The men that came to the funeral told us that our dad was the smartest guy they ever met and the women told us that they all had secret crushes on him. Turns out that this guy we thought was a "nerd" was actually a very popular fellow and could be the life of the party.

Dad married the love of his life on May 23, 1964 and he held her in his arms the morning she died on November 12, 1987. Dad loved Mom more than anything in this world and he gave life to Father Hesburgh's words: "The greatest thing a man can do for his children is love their mother."
I think that the reason why Chrissy and I remain single is that we decided that we saw what perfect marriage was and we weren't going to settle for anything less.  

Happy birthday, Dad. We miss you.

Jul 20, 2018


I got the center chair today, so I'm trying to distract myself from my rather chaotic view. Do you suppose that I am the only person who feels compelled to get out of my chair and tidy those bloody shelves?


But I am doing my Buzzy/Beepy thing instead and minding my business and doing my job as a compliant, bathed, happy, quiet patient.

(The bathed part is apparently the most important, and I was told that I am among the favorites because I know my way around a good strong body wash, a twice daily scrubbing, and the liberal application of Secret deoderant.)


Who knew that simple personal cleasiness could make me so popular? All this time I thought it was my charm and sparkling personality, but all it really is is that I smell like soap most of the time.

Mister Lovey Spinster and I played a total of fourteen (!) holes of golf last night befrore it got too dark to continue. I was rather pleased with my stamina, but am definitely paying for it today with soreness and fatigue. The good news about this is that my day today involves nothing more than chair time, and if I play my cards right I should be able to sit quietly and stitch.

I brought Red Velvet Cake back out to play:

Pizza for dinner tonight, and maybe a movie or two, depending on my energy level after treatment. I am determined to feel good enough to get organized for the weekend, though, so I suppose I better hope for the best!

The weekend is here, Dearies! Here's hoping that your little corner of the world is perfectly swell and that you're doing something fabulous! Come tell me all about it!

Jul 19, 2018


We seem to have this quiet relaxation thing down. Yesterday's treatment went very well for me, but not so much for the machine. The poor thing was more beepy than usual, and was sent back to the workshop for computer repair.

I felt well enough to play golf, but alas, it was league time at Notre Dame and there were no times available, so Lovey and I opted for dinner and Netflix viewing instead. (We had grilled chicken kabobs on rice and watched all of the comedians in cars and elsewhere.)

Today is promising to be equally as nice...a nail appointment for me, work for Lovey, and then we tee off at 5:30ish. If the weather permits, I hope for a float after...then dinner....then stitching.

Next year we're going to plan a vacation during this week, I think. Lovey is literally twitching himself into a snit without anything to watch and he's driving me a bit batshit. I love this man, I really do, but Spinster needs some stitchy time in the Happy Chair without having to participate in the evening's TeeVee selection and viewing! The only good thing about this is that he now knows what it feels like for me to go without needle and thread for extended periods....twitchy, indeed.

So that's the report for a Thursday, Dearies. The weekend is almost upon us, so I'm keen to hear what's on your agenda.  Something fun, I hope!

Jul 18, 2018


Slow but steady progress on Summer at Cherry Hill. I am hoping that today will be another excellent treatment time, much like Monday was. My tech positioned the needles just right, and I was in a chair that has always brought good luck, so I ran at full speed for the entire session.

No stitchy time last night, unfortunately. Lovey and I settled in for a movie called "Rememory", and I had to pay attention to the plot. I thought it was very good, and it starred one of my favorite actors...Peter Dinklage, aka Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. Lovey was not as impressed, but it occurs to me that a viewer of "Glow...the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" might not have too many legs to stand on.

Today promises to be another pretty one...sunny and breezy with low humidity. If at all possible, I hope to get out there any enjoy it this afternoon when I come home. 

That's the report for a lovely Futzingday, Dearies! I hope yours is swell and that you get to play with something that blows your skirt up!  Come tell us all about it!

Jul 17, 2018


Today was quite simply the most beautiful day...breezy and cool with low humidity and big fat puffy white clouds floating across a pretty blue sky. Mister Spinster and I just returned from playing nine holes over at Notre Dame, and I had the second best round of my life.

Aside from my old lady underpants creeping up my heiney at the very end, I was actually very comfortable out there today, and I whacked that little ball with abandon.  I scored a 53. If you are a golfer and know things, you are probably scratching your head that I would be happy with this score, but my normal is somewhere in the mid sixties...so 53 is worthy of a celebratory cookie with our Jimmy Johns tonight.

After a float in the pool, I am hoping for some stitchy time on the sectional. This is a non sports week, so poor Rich is a bit twitchy with the teevee viewing selections. I might have to give him oxygen or a sedative or...heaven forbid...intruduce him to Bravo and the Housewives.

So that's the report for a summer Tuesday, Dearies. Here's hoping that yours has been lovely and perfect in every way! Come tell me all about it!


Jul 15, 2018






Jul 14, 2018


Dear Friends:

As we near completion of the Spinster Stitcher 10 year t-shirt order fulfillment, will the following customers please return email my Aunt Tubby with the following information?

Thank you for your assistance,
B. Willlowswamp, Esq.

Please send your shirt color and size: Ms. Angela Leasure

Please send your mailing address: Ms. Sarah Godfrey, Ms. Ann Bergeron, and Ms. Debbie Hudson.

Jul 13, 2018


I've got a bad case of "all the feels" today, so am just going to put on some Adele and stitch a skirt. Sometimes you just have to run away from reality, so run I shall.

But slowly, and with a big heavy machine in tow. (😐)

The weekend is upon us, Dearies, and in these here parts it's going to be a scorcher. If you are going to be similarly affected, please stay cool and safe and hydrated, but do something fun and come tell me all about it!

Jul 12, 2018


Friends, for those of you outside the United States, here are the charges to add for shipping:

Canada: please add $20
Europe: please add $30
Austrailia: please add $40

These prices are for a large flat-rate Priority Express International envelope. This means that there will be plenty of room in said envelope if you have other goodies from the US that you would like to have included. 

For example, if you order something from the House of Stitches and would like me to go over and pick it up for you and include it with your t-shirt to save on shipping...I am happy to do so!

Likewise, if you need something from the Michaels, JoAnns, or Hobby Lobbys...shoot me your list and away I'll go!

If you're here in the US and not near those places and need items...don't be shy! I am happy to help in any way I can, and if it means shopping for stitchy goodness for you, I'm in with a grin, Dearies!

Hope this all makes sense and that you know how much I appreciate your support! As of today, there are a total of 40 t-shirts sold!  I am just tickled pink and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Damn good mugs coming next week!

Superpower items in August!


Jul 10, 2018


Just a quickie today, Dearies!

I will continue to take orders for the Spinster Stitcher t-shirt until noon EST on Friday. This will allow us the weekend to get them organized, ordered, and ready for shipping the following week.  If you placed an order via mail, can you please send me a quick email to give me a heads up so that I reserve one for you?

For those interested in a damn good mug...stay tuned! I think Mr. Spinster has come up with some fun options!

And finally...Superpower items are being sourced as I type this. Car decals, magnets, tshirts, totes.....all in the works!

Thank you so much for your support! I haven't had this much fun in quite a while!


I've created a wonderful dilemma for myself...two lovely projects that I'd like to bring out to play:
Glendon Place
Red Velvet Cake

Brenda Gervais
Summer at Cherry Hill

What's a spinster to do? Both call to me equally, amd both are in my seasonal frame of mind, and both are mounted on q-snaps and ready to go. But there are only so many hours in a day, and despite my best efforts, I have not yet spontaneously sprouted a new set of limbs (or organs, for that matter!) that would speed the process.


Jul 9, 2018



I am just plain tired this morning and hurt from head to toes.  I suspect that this is the result of the Spinster Olympics this weekend, but man o' manachevitz...I am beat!

Ten minutes to departure for D-chair time. My bag is packed and ready to go with the essentials...
(book, headphones, socks, drink, snacks)

(The neck pillow, tushie cushion, and blanket stay in their bag in the car.)

I'm hoping and praying for a quiet, pain free treatment today. Last week was a bit brutal and this here portly old gal could really use a break!

Thank you for your t-shirt orders, Dearies!  If you asked me for shipping charges, I should have them for you tomorrow after a trip to my friendly neighborhood post office!

The new week is upon us and we're off like a herd of turtles! Methinks I might sekect a new stitchy piece to play with tonight! The mood is striking me to rotate, so rotate I shall!

Here's hoping that things in your neck of the woods are wonderfully swell today. Come tell us what's blowing your skirt up!

Jul 8, 2018


No stitching yesterday, but I hope to remedy that today!

The Chicken Sisters back in their roost after a night on the town, the paper is ready for perusal, and Lovey is patiently waiting for me to get it in gear so we can go to the golfing.

Yesterday was just...wonderful. After a few cups of damn good and a bagel, we headed out to the course and played eleven holes. I was limping along for the last two, but still managed to have a great time and get some exercise. Then it was home to the pool for a float and then onto the balcony for chicken fajita burritos. After cool showers it was back to the sectional for a movie...this time it was Twelve Angry Men, which I enjoyed very much. 

Who knew one pitiful little portly spinster could have so much fun in one day?

We're going to try to have a repeat performance today, but it's going to be considerably warmer, so I better get moving so that our floating time coincides with the warmest part of the afternoon. 

Happy Sunday, Dearies! I hope you are doing something that makes your heart sing! Come tell me all about it!

Jul 6, 2018


Thirteen years ago today I drove my little blue car through the cornfields of Ligonier, Indiana to meet the first love of my life at Willowswamp Farm. He was one of three brothers born to Mr. Angus Willowswamp and Mrs. Arrowhead Headley Willowswamp Their Very Selves, and he was on sale because he was the smallest of the litter and had an overbite.

From the moment I looked at that little face and cuddled that soft little creature in my arms I knew that life would never be the same.
Oh...what an adventure we had!

Today we start a new adventure...Operation Kidney Transplant Fund. 

In commemoration of OUR ten years together (you and me, Dearies), the first item up for offer is a Spinster Stitcher 10 Year t-shirt:

This t-shirt is 100% soft spun cotton and is available in four colors:  white, light pink (as shown above), banana cream:

and powder blue:

This is a unisex cut and is available in sizes S (small) through 4XL. 

For Dearies in the United States of America, the cost is $22 each for sizes S through XL
Please add $1 for size 2XL
Please add $3 for sizes 3XL and 4XL

These prices include shipping and handling in the US.

For Dearies outside the US, the cost is $22 each for sizes S through XL plus shipping.
Please add $1 for size 2XL
Please add $3 for sizes 3XL and 4XL
If you provide me with your mailing address, I will be happy to calculate the exact shipping charges for you before payment.

Payment may be made via PayPal to paypal.me/spinsterstitcher or via check to my mailing address: Coni J Rich, 244 Toscana Blvd.; Granger, IN 46530.  

Please make sure to include your complete mailing address, quantity, color, and size preference.

Well, there you have it.  I confess that this is my very worst nightmare come true...having to talk money and beg for it on this here blog, but your kind and lovely responses to my initial pitch gave me the courage to just suck it up and get on with it.

Future items will incude a Damn Good mug, tote bags, magic blankets, and needle minders. And...to whet your appetite...here's one of the imprints we're considering:

Thank you, my very Dearies! I can't wait to get started and have something to look forward to eac day besides my chair times (both Happy and kidney)! My new staff is in place (*) and I'm dusting off my Operations Manager hat again!

(*) Meet Vice President of Shipping and Morale, Mr. Bosco Oliver Willowswamp:

Happy Friday to all! Do something fun and come tell me all about it!

Jul 5, 2018


Remember how I said that I was going to start rotating projects every Sunday night? But, I think I also said I reserve the right to stay with a piece if it's still striking my fancy.

This is still striking my fancy.

I think I might try to finish the blue area before moving on to something else, since I seem to be in a decent rhythm and can move pretty quickly through it.

Rich is due to return from New Jersey this afternoon, so there is tidying to be done, makeup to be applied, and hairs to be arranged. I always like to have things in order when he comes through the door, and if I could pull it off I'd do the potroast and pearls just like a 1954 Westinghouse ad.

Now where did I put my lipstick?

Hot and humid still in these here parts, so methinks there might be some pool time to get my exercising in. It's a bit cloudy out there today, but that just means I will have the water all to myself.

Speaking of...
My nails got spiffed up yesterday with a color called "Water Park". I like it, but can only imagine Stewey's horror at a 52-year old with blue nails. 

(Sometimes I think I do these things just to see if he will come haunt me.)

(And yes...the fact that my fingers do not match my toes is indeed a very large problem. As soon as the order arrives from the Amazon.com today, I will remedy that toot sweet.)

That's the Thursday report from the friendly confines of CS2 today, Dearies! I hope you are off to a roaring start and that whatever you do makes your heart sing!

Jul 4, 2018

Jul 2, 2018


Later this week, I am going to launch a project that I have resisted for a very long time.  As you probably figured out from my preview, I have created a Spinster Stitcher logo that is going to be imprinted on t-shirts, and I am going to sell them on this here blog.

I am also launching the Spinster Stitcher Stitchy Store, and hopefully every month or so will have a different stitchy-related item imprinted or embroidered with something fun. I'm thinking tote bags, blankets, travel mugs/sippy cups, journals, etc. 

*****Sorry to confuse...the t-shirt is the only item that will have my logo. All of the other items will have a "generic" stitchy related logo. I just wanted to do the t-shirt as a 10year thingie.******

Here's the problem...

Last year at this time I was the recipient of a level of generosity that I still have not been able to wrap my brain around. At one of the very lowest moments of my life, you all opened your hearts and pocketbooks and (quite literally) put a roof over my head.  CS2 is my home because you secured it for me. I thank God for that (and you) each and every night when I put my head down in the big girl sleigh bed.

There are funds remaining from that miracle, and they are in reserve for my eventual trip to Indianapolis for a kidney transplant, but it turns out that kidney transplants...while covered by insurance...are damned expensive. My portion of the adventure will be quite a bit, so I am doing as much as I can to prepare myself physically, emotionally, and yes...financially.

All of this is my long-winded way of asking for your forgiveness if you are in any way offended that I come to you with my hand out after I was given so much, and to tell you that all of the proceeds from the sale of items on my blog wiill go into my kidney transplant fund.

If this does offend you, please come talk to me about it. If I have completely miscalculated here and am risking ruining a 10-year relationship with you...I will scrap the whole damn thing and will find another way. 

So that's the plan, Dearies. I hope your very own Monday is off to a swell start!  Come tell me all about it!

Jun 29, 2018


Happy Friday, Dearies! Here's a little sneak peek of some fun we're going to have starting next week!

What do you think?

Here's a closeup of the imprint:


Jun 28, 2018

Jun 27, 2018


Mister Lovey left for New Jersey at the crack of dawn today, so I decided to grab a few extra minutes of sleeping time before coming here to the chair.

Apparently, Buzzy was not happy about this turn of events, because his behavior has been...vexing...for the last two hours. He and Beepy are evidently not getting along, and she is expressing her displeasure by alarming and bitching about it every six minutes.

Damn Buzzy.

Today was doctor visit day, which means the team descended on me in the chair, surrounded me with their rolly carts and laptops and proceeded to discuss my tan.  I get it. I really do. I have a lot of color. But for pitty sakes girls...we need to get it together and talk about labwork and meds and treatment plans, OK?

So I smiled and chatted and made nice and then whipped out my little notebook and grilled them until I understood everything sufficiently and they could move on to their next victim.

The good news is that I am holding my own, and despite the difficulties of dialysis, it looks like I will live to fight another day. I am to keep doing what I'm doing, dial up the protein a bit, and stay as positive as I can until a kidney comes my way.


Tonight I hope to get back to my Fancy Flag. I elected to pay attention to Lovey last night and watch the TeeVee with him rather than bury my nose in my linen. He'll be gone for about ten days, so I should have plenty of time to play.

Happy Futzingday, Dearies! I hope yours has dawned bright and swell and that the birds are tweeting sweetly in your neck of the woods. Come tell us all about it!

Jun 26, 2018


I was just so tickled to have a late Sunday night finish that allowed me to have a Monday start.  After my chair time and a long nap I fished through my WIP basket and decided to play with:

This is Star Spangled Banner by Northern Expressions Needlework. I'm doing this on a lovely piece of fabric (the count and source escapes me at the moment), with the called-for Dinky Dyes silks.

Each row/stripe/band is a different specialty stitch, and so far very fun:

Now before y'all write to me to say "Oh, dear Spinster Stitcher...I could never do such a thing!", let me tell you that if you can read a chart, you can do this. The directions and graphs are very very clear and well-written, and if you have the ability to thread a needle and go up at 1and down at 2...you're home free!

Speaking of home, my Lovey is traveling to New Jersey to see his mom and to celebrate her birthday. This means that I will be left to my own devices for a bit and should have lots of time to come up with another list of things I want to do here in the apartment to keep me occupied. I suspect that most of my time will be spent "in studio", since I have allowed things to get out of whack in there again and it's driving me a little nuts. Other than that, I think they are predicting ungodly heat and humidity for the weekend, so I would imagine my heiney will be inside in front of the TeeVee and under a fan.

(I never did well in the heat, but now that I am on dialysis it's super stupid. The minute I get overheated I lose my breath, which causes me to panic, which causes me to think I'm going to drop dead right there on the spot with laundry undone and a basket full of WIPs and then my vision goes dim and I feel like I have ginger ale in my skull and I wonder if Stewey still smells like baby shampoo and whether my mom will veto my haircut.)

And then it passes and I feel silly.

So here we are on a Tuesday morning, and all I have to do today is laundry, paperwork, and stitch. Absolutely nothing to complain about in these here parts, Dearies. How about with you?

Jun 25, 2018

FEE NEE...12:08 AM

ABC des Maisons
Jardin Prive'
32ct Jobelan in Lemonade by Colour & Cotton
DMC floss per the chart

Jun 24, 2018



See that upper right corner?

Well, that's all I have to go before this one is finished.

I am completely determined to accomplish this task TODAY so that I might select a new piece to play with next week.  Maybe something USA related, or vaguely red, white, and blue.

Nightmares continue, unfortunately, so last night I decided to counter them by thinking about stitching. I think I might like to start a rotation again, since the last few years have seen me faithful to one piece and one piece only for months and months at a time.  I was thinking that I might like to select a new project each Sunday night and stitch it during the week. I'll probably concentrate on WIPs, since I have so many going, but I do reserve the right to start something new if my fancy is struck. Maybe once a month? Or after a finish? I also reserve the right to repeat a project for a second week if I'm loving it.

What do you think, Dearies?

Yesterday was completely momentous for me. I was not feeling particularly well, but wanted to get out for some golfing with the Mister. Well, we did, and guess who played the round of her entire pitiful little life?!

I've been golfing since I was a kid, but I always s-u-c-k-e-d at it. Completely and totally. So when I gave it up about twenty years ago, I wasn't too upset about it. Playing with Mister Spinster is just a lovely way for us to spend time together, get a little exercise, and some fresh air...so when he got me out there that first time, I didn't object much.

But yesterday?

Yesterday, I was a house on fire, I tell 'ya.

Not one clue as to what I might be doing differently, but I had a wonderful time, struck the ball very well, and scored lower than I ever have. I was so completely chuffed that we came home, got cleaned up, and went BACK out for dinner and darts.


Out TWICE on a Saturday!  Right there in front of God and everybody...with mascara and lipstick just like a big girl in the fancy city.

Today I can't move my arms or legs, but that's a minor inconvenience compared to the big shiny trophy I hoisted over my head in my tiny little brain last night as I was reliving the entire experience.

(Told ya...portly spinster by day...needle wielding/coffee slurping ninja by night!)

Thank you for indulging me...my mom would be mortified that I'm bragging to you all about hitting a little ball, but she hit the damn ball like Arnold Palmer His Very Self and just giggled about it. No lie...the men at the golfing place would come out on the patio to watch her tee off. She was all of five foot four and petite (always in a cute outfit and with lipstick), and she would get up there and whack that little ball further than any man in Lima. And then she would point out a pretty bird or a geranium and head off to the next adventure.

(My mom had the propensity for making the world a better place just by being in it.)

So today has started, and I am thinking about a float in the pool, a few chores, and then some stitching out on the balcony. I am tempted to convince Lovey to play another nine holes today, but don't know if my poor body can take it.

(We'll have to see how I feel after my second cup of damn good.)

Happy Sunday, Dearies! Do something fun and well and come tell us all about it!

Jun 23, 2018


My dialysis sessions this week were brutal for some reason, but yesterday I managed to stitch for the first two hours! I was so very happy to do so, and came home for a long snoozy nap with a smile on my fat little face.

No stitching last night, unfortunately. I was just too darn woozy and just wanted to snuggle up to Mister Spinster on the sectional and watch baseball.

Yup. I'm officially a sports watcher now. When at home, it's all the sports all the time. And, if there are no sports to be had it's dopey superhero shows or classic movies. I still watch all of my bad TeeVee (sorry, Housewives and VanderPumpers), but now I do that during chair time. 

So today has dawned bright and early, with just a teeny little dialysis hangover, so after a couple cups of damn good and the execution of a few household chores, we are going to play the golfing for a bit and then go out to dinner...if my stamina level will allow.

It might have been an "off" week of very little sleep (due to nightmares of all things), but hopefully the weekend will make up for it.

Many of you have asked for updates on other areas of Spinster World. My sister is still working with IU to donate a kidney, but between me and you I am not very optimistic at this point. It's not my busy-ness to share, but let's just say...it's complicated.  So I just keep on doing what I'm supposed to and pray for a miracle.

On the house front...alas, it's almost gone I'm afraid, and will go to Sheriff's Sale in July. I have not returned and probably won't do so, because it's just too darn hard for this poor old heart to take. (I'm in the ugly cry just typing this. Can you imagine the meltdown if I actually pulled into the driveway?)  Rich is convinced that my nightmares are the result of this looming on the horizon...maybe a good topic to explore with Dr. Melfi?

OK...'nuff pondering. There are clothes to splosh, damn good to slurp, stitches to take, and golfballs to whack at today! What's on your list, Dearies? Come tell me all about it!

Jun 22, 2018


One more house and the letter E to go:

Happy Friday, Dearies!

Jun 21, 2018

Jun 20, 2018


Quiet Tuesday means lots of stitching time:

Jun 19, 2018



I'm not sure which bus hit me exactly, but hit me it sure did. I was sleepy on Sunday, but managed to rally in the afternoon to take Mister out to dinner for Father's Day, but that was the sum total of our weekend.

Yesterday, I got in the chair, got hooked up to the machine, and promptly fell asleep...hard and fitfully...for the duration. My tech woke me up, unhooked me, and I stumbled home and crawled into the big girl sleigh bed.

So here I am after a fourteen plus hour sleep, feeling a bit fuzzy around the edges and more than a little concerned that I crashed that hard. It's been a little while since I've been that out of it, so I suppose I should just relax and enjoy the rest.

Rich is off to work and I'm enjoying my second cup of damn good before planning my day. Just between us chickens...there might not be a whole lot of anything happening today, but methinks the universe will be OK with that.

The week has begun, Dearies! Come tell me all about things in your neck of the woods!

Jun 17, 2018

Jun 16, 2018


We had a lovely evening last night. I was feeling pretty darn good after chair time, so we put on our suits and headed down to the pool for a dip. It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful night...clear and warm with very low humidity. 

Today, though, has dawned hot and steamy, so the Mister and I have hunkered down with cool drinks, the US Open and the World Cup on the TeeVee and plans to just...chill. As soon as I complete a chore or two, methinks I might try to futz through my stash for a new project, or I might just tackle a few more little houses on my current piece.

Who knows where the day will take us?

I hope that your very own Saturday is equally as blissful, Dearies. If you're hot...stay cool. If you're cool...stay warm! Either way, come tell us all about it!

Jun 15, 2018


I had an errand to run on the way to chair time today, so I ended up leaving CS2 early. This resulted in some extra time before having to report, so I treated myself to a trip to the Starbucks.

Oh, what joy! What bliss!

A venti cold brew with one pump of cinnamon dolce and a splash of sweet cream.

I am in heaven, I tell ya...the perfect way to start the weekend!

Yesterday was wonderfully swell. I had a nice lunch, finished all of the laundry (and folded it and put it away thankyouverymuch), put on my sunscreen and old lady bathing costume, and went to the pool with my sister and the Jersey Boy. Then it was a healthy dinner on the balcony, some stitching and movie watching (All The President's Men), and a little pat on Stewey's box before bed.

So mission accomplished on the whole perfect day thing. Here's to trying it again today!

I hope that your very own Friday is swell, Dearies...come tell us all about it!