Dec 11, 2019

Dec 9, 2019


Dang it.

Out like a light for the whole treatment and then a big crash at the end.


But I'm home safely and in my flannel Christmas jammies, so there is absolutely nothing to complain about whatsoever.

A few big cups of damn good and everything will be swell, I promise.

So how was your day?


Here we are, Dearies....the beginning of another new week! I am in the chair doing my thing, but wishing I were home in the other chair with my magic blanket, stitching, and coloring pages.   It is dreeeeeee-ry here in Hoosierville and it would have been a perfect day to watch the rain.


Holiday Ribbons continues. I apologize to Miss LJP...all this time I have been calling it Christmas Ribbons. If you looked for it and couldn't find it...I am a boob.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was filled with stitching and coloring and sleeping and bath-taking and not much else.

Is it just me, or are the posts of stitching and decorating even more beautiful than ever? I am enjoying them very much and am in the spirit more than ever (and that's really saying something since I am Spinster Christmas 24/7 this time of year!)

Time for the headphones. The pod is unusually noisy today and I'm in the mood for a little quiet for a bit.

Happy Monday! Do something fun and come tell me all about it!

Dec 6, 2019




Happy Friday, Dearies!

I am doing my thing and enjoying the fact that it's the end of the week. My Starbucks cold brew will be the kick off to what I hope is a quiet and stitchy weekend, and hopefully the scale will reward me with a nice weight loss to report.

Yesterday must have been just what I needed, because I had a good sleep and happy dreams. Stewey made an appearance, as did my Aunt JoAnn and my Grandma Josephine. There was also an abundance of white feathers everywhere.  Wonder what that meant?

Christmas Ribbons just blows my skirt up, and this is only the border establishment portion! I can only imagine how much fun I'm going to have once I start filing in all of the little moteefs!  For those of you who contemplate canvaswork but have never tried it, I highly encourage you to jump in. It makes for a lovely change of pace and develops new skillls that you never knew you had.

So that's it foe me on a December Friday here in Hoosierville. I hope your corner of the world is making you happy today. Come tell me all about it!

Dec 5, 2019


Eight hours of stitching, four movies, a light dinner, another coat of paint on the meathooks, and now I'm off to bed. A very perfect Thursday, indeed!


Dec 4, 2019


I'm in the d-chair, but only until 12:45 today. I have one last appointment to make for the transplant protocol, and today was the only day I could schedule. But a shortened treatment is better than no treatment at all, so here I am in all my glory.

Yesterday was the perfect antidote for whatever was ailing me, but I really do need to get better about balancing my energy and activities It's just not healthy to constantly swing between comatose and Mach 5 with my hair on fire all the time.

(Yup....the dreaded "m" word again...moderation.)

OK...enough navel gazing.  It's Futzingday and there are a few feeble little snowflakes prancing around outside in Hoosierville, and I'm ready to get on with it. I've got my LJP Christmas Ribbons ready to go, my sippy cup full of iced citrus water, and my BelVita breakfast biscuit at the ready.

Bring it on, Futzingday! Bring it on!

Dec 3, 2019


Well, so much for a quiet Tuesday with nothing on the agenda, Dearies. I swear, these energy swings are simply unreal. One day I am unconscious in the big girl sleigh bed, and the next I go on a cleaning and organizing frenzy. It started with the outside storage closet and my discovery that JB had turned it into a dump-all. I did a little re-arranging after putting out the Christmas decs, and now it makes a little more sense:

Then I came inside and made the bed:

Re-arranged my nightstand:

And then went bats**t crazy and did the rest of the apartment like some kind of HGTV organizing expert in a house full of hoarders and PigPens (the Peanuts character and not the actual farm location for keeping livestock).

The "furnace" room was piled high with....stuff...and always made me very nervous. Now, not so much:

Then I did the laundry room. Is there anything happier that a back-up supply of coffee and paper towels?

Next I found a place to hang the cone thingie:

And then I cleaned out the linen closet. (The empty space may or may not be for Yankee candles organized seasonally.) (Told ya...bats**t): 

The kitchen table has been driving me crazy ever since I gave my desk to JB and started doing my planning and makeup (because the bathroom lighting is so bad and I'm old now) and bill paying:

I scored one of these carts at the Michael's for $20, and it has completely and totally changed my life in the five minutes it's been put together:

This isn't exactly ideal, but for now it will have to do. I moved that little shelf from the furnace room and now I don't have my pot lids sitting on the floor (like an animal):

Now the kitchen table actually looks like a kitchen table!

And finally, I cleaned and re-did the fridge and consolidated the Thanksgiving leftovers into a casserole for tonight:

Whew! I am officially bushed! I'm going to give myself a mani/pedi, get a little something to drink, and call it a day!

Best. Tuesday. Ever!!


Miss Sherry L was absolutely and positively correct in warning me about not setting specific goals with this whole weight loss thing. Sherry, you must know me too well, because I have done exactly what you knew I would do.

I have fallen off the wagon and entered backslide territory. rules.

Instead of having a specific date on which I want to hit a certain goal, I am going to concentrate on incremental weight milestones. And, to really motivate me (as if getting a kidney isn't reward enough), I am going to reward myself at the achievement of each goal with an item from my wish list.

(Please forgive the kilograms, but for me it's just easier to keep everything consistent with the scale at dialysis.) (But if you are really curious, one kilo equals 2.2 pounds). (Oh, and who doesn't prefer reporting their weight as 112 versus 248?!)

Yesterday's off weight was 112.4kg.

My first goal is 110kg.

I think my treat for 110 will be a 2020 Erin Condren life planner. I order one every year and enjoy and use it happily, but it seems to be a luxury and worth working for. I probably won't hit the goal until sometime in January, but keeping my dates and notes on plain paper and not in a pretty notebook might be just the little swat on the heiney I need to get back on track.

Friday off weight will still be the measure, and I'll continue to report on this here blog because I need the accountability. You should all, by the way, please consider that a huge compliment. I am so very much in love and awe of you that I don't want to let you down and fail at this thing. Your motivation and encouragement are precious, and I want to be worthy of it all!

So...110 here we come!


Dessert for JB:

Needleminders from SiggysCloset on the etsy:

Crackpot spinster Christmas trees:

Crackpot spinster fireplace:

Damn good #2...the medical one:

Snow on rooftops...almost:

Progress from yesterday on LJP Christmas Ribbons:

Agenda for the day:

Dessert for Spinster:

Nov 30, 2019


It took me all damn day, but I finally decided on two projects for my Christmas stitching basket.


For the entire basket.

(heavy sigh)

First up is a Laura J Perin canvas work piece:

I haven't worked on canvas in quite some time, so this will make for a nice change of pace.

The second is a Charlie Brown Christmas cross stitch, complete with matching project bag, accessory tote, and grime guard:

Be still my heart, right?

But tonight I am exhausted, so methinks I will just play with Hoity Toity a bit and have the official start of holiday stitching commence tomorrow afternoon when we get home from church and I've thrown a few decorations here and there.

Hope your Saturday was swell!


I was going to save that graphic for another time, but I think it's the perfect sentiment for the day. I beat myself up pretty good yesterday when I came off treatment at 112.8kg.

That's a whopping 248 pounds, Dearies.

I wallowed and self-sabotaged and bitched and moaned and complained to nobody in particular, and then I put myself to bed early and decided to call it a day.

Today is a new one, and that means that I have the great blessing of starting fresh. I can right the ship, get back on track, and adjust my course. Three lousy pounds is not going to be the sum total of my experience on this big blue marble, so I'm hitching up my socks and moving onward.

Many of you comment about my strong will and determination. I have two answers for that. One, is that this isn't about fitting into a teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, and two, I come by this bull-headedness honestly. My Grandma Loukos used to say "Connie Dough, it's a good thing you're named after your aunt and uncle, because you are a little bull head just like they are."

What can I say? I might not be the brightest or most talented or strongest or prettiest girl in the room, but I've got a head like a big block of granite and I will bang it against the wall with the best of them! My mom was all of 5'4" tall and weighed maybe 110 pounds, but she could re-arrange a room full of furniture, mow the grass, clean the house, and keep us from killing each other without smudging her lipstick.

In other words, I seem to come from a long line of little bull heads.

So now that I'm getting on with it, there is damn good to be savored and a paper and magazines to be read, and Christmas decorations to be contemplated. My to-do list is flexible, though, and if I don't make it past the paper it will still be a very good day indeed.

Happy Saturday to one and all. What are you doing to make yourself happy today? Come tell me all about it!

Nov 29, 2019


Selfie on Wednesday:
And selfie today: