Apr 25, 2024


Well Dearies, my little friend Buzzy may be leaving us soon. I spent the day in the ER with a very sore, very red, and very quiet Buzzy. He is completely clogged up, it seems, and if they are not able to revive him with angioplasty in the next few days...he might have to be removed completely. 😲

(They leave AV fistulas in place after renal transplant as a matter of course in the event that it will be needed, but if it becomes a problem (which it looks like it has), then a vascular surgeon will go in and try to fix things up.)

I realize it's completely nuts to mourn the loss of a medical device, but that fistula was my LITERAL life-line, and without it, I would not a have made it.

OK. On to more pleasant news...a finish! Here's Botanical Bee finally complete:

That's it for me today! I'll keep you posted on what happens next. In the meantime, come tell me allabout you!

Apr 23, 2024



Botanical Bee is buzzing along quite nicely, thankyouverymuch. 

See what I did there?

I haven't felt like myself in for...ever. If the source of my charm and wit used to be a cauldron of fire fueled by life's ups and downs, I suspect that the current state of affairs is being driven by age, wisdom, and the fact that Yours Truly is just...tired.


I remain insanely happy and in love with this thing of ours, and I get excited to sit down every day with iPad thingie in hand to dingdong your collective doorbells and come in for a peek at what you're up to. I used to get so many ants in my pants to run right out and find ALL THE THINGS that were in your toy boxes, but now I'm satisfied to just admire and appreciate what's on your hoops and q-snaps.

Is this what maturity is all about, Charlie Brown?

Not much new to report. BellyBean and I have been trying our damndest to behave, and we're learning to like new things like spaghetti squash and almond milk, and we've hacked our afternoon cold brew to within an inch of its life to make it as diet-friendly as possible.

Well, I'm heading into the closet to tidy and re-arrange and futz and putz about for a bit. I've left things a bit...chaotic in there, and I'm ready for it to look like an actual human person lives here rather than a fraternity of pack rats.

Happy Tuesday, Dearies!

Apr 19, 2024


It's been a long week, Friends, but I'm happy to report that progress was made on Botanical Bee:

I also managed to finish reading The Hobbit. I confess...not my usual bookish fare, but I needed a bit of escape, and Mr Bilbo was just what my tiny little brain needed! Next up will be one of the six novels in my library book bag...probably something a bit more contemporary.

Here's hoping that I can get myself back into a better/healthier/more delightful routine in the coming weeks! My horoscope says this is a time of new beginnings, so...fingers crossed!

What's new in your cozy corner of the world?


Apr 15, 2024


Thank you, Dearies, for all of the lovely birthday wishes! Can you believe I'm 58?! I'm pretty sure I have the emotional maturity of a 13-year old, so as the years keep passing by, I sometimes catch myself looking in the mirror gasping "Whoa! What just happened?!"

I had a lovely day and managed a new start:
This is Botanical Bee from Hands on Design, and I'm stitching it on a beautiful piece of 28ct fabric from Colour & Cotton called Lapis Medium with threads pulled from my stash. My progress was so tiny that I'll wait to wow you with it when there's more, but methinks this will move quickly since I do love it so.

Today has dawned bright and beautiful here in Hoosierville. I'll leave you with a pic of the pink tulips at the Grotto. Aren't they swell?
Happy Monday to you! Come tell me everything that's twirling skirts in your corner of the world!

Apr 14, 2024

Apr 2, 2024


 Daisy Chain
Carolyn Manning Designs
Colour & Cotton 28ct Ligana in Peony
DMC threads

Apr 1, 2024


First, we had to promenade down Fifth in our Easter Bonnet:

And then it was time to find my inner Ina and remember what it was like to futz about in the kitchen:

Before you have a complete cow, Betty...the plate above was for Rich. Mine was significantly scaled down:

(And no...that's not an impertinent little Merlot. It's cranberry juice.)

I am sad to report, however, that the eggs in a nest were just....eh...and will probably not make the next feasting occasion, unless I tart 'em up with cheeses and hams and vegetables.

We're Dyngasing here in Hoosierville today, which means a lot for some, but an excuse to stay inside with stitching and books and lots and lots of damn good for others (Hello, Nice to meet you. I am others.)

Not much else to report, Dearies.

Happy April! Happy Monday! Happy Everything! What are you celebrating today? Come tell me all about it!