Jan 31, 2019


This was such a joy to stitch from start to finish. I don't know if it was the fabric or the silk or the sparkle of the beads or the fact that this entire kit was a surprise gift from a dear stitchy angel friend, but I do know that it was completely wonderful.

Rich commented that I had a peaceful smile on my face every time I played with this, and that's exactly what I will remember every time I look at it...peace and happiness.

Glendon Place
Red Velvet Cake
28ct Opal from Picture This Plus
Dinky Dyes silks
Mill Hill beads

Stay warm and safe and dry today, Dearies! Do something wonderful for yourself and come tell me all about it!

Jan 30, 2019


Like the rest of the world, we are experiencing our share of weather at the moment. As I type this it is -14 degrees outside with a windchill of -44.

Tonight the actual temperature is expected to drop to -21, an official record cold for Hoosierville.

I'm happy enough to stay inside, because this means no dialysis for me today!  An unexpected mid-week break!

No stitching or beading to report.  I was a complete lump and did nothing yesterday except watch TeeVee and look at stuff on my iPad thingie. I watched Housewives and two really really awful movies and then called it a day and went to bed early.

If there were a prize for complete inertia I would have most certainly earned it yesterday.

Today I will finish my damn good, have a nice hot scrubby shower, and finish Red Velvet Cake. I have about a quarter of it yet to bead, so that should hopefully comprise about an afternoon.

So that's it for me, Dearies. If you are participating in this Polar Vortex, I hope you are warm and safe and dry. God keep you if you have to be out in it....stay safe!

Jan 29, 2019

Jan 28, 2019


The snow is coming down and I'm getting ready to head out into it to the d-chair. But before I go, here are some progress pics of the beading adventure on Red Velvet Cake:

Happy Monday, Dearies!

Jan 27, 2019


Oh, what a wonderful morning we're having here in Hoosierville!

It all started yesterday when JB Magoo asked me what I would like to do. 

"I'd like to clean the apartment to within an inch of its life, change the bed, flip the mattress, do the laundry, put the Christmas decorations away, deep clean the fridge, freezer, and pantry, organize the studio, read the paper cover to cover, finish my book, stitch, and take a nap."

And then we laughed and laughed and laughed.

I finished my second cup of damn good, sat in the Happy Chair for a minute, and then proceeded to accomplish the entire list.

(Pause for reaction.)

I had no earthly idea where all of the energy and motivation came from until Magoo pointed out that it seems like every OTHER Saturday is good. This was a little strange until it dawned on me why that is.

Every other Friday I get a big fat dose of a drug called Mycera. This is used to boost my red blood cells, because my type of kidney disease causes anemia. I used to get the Lance Armstrong drug called Aranesp, but apparently my insurance company got tired of paying $22,000 a month for it, and demanded that I go with the cheper alternative.

Anywhoose, this drug apparently makes me feel like an Amish Wonder Woman, because the taking of it seems to correspond with a day long cleaning frenzy that results in a very happy Sunday.

Which brings me to today.

I woke up to a clean apartment, had my damn good, made cinnamon rolls, and lit a new Yankee candle called Cozy by the Fire. I read the paper, got my blanket situated just right, picked up my stitching, and announced "Today is starting out to be a very good day."

For all I know the new head meds have kicked in, but I'm not going to question it. All I do know is that happy and calm and feeling well sure beats the daylights out of hurting and feeling terrified at the bottom of the well.

Beading on Red Velvet Cake has commenced! I was trying to remember the last big beading project I played with, and I think it's Vaceila/Angel of Love. I do like the beading, but I am struggling with finding a comfortable way to hold the project and negotiate the beads at the same time. Today, I might try to rig up the floor stand and sit in the recliner to see if that helps.

So that's it for me today, Dearies. It's cold and snowy and a bit blustery outside, but we are warm and safe and dry and well fed with lots of tasty leftovers. I was going to make a big pot roast today, but we are expecting significant snow tomorrow, and it occured to me that coming home to a hot meal out of the crock pot might be wonderful on a dialysis Monday.

Come tell me all about life in your corner of the world. I hope it's swell and everything you want it to be!

Jan 26, 2019


Last night was wonderful and a bit nuts.  I came home from treatment, drank two big cups of tangerine tea, made No Peek Chicken (*) for dinner, and then settled in to stitch.

I finished the stitching portion of Red Velvet Cake!

Please excuse the wrinkles, but I didn't want to waste time finding the iron and getting it all perfect before I showed you.

I'm going to put this puppy on big q-snaps later and get to beading.

After my little happy dance, I was wide awake, so I flipped on the TeeVee and got completely mesmerized by the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) championship.

Until 3am.

Let's not even try to analyze that one, shall we?

Today is cold, but the sun is shining. I am going to putz a bit...maybe do a little cleaning and cooking and un-decorating...maybe not. I'm going to let the day tell me where it wants to take me.

Maybe back to the big girl sleigh bed for a nice long nap?

So that's the report for today, Dearies. I hope your very own Saturday is wonderfully swell and that you get to do whatever makes your heart sing!

(*) No Peek Chicken isn't exactly a culinary masterpiece, but it is something my dad used to make right after mom died as a means of making sure a hot dinner was on the table. Mix two boxes of wild rice, a can of cream of chicken soup, a can of cream of mushroom soup, and a soup can full of water (or chicken broth) in a 9 x 13 baking dish. Then put four boneless skiness chicken breasts on top, sprinkle them with an envelope of Lipton Onion Soup, and cover tightly with aluminum foil. Bake at 350 for a couple of hours...depending on the size of the chicken breasts (mine were huge). Let rest for five minutes. No peeking!

Jan 25, 2019

Jan 24, 2019


I didn't get needle and thread in hand until a bit later in the evening, but did manage to make a fair amount of progress on Red Velvet Cake:

Only a few small areas to go and the stitching will be finished. Then it's on to the beading!

Today I will visit with three docs in the space of three hours. First, Dr. Melfi will help me unpack all of the stuff in my head that threw me to the ground, and then she'll help me make sense of it and put it into perspective. Then, Dr. P will examine Buzzy 2.0 and remove the surgical tape. Finally, Dr. Barbara (my very favorite family doctor who is a dead ringer for Nicole Kidman) will conduct my annual physical with soft encouragement and a few pats on my arm when I break out into the ugly cry over how completely overwhelmed I am.

Which leads me to two big decisions I made while tossing and turning in the big girl sleigh bed last night.

I have decided to put the 24/7 worry, stress, and management of my health on a shelf. For what feels like forever, I have been obsessively fretting over every single component of everything having to do with the physical functioning of myself, and I'm exhausted. The dialogue in my brain is a loop of worry. Worry about weight and blood pressure and potassium and phosphorous and my heart and lungs and whether I'm in menopause and what is that pain and am I going to pass out and when will I get a new kidney and how much is the needle going to hurt and did I remember to floss and why are my eyes so dry and how bad will my arm be scarred and is there a blood clot and when will I regain use of my left hand and why is my hair thinning and am I sleeping too much or not enough and should I be doing more exercise and why am I not losing weight anymore and ....

Somewhere along the line I got bogged down. Hard. 

I am smart and careful and compliant with all the things I should be doing. For the most part, I eat well, watch my fluid intake, and take all of my meds on time. Could I stand to lose another hundred pounds? Yes.  But obsessing about it every day has put me in a bad place and I need to pull out of it.

This doesn't mean I'm quitting dialysis.  Quite the opposite. I will still do my thing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday like a big girl, but instead of stressing myself into a stroke over what might happen, I am going to trust my team to do their thing and just...breathe.

I thought I knew how to manage this, but it turns out that living with chronic illness and ambulatory life support is actually a fluid situation...it is not a nice neat flow chart that remains in order. You have to be able to adjust yourself and adapt to what comes and understand that change doesn't always mean decline. Sometimes it just means change.

(About the only way I can describe it is that I feel like I'm driving a semi truck full of explosives up a hill. I have a map and a plan. But every now and then something blocks the road I'm on, and turning the wheel feels like I'm going to plunge off a cliff. What I haven't realized yet is that sometimes turning the wheel PREVENTS you from driving off the cliff.)

So this is me turning the wheel.

My second big decision relates to this thing of ours.

You know this facacta rotation I started in which I go back through the blog and pull all the stuff I haven't finished for that month and work on it?

Well, the only thing that did was throw me into a very sad place of remembering what my life used to be. Seeing all of the pictures of my house and Stewey and reading stories about my old life with my sister and Bosco and all of our shenanagins wasn't a happy trip down memory lane. All it did was bring the grief over losing all of that back with a vengeance. That pain is sharp still, and I really don't think I need to do that to myself...especially now.

I don't know for sure if it was the anasthesia that did it, or the accumulation of everything, or pain, or the moon, or what. But I do know that I was able to clearly see two things that certainly aren't helping me shake it off, and for that I am truly very grateful.

So today we're moving onward. I have about another hour left before I have to get it together to leave the apartment. Fortunately, I have my second cup of damn good ready and the newspaoer all ready and waiting. The blanket is keeping my toes cozy and it almost looks like the sun is trying to come out!

Thank you, Dearies, for listening to my blathering today. I hope things in your corner of the world are a lot less angst-ful than they are sometimes here in Hoosierville. If you're driving your own semi...steady on, friend! Steady on!

Jan 23, 2019




I stitched!

Last night, bolstered by a cup of tangerine tea, I hooked up my lap stand, took a deep breath, and decided that I was going to put one stitch into Red Velvet Cake or else.

It was very slow going, and first it felt very awkward, but before I knew it, I had completed another whole section!

Here's a picture of my progress:

Oh, wait. I forgot.


(Because, let's face it. Without photos, this is just a long rambling mess of drivel from a neurotic old portly broken down lunatic spinster.)

(And nobody needs very much of THAT in their life on a random Wednesday.)

I suppose it will all work itself out, but confess that the stress of not being able to use my iPad to engage with the world in this way kept me tossing and turning last night. I finally embrace technology and then it bites me in the heiney.

Today will be a day for research into how to solve the problem, but if any if you have insight that would keep me from throwing a perfectly good iPad across the room, that would be swell too. (Once again...I am able to compose a post using Blogger, but if I insert a picture of any kind I get an "Error 400...unable to publish" message if I try to save or post it. Text only seems to be working just fine.)

The big black dog (*) is still here with me, I'm afraid, but tomorrow I will visit with Dr. Melfi, the surgeon, and then my family doc for a good look-see. Between the three of them, I'm sure we'll come up with a solution...even if it's eat more kale and ramp up the morning treadmill time.

(But I'm really hoping it's more along the lines of eat more doughnuts and ramp up the stitchy time.)

Another very heartfelt thank you for visiting with me down here at the bottom of the well, Dearies. I am especially grateful for the personal notes and all of the beautiful pictures on the social medias.  (If one is going to lie flat on one's back in the cold dark mud of wallowness, it sure is nice to have sweet notes from friends to read and pretty things to look at!)


(*) Does anybody know which author used this metaphor for the d-word? I knew once, but forgot...Hemmingway? Roth?  

(It's here that I should clarify that I am in no way implying that big black dogs are in any way bad. It's just an expression that I have always used because it stuck in my little brain.)

(But I am completely terrified of big black dogs...both the actual and metaphorical kind.)

Jan 22, 2019

What is Blogger error 400, and why does it keep taunting me so?!

For some reason, I am unable to post anything to this here blog without encountering an error message. I can publish text, but anything with a picture seems to go completely awry.

Oh, bloody hells bells anyways.

Thank you for indulging my funkety funk funk, Dearies. This is a very deep dark mysterious one, since it lingers hard and is baffling even to me. I suspect that anesthesia and post-op pain meds are the culprit, and since both are now a week long gone, I imagine I will feel better soon.

Staying in the Happy Chair and not giving a flying fig is a challenge, but one that I embrace wholeheartedly and with impunity.  The not stitching thing, though, is an enormous problem, and one that I am going to remedy today.

Or else.

OK...enough. I'm here and awake, alive, and well-fed. The snow is sparkly, I've got a big fat cup of hot damn good, and a lovely winter candle all doing their respective things.  Time to sit up and get my bearings before climbing out of this well...

Crossing my fingers that this will publish...

Jan 21, 2019


Oh, my goodness, Dearies! If I don't snap out of this...whatever...I'm in, we're going to have to put me in permanent time out.

I'm miserable. And sad. And tired. And irrationally angry. 

In other words...completely not myself at all. Even Rich has commented that I seem to have been replaced with a version of myself that seems contrary to my nature...very "off" somehow and not at all interested in catering to his every whim or making the world a big fat happy chalk painting jolly holiday adventure with Bert, and the kids.

I'm blaming it on pain and anesthesia and the grinding horror of dialysis, as well as the Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse thingie that I completely missed because I had the covers pulled over my head for the better part of an entire weekend.

I haven't stitched, read, blogged, cooked, or slept well...a real recipe for spinster disaster if there ever was one.  The Christmas decorations are still up, my apartment is a filthy mess, and my laundry is in shambles. 

About the only thing I have going for me is that I'm clean and well-showered, which my techs do truly appreciate. My legs might be a bit stubbly, but at least I smell Irish Spring freash.

Now after all of that, you know that I will snap out of it and return to normal soon, but methinks I am going to enjoy a bit more of a wallow before I kick myself in the heiney. A little guilt-free pity party is not going to kill me, so give me a minute to strap on my paper hat and we'll get on with it.

Somebody pass me the cake and a really big fork.

Jan 20, 2019


If I can, I'm going to try to get needle and thread back in hand today.

Pray for me...I'm going in!

Jan 19, 2019


I am going to enjoy some quiet recovery today, Dearies. Yesterday took everything out of Yours Truly, so today will be full of a whole lot of nothing.


Jan 18, 2019


Well, Dearies, I am in the d-chair and hooked up to the machine. There is really no way for me to tell you what the needle insertion was like, but I can honestly tell you I am surprised, glad, and relieved that I survived it.


It was as bad as I imagined.

My team surrounded me and Miss Lori actually cried right along with me, which was oddly comforting somehow. Even the poor maintenance guy took pity on me and stopped vacuuming the rug outside my pod while they were working. (i swear I saw him bow his head in prayer, but that could be the Tramadol talking.)

Now that the trauma is over, I'm going to settle in with my goofy juice, my breakfast cookies, and Flosstube. I am not going to fret about another thing today...I'm all fretted out.

No plans for the weekend. We are anticipating weather, so that means I will hunker down with something in the crock pot and Netflix. If I can, I will stitch, but my poor arm might need a little more time before that can happen.

Thank you for your love and encouragement. Hopefully this will become a distant memory soon and we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Hope your weekend is wonderful! Stay warm and safe and dry and stitch all the things! 

Jan 17, 2019


I'm not sure if it's the pain or the meds or the grey skies here in Hoosierville, but I am decidedly...blue today.  Well, the only remedy I know for that is a nice long snooze in the big gurl sleigh bed, so off I go.

Night, night, Dearies!

Jan 16, 2019

Holey. Schmoley.

This one has knocked me for a loop, Dearies, and methinks it is going to be a fair bit of time before I am back to myself. Dr. Peterson, my surgeon, was able to salvage Buzzy, but it involved quite a bit of revision and a much bigger incision than before. It's a little too gruesome to share with you here, but suffice it to say I won't be showing my arms anytime soon.

The pain is rather extreme, and despite the meds on board I find myself getting hits with waves of wanting to pass out and tumble gracefully to the fainting couch. (Or in my case, face first into the Happy Chair while a horrified Magoo looks on helplessly.)

Even though it's Wednesday, I am not in the d-chair. Given the level of pain and swelling, all parties involved felt it better to skip a treatment and go in on Friday. Poor Lori is going to have to try to find two new spots to stick me, since the old ones are right in the midst of the "construction zone" and won't be ready for another four to six weeks.

(If they are unable to use my arm at all, they will install a temporary port in my neck, but this is not a route we want to go down...too high a risk for infection, especially for somebody on the dosage of immunosuppressants I'm on.)

OK...enough of this. 

We are expecting weather here, apparently, so I am writing a grocery list for Rich. If these were the old days, I could look forward to hunkering down for a week with nowhere to go and nothing to do, but alas...d-chair time is a must.


I'm going to spend the day moving between the Happy Chair and the big girl sleigh bed, Dearies. I don't imagine there will be a lot of stitching happening, but if there is I will be sure to update you accordingly.

Jan 15, 2019


Surgery today.

Home safely.

I want my mommie.

Jan 14, 2019


I ended up doing more than I anticipated yesterday, thanks to the permission to do absolutely nothing. Maybe that's the secret...tell myself that I have absolutely nothing to do and can just sit on my heiney all day. Whenever I do this, I seem to naturally putz through at least five or six things.

Yesterday it was laundry and bed changing and organizing at my desk.

I did a little stitching on Winter Quakers:

It was very slow going for some reason, but I did finish the moteef in the upper right corner. That puts me at a little over half way done with this one, so I am pretty happy with that.

Time to leave for dialysis, so I suppose I better get moving. It is a cold eleven degrees outside, so I need to bundle up and get the car cleaned off and warmed up before heading that way.

Happy Monday, Dearies! I hope your day is wonderfully swell! Come tell me all about it!

Jan 13, 2019


The sum total of what I accomplished yesterday can be summarized thusly:
For the life of me, I couldn't find an empty jar to collect my 2018 orts. This caused the usual panic, tantrum, and frantic internet search before I finally decided to combine two years, thus leaving an empty for my purposes. 

With these babies now empty, I can start stuffing the little piles of snips I've been piling since the first and put them in their rightful place.

Once that job was finished, my heiney hit the Happy Chair and I didn't move until it was time to hit the big girl sleigh bed.

Shameful, I know, but I just wanted to have a do-nothing Saturday. Today I'll do the laundry, I promise, but I am negotiating with myself over all of the other things on my to-do list. Nothing is critical, and I am still really truly enjoying my lights and such, so can't I leave them up just a few days more?

What's that you say?

Another do-nothing day?!

Oh...thank you, Dearies! I just knew you would give me permission to rest, relax, and enjoy! 

I hereby am doing the same for you...wherever you are or whatever is on your to-do list, I think you should abandon it and join me in a do-nothing Sunday!

(Unless, of course, your to-do list has important stuff on it that would be a matter of life and death should you ignore it. In that case, I highly encourage you to carry on. The rest of us will keep your seat warm while we wait for your return.)

So I'm off to a do-nothing Sunday, armed with a cup of damn good, the paper, some stitchy goodness, and maybe a cinnamon roll or two for sustenance.


Jan 12, 2019


Don't ask me how I did it, but I somehow managed to stitch almost the entire five hours in the d-chair yesterday while listening to Flosstube in my headphones! I don't know if it was the different location in a different pod, or the way the needles went in, or maybe it was just my day.

But I'm not going to question it.

I stopped for my end of week Starbucks treat and tried the Cinnamon Shortbread Latte (with an extra shot). Delicious, and kept me awake and alert to stitch some more until bed time.

So all in all a very happy, very stitchy, very peaceful Friday indeed!

Now let's see what we can do about today, shall we? There is laundry and cleaning and Christmas decoration de-decorating to do. I am having surgery on Tuesday of next week, so I really would like to go into it with things tidy, clean, quiet, and orderly, so all I have to do is relax and recover.

But it is cold and grey outside, and I sure wouldn't mind another day of stitching on Red Velvet Cake. Hmmmmm....I wonder which little voice in my head will win?

Jan 11, 2019


Finally! I feel like I accomplished a major goal...stay in jams and stitch for an entire day! Mission accomplished!

First up was Red Velvet Cake:

And then I finally decided on a stitch for the border of Big Red Sunflower (after sixteen years!):

The black squares are ultrasuade patches the are sewn on with black DMC.

When I get the border finished I'm going to add black shiny beads randomly around the center and then get this to the framer! This will hang in the bedroom and will really look cool now that I have boack and white buffalo check on the bed.

Tme to get ready for the d-chair, Dearies! It's Friday, so I hope this means we're off to a good start to the weekend!

Jan 10, 2019


Well, hello there Dearies!

I feel like I have been brought back from the hinterlands of cyber solitude or something. That iPad crash was...disconcerting...to say the least! Fortunately, the nice young geniuses at the Apple Store were able to help a spinster out, and I think I am back up and running.

(No clue what the problem was....and I did all the right things in trying to restore, but hopefully after a full on factory reset I won't have to do that again.)

(But I have started saving my pennies for a new iPad thingie, since this poor little guy is quite old and seemingly on his last legs.)

Today is Thursday, which means I am in the Happy Chair and ready for some bliss.  I have all of the ingredients in place...

A cozy view of Christmas lights and the little fake fireplace:

The second cup of damn good and a clearance rack Yankee candle burning away:

The morning paper to read and The Chicken Sisters for company:

And a big basket full of stitching to play with all day:

Speaking of stitching...not much has been accomplished in the last few days, but I will remedy that today for sure. I'm hankering for a new start, but am determined to stay with my facacta rotation a bit longer, since even I think ten days in is a little too soon to abandon ship.

We finally got a bit of snow in these here parts, so I am going to enjoy every single flake of it from the friendly confines. Tomorrow when I have to venture out into it, I might not love it as much, but for now...bliss.

Happy Thursday, Dearies! I hope you, too, are warm and safe and dry and that you get to do everything your heart desires today. Come tell me all about it!

Jan 8, 2019


My iPad thingie crashed during dialysis yesterday and I am heading to the Apple store. Oh dear...I am vaclempt!

Funny how a spinster who eschewed technology for so long has become so completely dependent upon it.

Story of my life...irony.

Fingers crossed, Dearies!

Jan 7, 2019


I did have a completely restful day yesterday, but I am one tired spinster this morning! I'm really hoping my damn good kicks in soon, because I need to get myself moving and ready for d-chair time.

Just a little progress on Red Velvet Cake, but progress nonetheless:

I might try to make this a focus piece, because there is only one corner left to complete and then I can attach beads and get it to the framer. We'll see...

Here's hoping our week is happy, healthy, and fruitful, Dearies! Happy Monday!

Jan 6, 2019


(Raise your hand if you saw THAT coming.)

Yup...full on runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, sniffling, head and body ache kinda soupy mess cold, right here in Spinster City.

(I swear, if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.)

But, on a happy note, this gives me the perfect excuse to stay right where I am...in the Happy Chair wearing Christmas jammies...for the duration. No cleaning or cooking or laundry or galavanting, Just the Sunday paper, lots of stitchy bags, my magic blanket, and some hot tea.

Jimminy, you'd almost think I planned it that way.

(Pause for pondering.)


I'd much rather be up and about and able to bend over without my sinuses coming out of my ears.

A little stitchy progress on Come Tarry from yesterday:
I filled in the little hill on the right.

Not sure what will be on the stitching menu for today...I might play with Nova a bit more or fish through my January basket and see what else strikes my fancy. Who knows? Maybe a little on each!

Happy Sunday, Dearies! I hope you are warm and safe and dry in your corner of the world and that your fancies are well struck today! Come tell me all about it!

Jan 5, 2019


Magoo and I headed out to the outdoor hockey game this afternoon into the lovely sunshine...

Thanks to a parking pass (and my handicapped tag)we parked right outside the door! This might seem insignificant to most, but this is quite literally the closest I have ever parked to the stadium in over thirty years.


I celebrated the parking spot for a good fifteen minutes before Magoo told me we had to get out of the car.

Once out of the car, we went to the Snite Museum of Art to visit with my friend Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh is one of those people that you can not see for a little while, and then when you do see him, it's like you just saw him yesterday.  He is, quite possibly, the most interesting man I have ever met...interested and knowledgeable about so many different things. I learn something new and have a good laugh every time I see him.

We got our hot dogs and headed in to find our seats...
Not bad, but Rich was convinced that we could meander over a few sections to get a better view.

So we did.

The Irish didn't win, unfortunately, but it was a lot of fun to go to the stadium for a hockey game.

On our way out of the stadium I spied someone from my very very distant past and said hello and caught up with him for a few minutes, and then it was back to the golden parking spot for the short ride home.

Rich did tease me, though, since he said that I batted my eyelashes and chattered like a circus monkey so much with both Kavanaugh and Ryan that I must be utterly exhausted.

What can I say?

The old girl's still got it after all!

Now it's on to a little stitching before bed, Dearies. I hope your day was equally as wonderful! Come tell me all about it!


The fog has almost lifted, and in a few minutes I'm going to get my act together and head over to campus for a hockey game in the stadium.  They installed an outdoor rink there for an NHL game on New Year's Eve,  and today it will be my Irish taking on Michigan.

I didn't stitch last night, but did work on Winter Quakers in the d-chair a bit:
Please forgive me if I don't take it off the q-snaps for you, Dearies. I had such a struggle to get it on there in the first place that I think I had better leave well enough alone.  Suffice it to say...the bottom half is complete.

Other than that, it is quiet and happy here today. The sun is shining and it's going to be about 50 degrees outside, so I am really looking forward to getting out and enjoying some fresh air.

I hope your day is practically perfect in every way! Come tell me all about it!

Jan 4, 2019


Thanks to some very eagle-eyed stitchers, I discovered that I forgot an area of the border on Holiday Farm. Eureka! A perfect place to stitch the date:

Come Tarry is a much better home piece than it is for the d-chair, so out it came last night:

I wanted grey nails for January, but ended up with sparkly snowy nails instead:
(The toes, though, are decidedly grey thankyouverymuch.)

We're off like a herd of turtles, Dearies! The sun is shining on Hoosierville and I'm looking forward to a weekend!

How about you?

Jan 3, 2019


Not a thing to do today, Dearies! I am going to take advantage of it and stay in my pajamas and stitch. All. Darn. Day.

I did not get to enjoy any stitchy time yesterday after d-chair time, unfortunately. I had a mini crash at the very end of treatment that left me wiped out, a bit woozy, and ready for bed at 8:30.

But today is a new day, and I am well rested and just falling into my second cup of damn good. I'm going to read the paper and contemplate a healthy breakfast and then it's back to the Happy Chair for the duration.

What's on your agenda for the day? Come tell me all about it!

Jan 2, 2019


Here we are on the first Futzingday of the year. I was sitting here in the d-chair wrestling with Come Tarry when I thought to myself..."Gee, this sure is being futzy today!" when it occured to me that it is, after all, the perfect day for it to be so.

I suspect that part of the problem is that I made a few counting errors when I installed the outlines of the hills, so everything after that is off too. So I frogged a bit and put the river in, so now we'll see if that does the trick.

Last night was quiet and a wonderful start on Nova:

This one will be a long term piece, that much I know for sure. It was nice to play with canvas again, and especially nice to use all DMC and Anchor floss. Easy peasy!  

I know that I'm not the only one thinking that today is Monday. The holidays seem to have thrown all of us into a bit of tizzy in these here parts. My pod mates and I keep thinking it's Monday and that we should be doing our weekly labs, but those were done on Sunday. Which was really a Monday.

Good grief!

So any way you look at it, we're off to a good start! I guess it's too late for me to make New Year's resolutions (she says cheekily), but we're going to pretend that I have strictly adhered to them for a full day and a half (a new Spinster record!) and leave it at that.

Happy Futzingday, Dearies! I hope it's just the right amount of futzy for you and that your skirts (or pant legs) are blowing right up!

Jan 1, 2019


Happy New Year, Dearies!  I hope this finds you happy, healthy, warm and safe and dry and doing all of the things you love to do.

At exactly 11:45 last night I finished Prairie Moon's Holiday Farm!
I think I stitched this on the called for linen with all of the called for threads, and that I started this sometime around 2005 or 2006. If all goes according to plan, I will take this to the Hobby Lobby for a mat and a frame.

Well, I sat down in the cube room studio this afternoon and gathered all of the pieces for the Official Spinster Stitcher January Stitchy Reunion basket. Basically, I went through this here blog and wrote a list of everything I was stitching in January from 2009 to 2018 and pulled anything that was not completed yet.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I actually finished more than I thought I did!  Here are the things that remained unfinished:

Everything finished!

BRD It's Cold Outside

Big Red Sunflower

Everything finished!

Everything finished!

Shepherd's Bush Come Tarry

Richfield Designs needlepoint floral

The Drawn Thread Love & Wisdom

Everything finished!

Everything finished!

PS Alphabets

RM Winter Quakers

PS January

GP Red Velvet Cake

WM class

After all of that, I decided that nothng on the list really blows my skirt up, so I decided on a new start.

(OK...go ahead. You know you want to. Roll those eyes right up to heaven and say you told me so.)

I'm going to give this a go:

I was also a little fidgety, so I organized my needle minder collection:

And put my Ginghers next to my stitchy chair and switched out my stitchy tool box:

It's 6:30, Dearies, so I had better get my heiney in gear or the first day of the new year will pass without me putting a needle in my hand...yikes!

We're off to a good start! I hope the year ahead blesses us with all good things! Come tell me all about your wishes and what's in your stitchy basket!