Sep 20, 2017

Sep 19, 2017


Six month checkup and cleaning today!  My teeth are about the only thing not falling apart on me, so I suppose I should take good care of them.

(And it's a requirement of the transplant protocol!)

Here's a little update on Red Velvet Cake:
I am still loving every minute of this.  Do you remember the days when I used to flit from project to project like a three hundred pound hummingbird?  Now it's one project for months and months at a time.

Hmmmm.  Wonder what's up with that?!

Grocery guild tonight!  I am really looking forward to seeing my stitchy compatriots and catching up on all of the latest news!

Happy, happy Tuesday Dearies!

Sep 18, 2017

Sep 15, 2017

Sep 10, 2017


I replaced the center medallion of Red Velvet Cake and re-started a bit if the next moteef:

Watching the storm coverage and sending prayers for everybody in its path here in the US.  If you are warm and safe and dry today, I hope you stay that way!

Sep 8, 2017

Sep 7, 2017


I managed to remove all of the incorrect stitches last night while watching a documentary on The Notorious Biggie Smalls.

(Can I just state once and for all and for the record in perpetuity that I am, without doubt, the UNhipest spinster on the planet?)

There are entire worlds of culture that are completely forgeign to me because I have somehow managed to remain a Barry Manilow girl in a Tupak Shakur world.  Entire generations have passed me by without a second thought as to the signifigance of their likes and dislikes...hopes and dreams...achievements and failures.

In short...I have become one of the old man Muppets in the balcony of the theater griping about kids these days and their crazy shows.

And so we return to the land of Make Believe, or what I like to call the happy quiet life of a happy quiet spinster.

(Who still, by the way, loves her some Barry Manilow.)

I'll smoosh the linen back into place later, but here is the piece as it stands today:

Off to appointments and then the grocery today.  I didn't go yesterday because I just didn't feel up to it, but the fridge is looking rather bare so it's time to pull my socks up and go.

Happy Thursday, Dearies.  Do something fun and come tell me all about it!

Sep 6, 2017


My day turned out to be a little unexpected yesterday, so I didn't ever make it to the Happy Chair or to the de-stitching of Red Velvet Cake.  Today, though, I am determined to do so despite not following any sort of plan that I had previously concocted whatsoever at all.

I do find it totally hilarious that the prospect of removing all of that work has not sent me round the bend in the least little bit.  A sign of maturity?  Or maybe the memory of the hours of watching hunky dunks has acted as kind of a sedative.

Hmmmmm.  I might be on to something.

But I do think I need to re-tailor my stitchy time more appropriately to watch/listen to stuff I've already seen when stitching something that requires concentration.  THAT is the sign of maturity right there, I suppose.  Not being able to multi-task like I used to!

After a good hot scrubby shower I am off to the grocery armed with nothing but my wits and a Starbucks for company!  Here's hoping that your corner of the world is equally as stimulating!

Sep 5, 2017


OK. Confession time.

As you know, I started Red Velvet Cake over the weekend and (thanks to Miss Lori) discovered that I made a huge mistake and would now need to frog the entire darn tootin thing today.

But you know what?

I am not at all upset about this, because the mistake was made because I was completely distracted.

At first, I thought that my mind was pre-occupied with memories of my Little:
I have been thinking about him so much lately and wishing he were here.

Then I thought that maybe I was caught in a loop of Jeffrey Dean Morgan proportions:
"Hi, I'm Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  I don't know it yet, but some day soon I will be Mr. Spinster Stitcher."

"Oh...that Spinster Stitcher.  She just cracks me up."

But no.  

Methinks there might be another reason for my total distractedness.  The reason why I was able to stitch an entire section of a piece completely wrong, be shown the error of my ways, and then just shrug, sigh, and go to bed and sleep peacefully well.


How the heck did I go this long without a little of THIS in my life?!

For those of you that live under the same big fat moss-covered rock that I new boyfriend's name is Jamie Fraser.  He's an 18th century Scottsman who lives in the Highlands, wears a kilt, and is waiting for me.

See?  Don't his eyes positively scream "Come hither, fair Spinster.  My steed and handsomeness await ye."?

Jeffrey, of course, is completely understanding and will happily wait right here for me until I return.  He's a modern man and accepts the idea of his wife having an affair of the heart every now and then.

After all...he's had to share me with this handsome little fellow for quite a while now:

Fortunately, my heart is big enough for all three of them, and due to circumstances they are not likely to ever be in the same place at the same time.  Between 1700's Scotland, present day Hoosierville, and wherever it is that Stewey has gotten himself off to, I think I'm safe for now. needlework is not and must be attended to forthwith.  I am going to give it my undivided attention this afternoon and then we'll see about getting it re-started on the right track later this evening.

So that's it for now.  Just a hapless smitten spinster and her seam ripper today, Dearies.  Hope your corner of the world is happy and peaceful and full of all of the things that make your heart go pitty pat!


Thanks to the eagle eye of Miss Lori, all of this will be coming out tomorrow:
See the mistake?

When I made a copy of the chart I didn't eliminate the overlap. 



Phooey. freaking cool is it that a fellow stitcher was willing to help me save myself from disaster?

Thank you again, dear Miss Lori!

Sep 4, 2017


Red Velvet Cake.

By Cheryl Granda of Glendon Place fame.

I'm stitching this on the called-for 28ct Opal fabric from Picture This Plus in 2/2 with Dinky Dyes silks.

I was inspired to stitch this by a piece that a fellow stitcher had finished and framed at the House of Stitches.  And then...just to make it even sweeter...when I went to collect the kit, I discovered that it had been gifted to me by another fellow stitcher!

There are several different patterns in this series, but this one struck my fancy the most.  I am, though, having so much fun stitching it that I might consider the others!

If you're celebrating such...Happy Labor Day.  I had contemplated a pool weekend, but so far I haven't made it out if the big girl sleigh bed or Happy Chair.  I seem to be perfectly happy frittering the days away with Claire and Jamie and iced tea and stitching for company!

Dale M asked about Stewey's place here at CS2.
He's on my nightstand with a pumpkin so that he can watch over me as I sleep.  I still pat his picture every night and  say the same thing I did when he was here..."Night night, my little Prince.  Mommie loves you.  You have good sweet puppy dreams and I'll see you in the morning."

Damn, I miss that little dog.

Puzzles and a second cup of coffee await.  I'm getting a late start today, but figure that's exactly what a holiday Monday is for...right?

Sep 2, 2017


Needle Delights Originals
18ct mono canvas
Caron Watercolours, Vineyard Silks, Caron Waterlilies, Kreinik #12

I had some questions about the stitching mechanics of this piece.  This is called counted canvas work, and you begin with a blank piece of canvas and build the design based on a chart.  In this case, each little block is charted out with the stitch diagram as well as the thread that is to be used.  The directions are very clear and the individual blocks are well charted, so if you are thinking about doing this piece as a beginner you shouldn't have any problems.

One tip that I used (from Miss Joyce in Library Guild) was to copy the chart and separate the little blocks so that they could be attached to the canvas (as opposed to the whole sheet) for easier stitching:

I'm not sure what's next, but am happy to count this as another finish for the year!  


Two more rows until a Poppers happy dance!  I'm sure that this will happen sometime this afternoon...I have plans to enjoy a quiet stitchy day today right after I accomplish a few chores.
Still enjoying Outlander.  Thanks for the book rec...I might have to jump in to reading them later this Fall.  For now, though, I am mid-way through The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy.

My kidney appointment went very well...numbers are all stable and I am holding my own it would seem.  I will continue to limp along until things become too dangerous to do so, and then I will either start dialysis or head to Indianapolis.  I've cleared all of the hurdles on my we just need to get my sister through the process.  In the meantime, though, I am learning how to be a patient patient and just following orders and being very thankful I am here to complain about it all. 😬

Stewey has been in my dreams almost every night this week.  I have only had a few little meltdowns missing him, but I understand now that they will hit me in waves or at unexpected times.  I wonder what he would have thought of the new place and whether or not he would have vetoed the placement of the Happy Chair.  I think he would have been OK with the overall scheme, but know that he would probably miss watching his birds and squirrels and deer and racoons at the feeders.  I have a collection of photos of him ready to frame...maybe it's time to get that done!

Kind of rambly today, Dearies.  Sorry about that, but writing this here blog is the equivalent of a visit and cup of coffee with you, I think.  My Grandma Loukos had a lady friend (named either Pearl or Opal, I can't remember), and they would chat on the phone each day and share the news.  I can still see Grandma standing in the kitchen in her housecoat and slippers with her coffee cup and the phone to her ear chatting about this and that while the world went by.

OK...back to reality.  The families across the courtyard are getting their days started.  I can hear one mom hollering at her little ones in Mandarin and another in Spanish.  It's really funny when both families meet up in the yard below to play "baseball".  The moms try to coach and teach the little ones what to do with lots of hand gestures and yelling, and the kids all huddle together and giggle.

One last pool day tomorrow.  It's a little cool for it today, but tomorrow promises to be almost 80.  I have scoped out the fitness center here in the complex and have also looked at a beautiful place just a mile or so away that has an indoor pool for the winter.  With a doctor's rec and my insurance discount, the monthly fees will be very manageable and I will be able to continue my floating, so that is a very happy thing indeed!  I am also contemplating taking some yoga (!) classes at the place just downstairs!

I'm telling the time this thing is over you aren't going to recognize me!

September nails are ready.  This is kind of a coppery redish brown color called "Hand Fired".  

Gee, I guess that just about covers it!  I hope your own little corner of the world is peaceful and a lot more interesting!  Come tell me all about your shenanagins!

Sep 1, 2017


So here we are on September 1 already!  I know that everybody says it, but where has this year gone already?!

In an effort to get back into routine, I have decided that it's time to start taking better care of the small stuff.  Like making the bed each day.  And drinking more water.  And being better about taking care of my poor old dried out skin.

When I went to the Targets yesterday to pick up a prescription, I grabbed this:

The price was after I used my $5 gift you can't beat that, right?  I applied a thick layer last night before bedtime and have to say that thus far I am pretty happy with the results.  I know that it's probably not the best lotion on the planet, steps.

I started binge-watching Outlander last night in anticipation of the Season Three premiere on September 10.  I made it through the first three episodes...only twenty-six more to go!

Poppers is coming along...only three more rows and it will be finished!

So that's the Friday report from the friendly confines of the Happy Chair, my Dearies.  I have a haircut appointment at 1:15 and then it's off to the grocery for a few provisions for the long holiday weekend.  Nothing special on the menu...I still don't have an appetite to speak of, but maybe something good will strike my fancy!

Hope your Friday is perfectly perfect in every way!