Sep 4, 2017


Red Velvet Cake.

By Cheryl Granda of Glendon Place fame.

I'm stitching this on the called-for 28ct Opal fabric from Picture This Plus in 2/2 with Dinky Dyes silks.

I was inspired to stitch this by a piece that a fellow stitcher had finished and framed at the House of Stitches.  And then...just to make it even sweeter...when I went to collect the kit, I discovered that it had been gifted to me by another fellow stitcher!

There are several different patterns in this series, but this one struck my fancy the most.  I am, though, having so much fun stitching it that I might consider the others!

If you're celebrating such...Happy Labor Day.  I had contemplated a pool weekend, but so far I haven't made it out if the big girl sleigh bed or Happy Chair.  I seem to be perfectly happy frittering the days away with Claire and Jamie and iced tea and stitching for company!

Dale M asked about Stewey's place here at CS2.
He's on my nightstand with a pumpkin so that he can watch over me as I sleep.  I still pat his picture every night and  say the same thing I did when he was here..."Night night, my little Prince.  Mommie loves you.  You have good sweet puppy dreams and I'll see you in the morning."

Damn, I miss that little dog.

Puzzles and a second cup of coffee await.  I'm getting a late start today, but figure that's exactly what a holiday Monday is for...right?


  1. Coni, I love Stewey's place of honor! I'm also stitching a Glendon Place dessert series piece, but can't remember the name as it was set aside a couple of years ago and other projects keep beating it out for importance!! It's all in purples and so pretty. Enjoy your Labor Day!

    1. Plum Pudding...a beautiful lo-cal work of art.

    2. Thanks, Ginger! I finally found it so found the name. Makes want to pick it up again right now!

  2. I am watching this one with particular interest. I have a couple of her designs in the "to-do sooner than later"bucket. They seem really detailed. Enjoy a nice slow day.

  3. I am intrigued by this dessert series you mentioned, so will investigate shortly. You are off to a good start, Coni. What a lovely spot you have given Stewey!

  4. I love Stewey's place on your nightstand along with the pumpkin.
    Very ambitious piece but I am sure you are up to the challenge. I loved your Poppers' piece as well.

  5. Coni,
    I think we all miss Stewey :+{. Precious little guy. My mouth is watering at the thought of your dessert choice. :+} Poppers turned out lovely. I hope you get it framed. Enjoy the rest of your day.

    Sandra in Texas

  6. Red Velvet Cake - Just the sort of challenge you are up to...beautiful. That picture of Stewey shows all the lovability of his expression. So special and a lovely tribute to him.

  7. Ouch. I tried to turn a cartwheel, because (do not stop to catch breath) we were gone all day visiting mom and dad and I had to feed HRH Prince Bellabear first and then get into comfy PJ's and then fire up the laptop to see what was new with you and there it was - the beloved carb. (Ok, take a breath.) I failed to successfully turn the cartwheel but what should I expect at my age and degree of fluffiness???

    I love it - you are off to a wonderful start on the Red Velvet Cake, which kinds of blends right into my day. I should have known. I took along all thefixings for strawberry shortcake to celebrate my mom's birthday, and I come home to even better cake. Love, love, love your stitching on this.

    And little Stewie, awww, I keep Andrew and Christie where they always loved to be too, very close by our bed, too. But a bit more "encased" because of the Bellabear. Cats are basically jerks, and he would take the opportunity to knock something important off of a shelf or dresser or table. (I am a crazy cat lady, but I stand my declaration that cats are jerks.)

    So, it was indeed out of bed at the unreasonable hour of 9am, to be out the door about 10 and off to mom and dad's for a day of playing cards, snacking, watching golf and chatting. This was all done at the same time. We have mastered multi-tasking. Mom and I trounced the boys at cards. It was a good day. Not stitchy, but a good day.

    Hope the rest of your day has been relaxing and very pleasant.
    Sweet dreams tonight.

    Prayers continue......

  8. A photogenic handsome fellow he was. We miss him too.

  9. So happy to see Stewey is keeping an eye on you :) And I love your new start and am really looking forward to seeing your progress on it!

  10. Stewey is so darn cute! I miss him. HIs spot by your bed is perfect. I look forward to watching Red Velvet progress. It's very pretty.