Sep 14, 2017


A little more progress on Red Velvet Cake:

The mail brought a happy package.  I purchased a needle minder of the design from Glendon Place and it arrived!  Doesn't it look swell with the cup of coffee?  Makes me want to go out for dessert!

Another quiet day today.  It's foggy and cool and I am missing my fireplace and You Know Who toasting his little buns in front of it.  I was thinking about him this morning...wondering what his assessment of events would be.  I know that he would highly approve of Manfriend's eye for fashion and his good head of hair, but I suspect that there would be a fight over the evening's TeeVee selections.  

Stewey: I see that there is a stimulating documentary on PBS this evening about the effects of...on...vis a vis...and how it relates to... Perhaps we should have a sherry, view it, and then engage in a lively discussion afterwards.

Manfriend: We're watching NCIS.

Stewey: Very well, but before we do, I insist that you try a little of this pate' that I had my valet procure for us from the specialty market.  It's sublime.

Manfriend:  Tastes like chicken.

Stewey: Aaahhh, a discerning pallette, I see.  It is indeed chicken.  Chicken liver pate'.  Here...try it with the sherry.

Manfriend: Tastes like cough syrup.

Stewey: I'll have you know, my good man that this vintage has been in my family for generations.  You, Sir, are a Philistine.

With that, I'm pretty sure that my Little would jump up onto the ottoman, tap me on the forehead, and then give me his list of reasons why I should remain a lonely broken down old spinster rather than a giddy lovestruck portly middle aged floozy.

And then he probably would have watered Manfriend's luggage.

The truth, though, is that I think the two of them would have been just fine together.  Rich has had his share of animal companions in his life, and Stewey would have loved the company of another living person who could empathize with having to put up with me. 

Fast friends, indeed.

So that's the report for the day, Dearies.  We're hurtling headling toward the weekend.  Appointments tomorrow, and then I am hoping for a stitchy, pool, football day on Saturday!  We'll see what develops.

Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. Hi Coni,
    Loving the progress on the carbs, and I must say that cuppa is yelling, I say, screaming at me to acquire it. Yes, the carb one is lovely as well. All the best with the appointments tomorrow, hopeful all news will be good.
    Jersey Boy is an NCIS fan? One more item in the plus column. However, last evening I eschewed the network shows in favor of a relationship with On Demand to complete my viewing of season one of that pornographic series, thinly veiled as a romantic period drama, Outlander. My, my, my. Addictive. The list of "he could have me" has been expanded. It is solace in a world without fresh episodes of Downton Abbey, and a huge wait for more GOT.
    Today's fun - finding the supply of place cards I have somewhere, most likely with the stationary stash, to prepare for Sunday brunch with No. 1 son's future in-laws. They are delightful people, and it should be a great day.
    I eagerly anticipate updated photos of your carb project. Meanwhile, wishing you a great day and lots of joy....

    Prayers continue.

  2. Ha! Welcome back our beloved Stewey !! Still true to form.
    However, I can see a meeting of the minds between he and Rich in favor of sharing Madame's fascinating company. Hope your appointments go well and your day even better.

  3. I'm sorry you're missing his Lordship. You put out what I would expect to hear from him. I'm so happy that your every day is taking a positive turn. Hope the appointments go fabulistic! Sending love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  4. Hope you have a pleasant day, Coni! Enjoy your stitching, your coffee, and the Jersey Boy!

  5. It's so nice that you've channeled Stewey today! Even from over the Rainbow Bridge he cracks me up.

  6. I'm so glad to hear from Stewey! Good luck on your appointments!

  7. A stitchy-pool-football day on Saturday sounds delightful! I love reading your happiness with the Manfriend. You deserve it.

  8. Hi Coni! Good to hear thoughts from Stewey! I have a feeling that he and your Manfriend would've clicked, become the best of friends, and Manfriend would be donning a smoking jacket before too long.
    Good luck with tomorrow's appointments, and a happy weekend ahead!

  9. I am so happy to have heard from Stewey!

  10. It's so wonderful to hear your voice with joy in it! Enjoy every moment!

  11. Anyone who loves NCIS is alright in my books. Go Coni

  12. I think you're right, they would have been great friends!

  13. It's true love that has you watching football!

  14. So good to hear your happy talk. It brightens my day. We are waiting for friends to arrive for a weekend at our Rhythm and Roots Reunion here in Bristol. Music for the whole weekend at several outdoor stages. People watching and music listening at its best.

  15. Haha watered his luggage. And I love the new needle minder :)

  16. Watered his luggage - that would be so Stewey. Wait...luggage?!?!