Sep 29, 2017


You'll notice that my tootsies are covered in a blanket that SOMEBODY used to have on his perch.  I am getting a great deal of comfort out of the darn thing and don't feel at all strange that my choice of afghan came from PetSmart.

I slept in quite late this morning, so now I'm getting my wits about me before heading out to hither and yon running errands and then home again to tidy things up a bit before Rich returns.

I am, however, happy to report that I have come to my senses vis a vis chicken wings.  They really were delicious and didn't disagree with me one bit (thank goodness), but methinks they need to be an occasional treat rather than some crazy culinary tangent that I go off on, much like the great doughnut adventure of 2004.  I have been so careful and so "good" with respects to getting ready for a new kidney that it would be completely stupid to screw that up now.

In the interest of expediency...I receive several dozen emails a week asking about journey to a new kidney has many different paths.  The very best possible outcome would be an exact match from my sister and a pre-emptive transplant very soon.  (We are praying for her to be able to complete her testing and possibly head to Indy as early as November.)  The second best outcome is that she is not a match to me, but donates onto a chain and I receive a paired donation from someone who is. (This could also be very quickly as the chain of donors and recipients could be assembled.)  The third best option is a kidney from a cadaver (I am on the UNOS list as of a few months ago).  This wait would be rather lengthy, since I am a rare blood type and there are 100,000 plus patients waiting. (I think it would be about seven years.)  And the very worst case scenerio would be going on dialysis and never finding a kidney. 

In the meantime, I do my very best to be as compliant and healthy as I can be, and I keep my hopes and thoughts in the Happy Land of Make Believe.  I try to eat right, drink gallons of water, get a little exercise when I can, and rest rest rest rest rest.  Stitching, my guild sisters, keeping in touch with all of you, and this new romance all ensure that I will be a very happy, ornery, crazy old lady indeed.

So whatever it is that you're all doing...please continue it.  Your love and friendship and encouragement and support have saved me and gotten me here, and althought I will never be able to thank any of you properly I know that I can say with a straight face that I'm here because of it.

Friday is upon us, Dearies!  Let's all do something fun and come tell each other about it!



  1. Happy to hear how things are progressing! It's a quiet, wet day here in Toronto, and I have worked on de-cluttering my closet.

    Susan aka Anonymouse (embracing the anonymouse-ness)

  2. You are still in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so glad there is a new addition to CS2 and you are enjoying. I love reading your blog and seeing how you are and what is going on. I am stitching on The Journey from Shepard's Bush and Heaven and Nature Sing by Kathy Barrick. Enjoying both just wish I didn't have to wear readers AND use a magnifier! Cloudy day here in Western NC and will only be in the low 70's today. Fall at last!

  3. Praise God for all of it. :) I know he hears our prayers. Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  4. I love you, Coni! (Just returning a bit of what you give to us. πŸ˜„) I got of work at noon today and am right now sitting in the Target's Starbucks (wow...try saying that 10 times fast) enjoying a very sensible, yet still deliciously satisfying peach infused Teavana chamomile tea with a slice of yummy banana walnut bread. After this I'll be getting a new hairstyle courtesy of Ulta. Such fun! Have a great weekend!πŸ˜‹

  5. Coni, hope your day was all it could be and that your weekend is even better!

  6. This is a day the Lord has made... in the 70's, sunny with
    a slight breeze and everyone out there smiling... if it could only always be so... almost forgot the discord
    elsewhere. But Coni's world is looking happy too, so that
    completes the joy.

  7. Coni,
    what blood type are you?

    1. Hi, Nancy! I'm B-negative. I'm still learning about all of this stuff, but apparently there are only a few types that are compatible with me. (I always knew I was odd, but this isn't what I thought that meant!) 😁

  8. You ARE my hero! Much love and happy thoughts + prayers are headed your way. I bet if you think back to one year ago you'd never would have imagined yourself were you are now. The journey continues! 😍🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷⚘

  9. You will win this battle. Your sister will be a match, I can just feel that.

  10. Big laugh--I read 'ornery' as...horny!!! Maybe that works, too?!

  11. I am sure Stewey would love to know you are getting some comfort from his blanket. And you are still in my prayers that this whole kidney business is soon behind you and you get to do nothing but enjoy life from here on out.