Sep 5, 2017


OK. Confession time.

As you know, I started Red Velvet Cake over the weekend and (thanks to Miss Lori) discovered that I made a huge mistake and would now need to frog the entire darn tootin thing today.

But you know what?

I am not at all upset about this, because the mistake was made because I was completely distracted.

At first, I thought that my mind was pre-occupied with memories of my Little:
I have been thinking about him so much lately and wishing he were here.

Then I thought that maybe I was caught in a loop of Jeffrey Dean Morgan proportions:
"Hi, I'm Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  I don't know it yet, but some day soon I will be Mr. Spinster Stitcher."

"Oh...that Spinster Stitcher.  She just cracks me up."

But no.  

Methinks there might be another reason for my total distractedness.  The reason why I was able to stitch an entire section of a piece completely wrong, be shown the error of my ways, and then just shrug, sigh, and go to bed and sleep peacefully well.


How the heck did I go this long without a little of THIS in my life?!

For those of you that live under the same big fat moss-covered rock that I new boyfriend's name is Jamie Fraser.  He's an 18th century Scottsman who lives in the Highlands, wears a kilt, and is waiting for me.

See?  Don't his eyes positively scream "Come hither, fair Spinster.  My steed and handsomeness await ye."?

Jeffrey, of course, is completely understanding and will happily wait right here for me until I return.  He's a modern man and accepts the idea of his wife having an affair of the heart every now and then.

After all...he's had to share me with this handsome little fellow for quite a while now:

Fortunately, my heart is big enough for all three of them, and due to circumstances they are not likely to ever be in the same place at the same time.  Between 1700's Scotland, present day Hoosierville, and wherever it is that Stewey has gotten himself off to, I think I'm safe for now. needlework is not and must be attended to forthwith.  I am going to give it my undivided attention this afternoon and then we'll see about getting it re-started on the right track later this evening.

So that's it for now.  Just a hapless smitten spinster and her seam ripper today, Dearies.  Hope your corner of the world is happy and peaceful and full of all of the things that make your heart go pitty pat!


  1. Oh, Coni--your taste in men is as exquisite as your taste in stitchery. Thank you for a second heartthrob to drool over!!

  2. Coni darlin where ever did you find that handsome kilt wearing hunk of manliness? You do know what is worn under a kilt don't cha ? Lol hot dang but he is a cutie. Altho I do love me some Adrian Paul of "Highlander" fame your Jamie is easy on the eyes.
    Baa (is it warm in here or just me?)

  3. Coni, I know you are still grieving, forgive me but looking at pictures of Stewey; I miss him so much. I'm sorry to bring it up, but he was just so endearing. Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥

  4. Coni this is my first time comenting so dont think i am crazy ... please....I dont know what episode of Outlander, you are on so I dont want to spoil it for you, but wait until he say his FULL name ***** SIGH***** goosebumps*****chills***** SIGH**** and the new season starts on sunday :-)

  5. Oh Conni, however have you lived without Jamie in your life till now! You must immerse yourself in the Outlander books - they make fabulous reading - and the films add another 'dimension'! Welcome to Jamie land ..... but you do have a few rivals you should know!

  6. Aye, lassie, tis a fine piece of a hunk-a -hunk of burning hot lust you have there. Given a choice between the carbs and the cutie, yes, I am with you, he wins.
    Got my flu shot day. It was a fun day. Just an adulting type of day, kind of like putting in time with the ripper instead of the needle. Oh, wait, what I did involved a needle.
    I really need to get hooked on something I can binge watch, instead of just the news. Knowing that fat little Kim over in DPRK could fire away and screw up the travel plans is getting more and more disconcerting the closer we get to departure day. Have excellent travel insurance in terms of not losing any money if we cancel, but we really want to go. Well, at least weather channel is keeping me busy with Irma coverage for now. No, I have not identified any really hot meteorologists. Drat.

    Wishing you a relaxing evening and sweet dreams.

    Prayers continue.....

  7. Thanks for the answer about Stewey - what a great way to end the day and then to start the next one looking into the face of that cutie! Your new crush was on Kelly & Ryan this AM with his hair cut and clean shaving. Kelly asked him if he wore anything under that kilt and he clearly admitted that there was NOTHING under it! I guess the wind doesn't blow in Scotland!

  8. Oh, Coni, I do admire your taste in men. I do prefer Tom Selleck but I suspect I am doomed to frolic with the Prone Stranger and his faithful companion, Squatlow! In other words, back to stitching and thanks for fun excursion. Oh, by the way, I found a most beautiful website and wanted to share it with you. Try this for a refreshment on a dull day.
    It's the waterfall at Trikala, Greece and makes me feel so peaceful.

  9. And, if you read the books, you would know how unbearably cool he is and extremely funny, not to mention, loving, not afraid to express his emotions, faithful, reliable, brave, and excellent with children and horses. And dogs. And of course in the bedroom..... Like someone said, is it hot in here or is it just me? Great books, I'm on my 4th round!

  10. Coni, you crack me up! Isn't he the most handsome? Have you watched Outlander? It's just as wonderful as the books. Jeffrey is pretty spectacular too. And you know we all love Stewey, and miss him too.

  11. Well Coni, I must have been with you under that moss covered rock 'cuz I didn't have a clue. Enjoy your evening!

  12. Isn't he a dreamboat?! I can't stitch while I watch outlander either. I do have my own Jamie right here in the present but he isn't nearly as romantic. :)

  13. You crack me up! That's why I frequently tune in for a dose of the Spinster-isms. I agree that fiery redhead is worth going back in time to a place where no woman ever "wore the pants" and most of the men didn't either!!

  14. Room for 4? When you've had your fill of Outlander, try Poldark!

  15. Poldark -- oh my, Aidan Turner! Loved him in Being Human too!

    Susan (aka Anonymous)

  16. Darn, you found my dream man! We can share him. I have read all the books and now watch the series on DVD! That's the only time I wish I had one of those TV's where the screen would make him life size,LOL!!!!! I too have had an affair with my seam ripper.

  17. Oh dear....Jamie or Poldark.....Jamie or Poldark.....decisions, decisions.....

  18. Looking forward to seeing Jamie again with Season 3. Hot, hot, hot.

  19. Nothing wrong with a little Sam in your life, Coni! And 17th century Scotland as well.

  20. I might be a little weird but my dream man is Basil Rathbone in the old Sherlock Holmes movie. Nobody affects me like that man.

  21. Coni, I adore your sense of humour and love the way you think. My goodness that young man could flip his sporan in my direction any day BUT should he ever come in my direction I will happily send him in your direction-untouched as being a Married Stitcher I will look but not touch. (And as much as I try I just can't let George pass me by even though he now has twins)

  22. I lost your blog a while ago and time zoomed by. Then I found you again today. My first thought was of Stewie. What's he up to? Only to read that he's no longer here to tell us the unvarnished truth of life. I have tears. I never thought I'd miss a dog I'd never met. My sympathy.