Sep 11, 2017


We managed to have a very pleasant afternoon at the sports bar.  This particular one was a joint from my distant youth called Coach's that had the Eagle's game, a decent menu, and (as it turned out) a lovely bartender named Russ who immediately took pity on me and carried on a delightful conversation.

My friend was able to watch the game, and I was able to practice my being out in public skills without too much angst.  I only had to go to the Ladies twice to splash a little cold water on my wrists and do a little deep breathing, so we're calling this a win.

I would love to tell you that I made further progress on RVC, but alas, I did not.  The events of the last week combined with my kidney issues have left me with a splintering headache that made it problematic.  No matter how hard I tried, the light and concentrating just hurt my eyes.

Today, though, I am determined.

Now on to more interesting gentleman caller.

I thought about teasing you with a multiple choice game or a week long reveal of facts about him, but that seemed somehow...odd.  Even for me.  So instead, I will tell you that he is someone I've known for a long time.  We met in January of 1991 at an industry trade show in Dallas, Texas when he hosted a dinner for the company I was working for. (The name of the restaurant was Joey Tomatoes of Atlantic City and he wore a black shirt and sport coat, which was very exotic to this Indiana girl.) 

(I had penne with a spicy marinara sauce and a Long Island Iced Tea.)

I don't think we said more than a few words to each other that evening, but later that year when I was in Phoenix recovering from thyroid cancer, I would hear my dad on the phone each morning saying "Hi, Rich.  Yes, she is still recovering well and had her last treatment, etc etc."  When I asked my dad who it was that he was talking to, he would say "Your friend Rich from New Jersey".

The truth is that I thought it was a college friend named Rich, since he was the only person I could think of that I knew/had met from there.

But it turned out to be this Rich.

My Rich.

From New Jersey.i

Once I regained my voice and had returned to South Bend, he and I would talk on the phone for hours at a time.  And then I packed up my little Pontiac Sunbird and I moved to New Jersey to work for and with him for almost 13 years.

We started as business acquaintences and became friends, and now...

My friend is tall, of Italian decent, from Atlantic City, New Jersey, and is eleven years older than I am.  He is the smartest, funniest, kindest, and most interesting person I've ever met, and I'm fairly certain that I knew he was the love of my life the moment I met him.  He is a Libra, a good cook, loves to read, and knows more about sports than anybody I've ever met.  He is equally as happy in a ballroom as he is a bowling alley, and has probably attended as many museum events as he has rock concerts.  He still calls this thing of ours "knitting", steps on that one.  

He is pathologically shy in public, but with his friends can be the life of the party.  He is loyal and generous and decent and the thing that tells me he truly was sent from beyond at the exact moment I needed him is that my dad adored him.

There are other eerie facts that, over the years, convinced me that he was it:
His initials are the exact reverse of my own.
He has a brother five years younger...I have a sister five years younger.
He lost his dad when he was 21...I lost my mom when I was 21.
His dad's nickname was Jiggs.  My mom's nickname was Sig.

I think there are about a hundred other things that I could tell you, but it occurs to me that I have (yet again) gone completely 'round the bend and you probably feel like you're getting ready to watch a car/train collision or a soap opera wedding.  Maybe we/I should pace ourselves on this one, no?

So, my Dearies, that's the report on a Monday from the blissfully giddy confines of CS2 on a September Monday.  I hope that your own heart is full of love and that whatever it is you're doing makes you ridiculously happy.


  1. And his first name is your last name! Love all of this....

  2. Sitting here, reading this and grinning like I know. We hope YOUR heart is full of love and that YOU'RE doing what makes you ridiculously happy. Carry on, girl, carry on. Mindy

  3. Most importantly....what on earth will you call your blog??? Haha! I wish you true love for always....

  4. Methinks you are twitterpated. Reads like a wonderful gentleman, and I only hope he is worthy of you. I know I married one of the last truly nice guys on the planet, and it seems you might have reeled one out of the fish pond as well. I sure hope so.

    So sorry working on the carb project doesn't agree with you right now. There is no point in pushing it, sometimes we just have to go with the flow, but on the big girl pajamas and nap in the big girl bed. Hope you improve with some quality down time and rest.

    One of the last nice guys was off early for a round of golf, but I got my cappuccino in bed, as usual, before he left. Have to clean up my right knee a bit before I put on the long pants in preparation for the rest of the day. Does a tiny needle really produce a bloody puncture wound? In any event, I can look forward to a relatively limp free 3 months, and if fat little Kim keeps behaving himself, a magical experience in Japan, etc.

    Trying to psych myself up for tax time. Of all things CPA's do, I swear I hate taxes the most. There is no logic in tax law, while everything else in accounting seems perfectly logical. Grrr.. it's just a mishmash of penalties cobbled together in a form of legitimized robbery. (Steps down from soapbox she didn't even notice she was one.)

    Well, kiddo, take it easy, rest up, pat yourself liberally on the back for handling yesterday like the trouper you are, and know.....

    prayers continue.

  5. Oh, Coni, I was having a typical miserable Monday this morning, then I read this post! Enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY! You so deserve this!

  6. Just enjoy. One happy day at a time.

  7. From NJ? Italian? A Libra? Kind, funny, interesting?
    A distinguished 62? Long standing, workable relationship?
    More than promising, indeed....factor in those other "coincidences"(?) and you are on a joyful roll...
    The eyes are not cooperating because they have other sights to see.... Just knew you could make it through yesterday... you are surrounded by love and caring...
    Relax and float and may the headache begone....enjoy
    your Monday at CS2 and go placidly through this renewed
    next chapter....

  8. I am so happy for you. He sounds like a winner.


  9. Your post put a big smile on my face. The whole thing is so romantic!

  10. So glad you are reunited with this special man!

  11. Oh Coni, I totally enjoyed reading your post today. Glad you survived yesterday's outing to the sports bar; go Coni!

  12. Sweet.
    I owned a Pontiac sunbird too! The hatchback. Red. πŸ˜ƒ

  13. I am so happy for you. You needed some twitterpation to balance out the bee stings. ;) still sending love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥

  14. Love this story!
    And so happy it was a "win" at the sports bar!
    Here's to more happy times with Rich!

  15. Coni, Cono, Coni, you above all deserve this lovely turn of events. Enjoy it, revel in it...when your headache goes away jump up and down and scream with joy! And I hope and pray this is just the beginning of lots of wonderful stories Rich and you. I am just so happy for you!!!

  16. Very glad to read,today's blog. I will keep fingers crossed for you

  17. Sounds like a keeper! Very happy for you.

  18. Sounds like your found your "Mr. Big" !!!!!

  19. Coni, my heart is so happy for you!!!!

  20. I'm so happy for you! He sounds lovely.

  21. Where are all the emojis so I can paste in a whole row of goofy smiling yellow faces with hearts where their eyes should be?

    1. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  22. I wish you lots of happy days ahead, it's good to see things going well for you these days.

  23. Best wishes! Late in life love can be wonderful!

  24. Coni, I have tears in my eyes reading this! He sounds wonderful. You deserve this happiness. Please share only what you want with us, but I for one can't wait to hear more. I'm a sucker for a love story! Xoxo Susan

  25. So cool -- your Jersey boy! I know you posted a little about him quite some time ago. So happy to hear about him (and you and him)!

    Susan (aka Anonymous)

  26. WOW, Coni. Your friend sounds much like my there are some good guys out there. It is such a wonderful surprise to hear he is back in your life.

  27. Coni, lost in the mists of antiquity was a Rich but there is no comparison with your lovely story. I was meeting a colleague from another office, Rich, in a hotel lobby. He described hi'
    himself as a tall blonde. So, I went to said hotel lobby and spied a tall blonde gentleman, nicely dressed, and about the right age. I inquired, 'Are you Rich?' He said, 'Not even close!' and promptly fled the scene. The real Rich, was a little taller than I and dishwater blonde, sort of. In the eye of the beholder.............blessings, Coni, hope you get beyond the headache problem. God bless, Charlotte

  28. You've got me smiling ear to ear!

  29. Oh my goodness, this is almost like Outlander, Hoozier style! I'm so honored to be a part of this happy for your male diversion time. They(males) have their good points, in spite of their genetic predisposition to not GET girls. This has all the makings of some wonderful new topics for you to delight your stitching sisters/fans.

  30. This is the best post from you!!! I'm so happy that you are so happy!

  31. Love, love, love this on so many levels. What a wonderful story. Way to go, Dad!

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  33. Lovely, lovely, lovely xxx πŸ€—πŸ˜

  34. Haha! My husband has always called my stitching
    "knitting!" It's his way of teasing me...and this gentleman sounds wonderful! You are a beautiful woman inside and out and this man appreciates you! Go for it, girlie! Enjoy every minute of your life and your...."knitting!"

  35. I am so happy for you! I can't quit smiling!!!

  36. I have to say I love him already too! He sounds absolutely delightful. So so happy for you. You deserve all the happiness in the world!

  37. Coni, this makes me so, so happy. He sounds wonderful, and just what you needed.

  38. This relationship was meant to be. You will have to stop thinking of yourself as a spinster as this is no longer your title. Hmm, does this mean the blog name will have to change? Hold on tight to each other and enjoy every moment. October 24th will be our 30th anniversary.

  39. I'm finally catching up on this-here blog, of yours, Coni Dear ... and I'm bawling my eyes out, here in Winnipeg, for you!!
    Things couldn't be sweeter!!
    So this is the "Jersey Boy" you have mysteriously alluded to in the past?
    I'm just delighted!