Sep 19, 2017


My manfriend/new companion/Jersey Boy/heart throb is exploring the possibility of partnering with a guy here in town, so he left "for work" bright and early this morning.  He has a business in which he sells imprinted promotional products (pens, hats, mugs, t-shirts, etc) and his Atlantic City casino clients are becoming fewer and fewer.  This market, however, is ripe for the picking, so he and the other guy are going to see if there is something to be done here.

So after coffee and a quick peck goodbye, I had a simply delightful morning with the paper and a little stitching, then my dentist appointment, and now I am home contemplating a nap before dinner and guild.  Manfriend/companion/Jersey Boy/heart throb is expected back in time to have a bite to eat before sending me on my way to my stitchy sisters.

I have to tell ya...this whole surprise switcheroo in my routine is quite without angst.  I still get to have my hermit spinster/Happy Chair time, but now I have the added bonus of a real live breathing person to talk to in the evenings rather than the weepy ramblings to Stewey's little box that had become my norm.

Yesterday we even went to the Targets and the grocery store together!  Together!  And he drove and pushed the cart and carried the bags up the stairs and everything!!!

(OK, I'll be the one to say it...that last fact alone is worth having him here!)

You know me and routines, kids.  When I get out of them the world tilts crazily on its axis.  But this new routine has so far been a lovely one and I'm grateful to get to experience it.

Now where the heck did I put my pot roast, pumps, shirtwaist dress, and pearls?


  1. If he carries the groceries up the steps, definitely a keeper!

  2. Amen, Laura!!! And brings bagels. Whoo hoo. Does he have an older btother?
    Enjoy, Coni. You deserve good things!!

  3. Domesticity has a lot to say for itself!💕💕💕

  4. Happy for you that he has re-entered your life. How did you kids rebook up?

  5. Dear Coni,
    Forward with the pot roast, ditch the pearls and pumps, that is so 20th century. lol. Do we 21st century homemakers/ladies of leisure actually have a modern day role model? I am desperately trying to think of one, cuz Miss Martha Stewart is an ex-con, single and doesn't sleep enough to suit me.
    You are making me fall in love with that Jersey Boy. Bagels, carrying packages up the stairs....does he do windows??? I am so happy for you. It is marvelous to read the bliss that comes through in your blog.
    The Bellabear came through his vet visit with flying colors, had a whole lot to say in the car, and was happy to be released from the carrier when we got him back into the car, doors all closed and ready for the trip home. He took a very long nap when we got home.
    Wishing you sweet dreams with the dream boat....

    Prayers continue....

  6. Love it, love it, love it! I am so happy to hear you have some personal support. So happy. :) Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥

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  7. So Happy For You!!!!

    Sandra in Texas

  8. So glad you have someone to take care of you and to carry those blasted grocery bags up the stairs :)