Sep 2, 2017


Two more rows until a Poppers happy dance!  I'm sure that this will happen sometime this afternoon...I have plans to enjoy a quiet stitchy day today right after I accomplish a few chores.
Still enjoying Outlander.  Thanks for the book rec...I might have to jump in to reading them later this Fall.  For now, though, I am mid-way through The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy.

My kidney appointment went very well...numbers are all stable and I am holding my own it would seem.  I will continue to limp along until things become too dangerous to do so, and then I will either start dialysis or head to Indianapolis.  I've cleared all of the hurdles on my we just need to get my sister through the process.  In the meantime, though, I am learning how to be a patient patient and just following orders and being very thankful I am here to complain about it all. 😬

Stewey has been in my dreams almost every night this week.  I have only had a few little meltdowns missing him, but I understand now that they will hit me in waves or at unexpected times.  I wonder what he would have thought of the new place and whether or not he would have vetoed the placement of the Happy Chair.  I think he would have been OK with the overall scheme, but know that he would probably miss watching his birds and squirrels and deer and racoons at the feeders.  I have a collection of photos of him ready to frame...maybe it's time to get that done!

Kind of rambly today, Dearies.  Sorry about that, but writing this here blog is the equivalent of a visit and cup of coffee with you, I think.  My Grandma Loukos had a lady friend (named either Pearl or Opal, I can't remember), and they would chat on the phone each day and share the news.  I can still see Grandma standing in the kitchen in her housecoat and slippers with her coffee cup and the phone to her ear chatting about this and that while the world went by.

OK...back to reality.  The families across the courtyard are getting their days started.  I can hear one mom hollering at her little ones in Mandarin and another in Spanish.  It's really funny when both families meet up in the yard below to play "baseball".  The moms try to coach and teach the little ones what to do with lots of hand gestures and yelling, and the kids all huddle together and giggle.

One last pool day tomorrow.  It's a little cool for it today, but tomorrow promises to be almost 80.  I have scoped out the fitness center here in the complex and have also looked at a beautiful place just a mile or so away that has an indoor pool for the winter.  With a doctor's rec and my insurance discount, the monthly fees will be very manageable and I will be able to continue my floating, so that is a very happy thing indeed!  I am also contemplating taking some yoga (!) classes at the place just downstairs!

I'm telling the time this thing is over you aren't going to recognize me!

September nails are ready.  This is kind of a coppery redish brown color called "Hand Fired".  

Gee, I guess that just about covers it!  I hope your own little corner of the world is peaceful and a lot more interesting!  Come tell me all about your shenanagins!


  1. Hi Coni,
    So very glad you are holding your own with the kidneys. Keep uo the good work as long as possible.
    Poppers looks great, cannot wait to see the final stitches on it.
    Is Hand Fired an OPI color? Or which other brand - love it, need it....
    Our house guests departed about half an hour ago, so the plan for the rest of the day is to do approximately nothing, with a brief break at some point to get the used linens to the laundry, and intermittent snuggling time with the one and only fluffy Bellabear, who most definitely enjoyed the visit from the distaff side of the couple, and has picked up some feline Russian, as she kitty talked in Russian to him.
    As you might remember, I am eager to see Red Velvet Cake get into the stitching rotation, since carbs rule.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of you wonderful Saturday.

    Prayers continue.....

    1. Hi, Ginger! The polish is by CND...I have the gel version on my fingers and the Vinalux version on my toes.

    2. Thank you - I can ask my "girl" to get me the Vinalux version, in that case. I love it. And the Vinalux wears well, too, which is great. I need something that I can do myself during our uncoming travels and this looks like just the thing. Thanks again.

  2. Such wonderful news about your test numbers.. keep up the
    good work.. you are doing things right.... Also nice to hear that you will have facilities at hand to continue the
    grand float and exercises. Enjoy the rest of the holiday
    as planned with the conclusion of the beautiful Poppers.
    That is one magnificent piece... and you question your
    patience? The rains here have passed and the rest of our
    weekend weather promises to be ideal. Hope yours will be
    as well ... Enjoy ~

  3. Glad to read that you are doing well Coni. I hope your sister comes through for you. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Still am loving Poppers. Kudos to you for your stitching and persistence. When I read your blog I am reminded of a 'saying' I have "Life: always forward, never straight". It has helped me tbrough some difficult times. I hope it will resonate with you. Best to you☺

  5. Coni, How DO you do your nails and make them so perfect looking. I want to do mine but I'm afraid I'll make a MESS! I still just love your Poppers. Just love all the colors and different stitches that make them all stand out. Don't forget my suggestion of hanging it somewhere you want to brighten up a bit because it sure will do the trick. Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn♥

  6. Love that nail color. What a plus to have yoga within the complex. Glad to hear your health is stable.

  7. Poppers is perfect! I'm glad you got some good numbers. I really enjoy yoga, it's worth a try. I adored The God of Small Things. How is the new book?

  8. I've been taking chair yoga for two years and I love it. It's mostly not in the chair but our teacher accommodates everyone. Really all yoga classes are supposed to be for everyone. Loving Poppers!

  9. Great nail color! Perfect for fall.

  10. I love the ramblings. Makes me feel like we are back door neighbors. Glad to hear things are going well.

  11. Great news about your stable health! It's got to be all the foating🙂 Hope you can keep it up. Here's to a Poppers finish!

  12. As long as you ramble we will be here to read.

  13. Glad your kidney appointment went well! Coni, you can ramble any time; I will always be reading.

  14. Coni, it sounds like you're emotionally healing. It takes time, but it starts happening. I wonder if you've stabilized for now because of the healing! Can't wait to see Poppers all "grown up".

  15. Love that nail color! You go, girl! Best, Charlotte

  16. Well look at you go! As hard as moving was it sounds like it was the best thing for you. And that makes me so happy for you. And I know that Stewey would have loved CS2 because that is where you are. xo

  17. I always feel like I'm having a conversation with you when I read your posts (you may not hear me but I'm chatting with you a lot!). It is like your grandma and her friend...a little "chat" to keep in touch. Love Poppers!