Sep 24, 2017


Heading to 10:00 mass at the Basilica.  

If you're my family reading this, I go to mass every single Sunday, confession twice a week, and observe every high holy day on the calendar.

But for the rest of you...pray for me.

It's been a while, and I'm concerned that I will have forgotten the secret handshake or that they've come up with some sort of new system of things that will make it blatantly obvious I haven't a clue what I'm doing.

I pray and I try to be a decent and kind a loving human being, but over the years I have fallen away from the more formal aspects of things and just hoped for the best.

But now?  Now it's time to find a decent pair of pants and some shoes and a top that won't make me sweat too much and go do my Catholic thing.


So that's the report on a Spinster Sunday, Dearies.  Once the smells and bells have concluded we're off like a herd of turtles to watch more of the football and then home for some stitching.

Speaking's the progress from yesterday:


  1. If everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing (praying) they really won't be watching you. The wonderful thing about the Catholic Church is the tradition - it really doesn't change, so you have something familiar to come back to. I was away from the church for 30 years and when I went back 30 years ago I picked it all up again. Bless you for praying with HIM and him.

  2. Coni, RVC is looking fabulous. Love the thread colors on the Sand background. Have a blessed day!

  3. Peace be with you. Love, love, love the progress on the carb project. Be-you-tea-ful. I am going to have to pick this up when we get home, I love it so much - we are getting dangerously close to envy here. I shall endeavor to go forth and sin no more....
    The day from "L" was productive, but the outward sign of progress is all the s*** that was strewn over the loveseat in the sitting room has vanished. That was carefully curated s*** to meet our needs while away, and it is snuggly tucked away in suitcase 4, the only one packed so far. No worries, I am on schedule if not slightly ahead of it, based on the master list of lists. The first weigh in was 45 lbs., I can do better so I am stuffing a few more useful things in it today. Playing with clothes on the garment rack will happen today, as I refine attire selections. Luggage pieces 1 and 2 are scheduled for completion by Monday evening.
    Hoping "muscle memory" kicked in at mass, and the rises and kneels went off with the precision of the Rockettes kick line. When our son gets married in a Greek Orthodox mass, I am just going to stick a big sign on my back that says "I am Lutheran". That should cover the mistakes as I sit and stand in the front row at the wrong time.
    May your team win, the wings be spicy, and the bartender be a faithful friend. Happy stitching later my dear. I am just waiting for delivery of the second exquisite cappuccino of the morning.....

    Prayers continue.

  4. Welcome back to the Church! You will find much comfort and peace. If others are doing what they are supposed to do in church, they won't be paying attention to you.

  5. Welcome back! We love having our fellows Catholics return to the Church! We go to 7:30 am Mass every week and I simply could not imagine going if I was capable. It gives me the energy and hope with which to face the beasties of the week!

    Peace be with you!

  6. Another welcome back from a Catholic!

  7. I returned to the Catholic church after a long absence and also did not know what to do. To make matters worse, the Priest told me I couldn't take communion because I married my husband in a Protestant church, so they didn't recognize my marriage and I might be living in sin. I've been gone again now for about 4 years, and my husband just want to go to any church, so we will try the Catholic church again. I'm not looking forward to the changes. I feel just like you do.

  8. I don't comment much, but I always read and enjoy your blog! I am a Catholic organist, and I am there every time the doors open! haha But I know you will be welcomed back and glad you came back! I hope you have beautiful music--naturally, that's what I notice first!

  9. Oh ho ho ho ho...THERE'S my Girl!!
    I'm just catching up on your blog and so delighted to see this!