Sep 22, 2017


One last appointment this week and then we're hurtling headlong into the weekend.  It's supposed to be hot as You Know What here in Hoosierville, so I am planning on lots of fluids and some quality Happy Manatee time in the pool.

I'm also hoping for plenty of stitching time, and I think the weekend's TeeVee football viewing will provide ample opportunity.  Between Notre Dame/Michigan State on Saturday and the Eagles on Sunday, I should get at least a stitch or two completed, no?

So we're off.  Here's hoping that your neck of the woods is swell and that your needles are flying!  Do something fun and know what to do.


  1. I'm almost done stitching the second of my three Samplar Hares by La-D-Da. I decided to stitch two more after I finished the first one so I could incorporate the entire alphabet, plus 1-2-3. Hope you're having as much fun with your current project as I am having, although I'm looking forward to the next project. You should invent something to enable you to stitch while you're floating in the pool on an inflatable chair! Have fun!

  2. Hot as hades here too, and packing in this weather is not my thing. Lists, and lists of lists....
    Hair day was yesterday and we had a blast visiting with our daughter-in-law as she curled and snipped our locks. I just love watching the excitement on her face, as she is thrilled about the Japan trip as well.
    Wishing you well with the appointment, and that pool time sounds like heaven.
    I won't be able to check in as regularly over the next 10 weeks, but please know the my prayers for you are ongoing. I am hoping there is a successful transplant for you in the very near future, and your bliss continues. (It is none of my beeswax but I have to disagree about getting another furbaby just now - get through the transplant and recovery first, you don't need anybody else to take care of until that is over, and then - YES to the furbaby.)

    Prayers do continue.......

  3. Sounds like you do indeed have a good plan for the weekend. They already closed the pool here at our condo so alas no more pool time. Of course they close it and the temps start soaring up. Just a wee little FYI--if trolls continue their non-sense you may want to take your blog Private and add the readers that you way you know every name posting. Just a thought. :) Praying for you daily. Keep being you and wishing you many many blessings.

  4. Coni, I hope your appointment goes well for you today. Enjoy your pool time along with your stitching. The Love print is beautiful.

  5. Good luck with your appt ♥️ Keep us posted, and have an incredible weekend

  6. Hope your appointment goes well and that you get to float around as much as your little heart desires :) Can't wait to see how much stitching you get done while the football in on!

  7. Coni you can have my heatwave 95 on Friday and ill be the manatee in the pool.