Sep 25, 2017


I had a very brief break in the headache cluster, but yesterday afternoon it roared back with a vengeance.  A brief nap and a cold compress on my neck, and it was down to a Category 3 storm, which allowed me to sit upright and watch a movie.

But not stitch.

I am craving an entire day in the Happy Chair with Red Velvet Cake.  I think the reason why I am not growing tired of it is the fact that I'm not getting to play with it every day and each moment that I do is very precious indeed.

Today I'm going to play Real Housewife of Hoosierville and tidy things up around here before hitting the pool and then returning in time for a pre-dinner nap. I know that this sounds like a leisurely day in theory, but I would much rather be running around Mach Five with my hair on fire being the boss of everybody.  That was so much more fun, and at least made me feel semi-productive.

God willing, this is a week without any doctor visits!  Very rare, to be sure, so methinks we will celebrate with cake.  I haven't baked in the kitchen here at CS2, so maybe I'll bust out the measuring cups and bundt pan and have some fun.  The layout and counter space here are vastly different than the house (uh, duh...this is an apartment and that was a house), but I know I can MacGiver a solution to anything that comes my way.

Finally, Stewey made an appearance in last night's dream again.  This time, he was wearing a little straw hat and wearing a lovely little seersucker suit, and we were all having a picnic.  I was passing dishes of this and that, and he and Rich were discussing the finer points of WWE (which I think has something to do with costumed characters wrestling?).  Chrissy and Bosco were romping around with a ball, and I could hear my mom and dad laughing (but I couldn't see them). All I remember is that I felt so peaceful and happy that everybody was getting along and that there was potato salad.

I love potato salad.

So that's it for today.  Just me and my domestic bliss and usual neurosis.  Monday is upon us once again, my friends!  Let's make it a good one!


  1. What a wonderful dream. Rarely do I remember mine. Enjoy your day and have a piece of cake for me. One of my favorites is my cardamom pound cake served with lemo cured. Yum!!!!🤗😁

  2. I love potato salad too. Wishing your headache wouldn't just calm down, but go away entirely. I hope you will enjoy your pool time thoroughly, as the days for being at the pool are waning.

    I guess if you are craving cake, it may as well be Red Velvet. With yummy cream cheese frosting? All I know, is that after even 3 weeks away from home, I have to ease back into Betty Crocker status slowly. Good luck in the new kitchen.

    Sounds like you enjoyed sweet dreams last night, which is wonderful. Late night, early morning for me, one would think with all the lists, I would just be able to shut the brain down and trust the lists......duh, that would be way too simple. The fluffy one knows something is afoot and is now very clingy. He has only jumped into an open suitcase once - not a cat that is into boxes and the like. I sense that there might be another photo op with him and a suitcase coming up later today.

    Enjoy the week without an appointment, hope you are feeling up to stitching some carbs again very soon, and as always......

    Prayers continue.

  3. You too (have a good Monday). Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  4. Have a most enjoyable day, Coni! Float, stitch, maybe bake, and just enjoy!

  5. Stewey discussing WWE?!?!?! I'm having a tough time imagining that. WWE is awfully low-brow for Stewey.

  6. What a wonderful dream to have. Hope that headache takes a hike!

  7. As blissful a pastoral scene as you painted...of course I went over the edge when you mentioned your Dear Mom and Dad...of course they're watching, Coni! And I sounds, to you know that they approve...
    I couldn't be happier for you! Peace, my Dear...
    ps: I deal with multiple bouts of headache all the time. I know how debilitating that is. I'm sorry, Sweetie...