Sep 18, 2017


Sorry to cause alarm with my earlier post, Dearies.  All is well...just having a Monday on which I am trying to be a grown-up person and attend to my adult responsibilities like laundry and homekeeping.

My brain and upbringing tell me to make the bed, tidy the apartment, take a shower and get dressed in appropriate clothing, but my headache and propensity for sloth are hollering for me to hit the Happy Chair with Outlander and some ice water and call it a day.

The headache is most likely not related to the kidneys (thank you, St. Peregrine), but rather a return of cluster migraines that I thought I had grown out of in my 30's.  So, damn, drat, and phooey on it anyway, but it looks like I am going to head to the Targets for some heavy artillery.

(I had resisted doing so because I am terrified of taking anything that will render me unconscious because I live alone.  And then, just like that, a big fat DUH hit me in the forehead when I realized that my Jersey Boy will surely have the same capability that Stewey did to dial 9-1-1 in case of emergency.)


So that's it.  Laundry and pharmaceuticals.  Every suburban woman's nightmare.

Happy Monday to one and all.  Here hoping that you are off to a stitchy, happy, swell start to the week!


  1. Coni, sorry you are still dealing with the headache. While the laundry is swishing around, you can hit the Happy Chair. Thinking of you!

  2. Whew!! Thank goodness Coni - I for one was certainly hoping it was just a case of the Mondays!

  3. Migraines are one of the best reasons I know to skip adulting for the day. Laundry will wait - you know about the inside out underwear trick so you should be fine for a few days on that score.
    I hate the thought that you have to drive and go to a big box store with a migraine pounding away. That sucks. Hopefully, the "good meds" will vanquish the damn thing, and keep it away, breaking the cluster cycle. And, stitcher's orders - plan to rest a whole lot tomorrow. Migraines are exhausting. Listen to your body when it screams to just stay in bed for quite a while tomorrow. I hereby remove any pressure you might be feeling to keep me happy by making progress on the carb project, just take care of yourself and rest.
    I really am hoping those meds will do the trick for you in a quick and efficient fashion. Depending upon what you are taking, it could make you loopy, really hands off the needlework until you recover. Feel better fast....then rest.

    Prayers continue...

  4. I am sorry you are dealing with cluster headaches, I have them too and they hurt like H E double hockey sticks....

    Hmmm...the statement about Jersey boy brings all sorts of questions swirling in my brain, but the answers are none of my business so I will just let that question lie...;)

    1. Oh, don't tease me so, mj! Please ask anything you'd like to know...I'm happy to answer!

  5. Feel better! Let Mr. Jersey Boy take good care of you!

  6. Back in the super olden days, we used to find something with the most caffeine and then overdo it. Caffeine used to help get rid of my migraines.

  7. Thank the Lord and knock on wood that I don't get migraines anymore. I'm hoping yours subsides "Toot Sweet!" Every time you mention your Jersey Boy,I want to break out singing "Walk like A Man." Does he know Frankie of the Vallis? Just joshing with you.Feel better soon and remember "Big Girls Don't Cry!" Couldn't resist :+}

    Sandra in Texas

  8. One of the few perks of being post-menopausal is that I don't get the monthly migraine any more. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Not much worse than a migraine. Hope you are feeling better!

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