Sep 6, 2017


My day turned out to be a little unexpected yesterday, so I didn't ever make it to the Happy Chair or to the de-stitching of Red Velvet Cake.  Today, though, I am determined to do so despite not following any sort of plan that I had previously concocted whatsoever at all.

I do find it totally hilarious that the prospect of removing all of that work has not sent me round the bend in the least little bit.  A sign of maturity?  Or maybe the memory of the hours of watching hunky dunks has acted as kind of a sedative.

Hmmmmm.  I might be on to something.

But I do think I need to re-tailor my stitchy time more appropriately to watch/listen to stuff I've already seen when stitching something that requires concentration.  THAT is the sign of maturity right there, I suppose.  Not being able to multi-task like I used to!

After a good hot scrubby shower I am off to the grocery armed with nothing but my wits and a Starbucks for company!  Here's hoping that your corner of the world is equally as stimulating!


  1. Hope the grocery store run went smoothly and you have returned to the Happy Chair. Enjoy your day, Coni!

  2. Do you listen to podcasts? I have an iPhone and use the Podcasts app to listen to all sorts of entertaining things. My favorites are Part-time Genius, Stuff You Should Know, and Stuff You Missed in History Class.

  3. Or an audio book. Great way to keep up with your reading and stitching at the same time. I use wireless earbuds so no cords to get in the way but the device speakers work well too.

  4. HAHA!!! The hunks are mellowing you out! That is a good thing :)