Jan 10, 2023


Added: Apparently, this was a TicToc thing that was popular about a month ago. And because nobody seems to get what in the h-e-double-hockeysticks I'm talking about, I filled in the creepy evidence for you:

As I was mindlessly flipping through the Instagrams last night I came across a posting that said " The initial of your soul mate can be found on your left thumb".

Am I crazy, or can you see a perfect letter R on my left thumb?! 😳

Here...look inside the circle:

OK, I have to go breathe into a bag now. I'm gonna need a minute for this one, Dearies!

Oh, and P.S. ...  Rich is completely non-plussed by this sign from the universe that we were meant to be in this crazy thing together and that I really need to re-think my habit of scrolling through the Instagrams.


  1. Umm…. I think I might be with Rich on this one!

    She says, after spending 10 minutes examining her thumbs under an Ott lite with magnifier attempting to find anything resembling any letter at all on either one of them. Unless it’s written in Ogham (Celtic runes that are made up of mostly parallel and perpendicular lines) there isn’t an initial to be found on my thumbs!

    I don’t think I’ll mention this to my dear husband of nearly 28 years who is also my best friend.

    Thanks Coni - you always enlighten and entertain! Be well! ~Ruth

  2. Apparently my soulmate is a callus… just sayin… 🤣🤣

  3. Mine has a Z. For Zorro I guess.

  4. Nope! Clean slate er thumb :)

  5. Mine has a K and R

  6. Oh I love that! I don't see any letter on mine. That can't be a good sign.