Sep 6, 2020


And just like clicked into Fall.

Hello, Dearies, and welcome to another blissful Sunday here in Hoosierville. I managed to snuggle into the big girl sleigh bed until noon today. It was cool and cloudy this morning and I just didn't feel like I didn't!

I made some good progress on Elliana last night while watching Mad Men and drooling over that handsome dasterdly Don Draper. Only four more episodes left until I finish the series, so I have to start thinking about the next? Sopranos? West Wing? Tudors?

I know, I know. I've seen each at least a dozen times, but until I get my ability to stitch and watch TeeVee sorted better (which will involve paying attention more and a less complicated stitchy project), I want something familiar that I can just listen to.

When JB is here, we watch the sports 24/7, and I've come to be very fond of the Philadelphia 76ers, the Phillies, and the Flyers. Who knew I could be a baseball fan?! Now that the footbal is starting again though, I suppose that I better brush up on the Eagles in addition to my Irish.

I did receive an email from a very concerned stitchy sister that JB and I had broken up, because of my alone time shenanagins. No, Dearie...JB is in NJ visiting with his mom. He likes to get back there about every six weeks or so to check in on her, but the pandemic kinda threw that out of whack and he was overdue for a visit. This alone time (for me, anyway) is critical to my sanity, since my propensity for hermit spinstering is strong and keeps the voices in my head nice and quiet.

So onward we go. My only agenda for today is laundry, which is sploshing as we speak, and a few minites getting organized for the week ahead. I am hitting it hard in the diet department with a protein shake fast for five days (yes...medically approved), so I need to get them in the fridge and all of the temptations hidden away.

I will be fasting Monday thru Friday and then we'll take a look at the after treatment weight to determine if I need another week, or if I can return to smoothies and salads. The goal here is to hit the 112 for IU first, then maintain 110 for a few weeks, and then finally, to get below 100 by year's end.

My off weight on Friday was 115.


Menopause, Crohn's, stress, and a possible face infection requiring antibiotics are all the culprits, but no matter the cause...the transplant doc will be calling in a few weeks and will not be happy if I am not back on track.

Enough of that. I hope that you are enjoying yourself today and that if you have tomorrow off you will be safe and happy and find a way to do something that makes your heart sing! Come tell me all about it!


  1. I am always glad to learn that I am not the only one who enjoys solitary time now and again. I enjoy friends and family but solitary time gives me a chance to catch up with me! Today is reading day. Tomorrow will be house things. Monday, hopefully will be back to stitching day. Happy Labor day to all.

  2. I was looking forward to alone time - just one day or half a day would have been nice, but shock of my life when I thought I'd turned the kitchen light off and opened the door to find HRH home already! We have an inner locking door and he hasn't a key for that! So you enjoy your freedom to the fullest! Elliana is looking superb - I love the flowing ribbons in her hair too.
    I know you can do the weight thing. I have my imaginary floof balls waving and will rah rah rah for you.
    Here one of the oldest ducklings (duckens) decided to spend the night on the roof of the chicken run. It was a bit worrying but they are roosting ducks and she'd doing what comes naturally - but alone!! The others wanted inside with the chickens! So periodical checks and she's still there. Had visions of her wandering the field with Mistress Vixen close behind!
    West Wing! That has it's funny moments. I enjoyed that series. Love that big cotton wool cloud with the blue sky. I neeeeeedz that here! LOL! Take care and carry on with the fun side of things. *cough Blue Jays! ;)

  3. Envy, envy, envy. I ain't complainin' exactly, Sweets and I have been married 50 years and 2 days, and I think we're going to stick! Maybe before we head back to Tennessee tomorrow we'll hit the place tonight that has the chocolate martini and marvelous seafood.
    You're doin' good. Applause for your careful planning. Prayers for your persistence!

  4. Elliana is lovely! Enjoy your alone time (I am so envious I can't stand it!!)

  5. Enjoy your alone time! Hubs & I have been married for 46+ years, and he figured out long ago that I am happiest (and therefore he is happier) when I have my alone time. Sounds like you're making good progress on your goals - congratulations! Enjoy your day Deb

  6. Gorgeous progress!! Eliana is stunning!