Sep 13, 2020


Holey Schmoley, Dearies...I. Am. So. Sore!

But, the end results are so very worth it for this OCD addled spinster.  I just don't do visual noise very well, and that sooty door was absolutely driving me nuts, especially since I can see it from the Happy Chair!

Today is a zero activity rest day, but as I type this I do have towels sploshing in the washing contraption. I am trying to clean them with vinegar and baking soda to see if that will whiten them. I'm just at my wit's end with the dingy already!

So help me, I am making steak fajitas for dinner tonight! Everything is marinated and veggies are all cut and ready to go, so it really shouldn't be too much of a bother. I was going to make them yesterday, but...see above.

Eliana and I have a playdate today and I am going to continue enjoying her. Yesterday's frenzy resulted in a very happy surprise: I have a pair of Ginghers that match her perfectly, but I couldn't find them to save my life! I was mourning their loss these last few weeks, when viola! Right there they were in a long-forgotten project! So now my bliss is complete!

I hope your very own Sunday is restful, peaceful, happy, healthy, and wonderful. Come tell me all about it!


  1. Eliana is a beauty! Enjoy your stitchy day! Luv, m

  2. migrating dyes - i always thought that dingy was my own fault, but, on a whim, i tried adding dye grabbers to the washing machine the first time i washed any new thing - the grabber caught the dye!!! it was a miracle!!!

    HOWEVER - my front loader likes to eat the color catchers- and the filter backs up, making it not drain, so now i zip it/them into a lingerie bag ... it really has made an amazing difference in the amount of new dingy - not sure about old dingy, though ... anywho, now i toss in dye grabbers every load...

    1. I was interested to read on the packet that they suggest to add to every load to 'catch the dirt' as well as loose colour. Sorry, I thought the dirt would get flushed out in the rinse water, why would I want to keep it in the drum to the end of the wash.
      Great idea though about putting it in a net - I find that they sometimes get caught in round the door so I then wonder if they'd been able to work properly.

  3. Not sure about the baking soda, but I have washed whites with it before. Vinegar I tend to use as a conditioner - it makes the fabric softer. Double whaheyyyy - it all cleans the machines too!
    On the bright side, the door won't need to be done again!
    The in-laws go home today. Yesterday was shredding the thinner branches while the larger ones were chopped for firewood (or chainsawed) it was a big job done and dusted! We also have a badly timed summer with heat, so after the birds, puddies and greenhouse were sorted that was pretty much it for the day. The heat continues for this week (well, we'll see!) so veg bed prepping will continue.
    Hope the aches will ease off soon. xxxx

  4. As a last resort I dyed my towels, they turned out fabulous

  5. Elliana is looking fabulous, Coni! Have you tried Oxiclean for your towels? Have a super start to the new week!

  6. Eliana looks lovely with her matching Ginghers!

  7. Do a Pinterest search for "towel stripping." No, it's not something naughty (alas), just a way to get all the old soap, etc. out of sheets and towels. The before-and-after pictures are pretty convincing!

    Will I do it someday? Naaaaaw... :-D

  8. Peroxide- Google whitening and peroxide. I use it and it does pretty good as long as my white towels aren’t full on gray.