Sep 15, 2020


No stitching last night, Dearies, but I am definitely going to fix that today. I came home from the d-chair and passed out on the couch until 3am and then went in to toss and turn in the big girl sleigh bed until 9.


You know me and unpredictability...I'm not exactly a fan.

The day has dawned sunny and lovely here in Hoosierville and I am enjoying a lovely breeze. It is supposed to be in the upper 70's today, which means I might have to consider closing the windows, but I am hoping to hoping to hold out as long as possible.

I hope your week is off to a good start! Do something nice for yourself and come tell me all about it!


  1. So many sleep patterns have been disturbed of late...It must
    have something to do with the change of season or change in
    routine. Autumn is often "sleepy time"... hope you will be back
    to your predictability soon.

  2. I also have been sleepier of late - might be the autumn hibernation time. It is very hot here today and possibly reaching the 80s - I'm more of a mid 60s person and everything grinds to a halt with the heat! No air con here.

    I have done some more of the quilt and now on the last leg of blocks before the borders begin. Seeing as I overdid the number of 16 patch blocks, they will be split and turned into part of the borders. Then quilting will begin.

    Enjoy your sewing session today and I hope the sun stays at the temperature that you are comfortable with.


  3. Your weather sounds like our weather! I am loving it!

  4. I have an acquaintance who says any temperature below 80 is cold. To me, anything above 68 is hot. Hope you can hold those windows open, and stitch away!

  5. I'm waiting anxiously for Friday. Here in SW Ohio, the high is supposed to be 68F, and on Saturday it will be 65F. I feel like I'll be able to LIVE again come Friday! I'm tired of being sweaty even when the AC is running full-blast.

    And leaving the windows open to sleep in chilly air with lots of blankets--it's bliss for me!

  6. We are hanging out with the leftovers of Sally today in NC - it's starting off as a steady rain and will only continue. I have the windows open for now - I just love listening to the rain.