Sep 8, 2020


As much as I would love to tell you that yesterday was wildly productive and satisfying, the truth of the matter is that I came home from the d-chair with my cold brew and drooled into my t-shirt for a few hours before stumbling into the big girl sleigh bed.

I really need to learn that Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are pretty much shot and that I should just mark them off the calendar all together and get on with it.

But it's a new day and I am rubbing my hands together in anticipation of the trouble I can get myself into. Should I re-organize the studio? Finally tackle cleaning out the timy little pantry cupboard next to to fridge? See if I can get the uggy looking towels white and fluffy and un-dingy again?


I think I will read the paper and do the puzzles, maybe take a snoozy nap, and then sit and stitch for the entire duration. It's cool and cloudy here today in Hoosierville, so no pool time, I'm afraid, but maybe that's a blessing in disguise.

One of the things (among many) that drives me nuts about myself is that on days when I have things to do (like dialysis or appointments or chores) I yearn for a day when I can just sit and do nothing but stitch. And on days when I can just sit and do nothing but stitch, I twitch and fret over all of the stuff that I could/should be doing.

Damn spinster tiny brain.

Elliana and I are going to comtinue to enjoy each other's company, then I might play with Hoity Toity again, and today (thanks to the Instagrams), I spied my Christmas project for this year...Mirabilia's Santa's Magic. 

It literally took my breath away when I flipped the screen to it. kansascitygirlinacoloradoworld is stitching this or getting ready to stitch this in an upcoming snowstorm, and I about fell over when I saw it! Thank you for sharing this one, kc!

So, Dearies, that's it for me today. Slow and steady, quiet and happy. I do hope and pray that wherever you are, you too are quiet and happy today! Come tell me all about it!


  1. Santa's magic looks like an ambitious undertaking, but you have already proven your mettle..Enjoy the challenge and the
    Spinster time....

  2. Mirabilia designs are magnificent. I'm impressed with your progress on the current one. They take me a very long time to stitch.

  3. The Santa is wonderful and I hope that you can find it. I thought it was OOP, but I suspect I am wrong. It utilizes negative space for the sleeves, so try and find the perfect fabric for your piece.

    I hope that you have a great week and manage to make do on Wednesday and Friday.


  4. Scrolled and wow! Yes that Santa is fab! Treat the sewing day as your reward for d-chair days and when you do potter around. The cleaners have helped big time just for you to be able to enjoy your own time. Embrace it and easier said than done - try not to feel guilty about it.
    Tis colder and dark and dismal again. The in-laws are coming tomorrow - father-in-law's last trip as he has cancer - we hope he will see our daughter get married, while mother-in-law is the most obnoxious person ever. I may go in hiding with the chickens - with my father-in-law! He's happy to escape this naggy woman. We get along just dandy!

  5. I have the Santa's Magic pattern too and maybe I should move him to the kitting up bin and start him too. Or maybe I can just live vicariously through you ;)

  6. Hope you had a good stitch day once you finished reading the papers and doing the puzzle, Coni.

  7. I've seen Santa Magic done up, and it IS Gorgeous. I don't remember what linen color it was done on, I want to say a blue?????

    That thing about wanting stitchy days when you are busy with must-dos and fretting about should-dos when stitching... I do that too. Since retirement a year ago, the should-dos are getting easier to ignore while I stitch or sew.

  8. I stitched Santa's Magic years ago. My dentist saw it and bought it for his wife for Christmas one year. Now every Christmas it comes out and hangs in the waiting room so I get to see it every year. It is beautiful done up.