Sep 12, 2020


The door before...soot damage from burning my crackpot spinster fireplaces (Yankee candles):

And the door after a good soaking with Scrubbing Bubbles and a scrub with several Mr Clean magic eraser sponges:

It worked! I will give it a second pass next weekend, but first I have to be able to lift my arms again.

I started at 11:15 this morning in the cube room studio office dumping ground walk in closet space that the apartment company calls a den. Here's the before...please excuse the hot mess:

And here's the after at 5:30pm. Yikes! I seriously underestimated the amount of time and work it would take to get things back in order. 

I added two more cube shelves and organized JB's catalogues and samples for him:

Here are the bins of excess that will go down to the garage until I can muster the strength for a good sort and purge:

I'm bushed! The plan was originally for a steak fajita dinner tonight, but I decided to order in instead as a treat for all of my hard work.  I am showered and in clean pajamas and ready to just rest and relax tonight!

I hope that you had a good Saturday, Dearies! I pray that you are safe and well!


  1. Wowie zowie Coni! A good medal 🎖from those Amish ladies you speak of! 👍 I have a room that is kind of a disaster...couldn't do it last weekend as it was 104 degrees here in SoCal. I'm trying to muster up some energy this weekend. I think you may have inspired me....enjoy the rest of the weekend knowing you've finished a huge job! Luv, m

  2. Wow! It looks great! I went up to my crafty room with every intention of mucking it out today and then sat down and looked at my phone for two hours!

  3. Wo-ho. Splendid work! You "done good."

    If I pay you a retainer, will you come about once a month and do my place? For starters, do my AJM Room. Sign on the door (nicely spaced, of course): "Beyond this portal lurketh the Abominable Junkroom Monster. Ere thou venture beyond the threshhold, hold in mind that 1) he may not recognize your scent; 2) he's always hungry; 3) his favorite snack is KNEECAPS."

    If you can get here, I'll lure him outside to the compost pile. The change of diet won't hurt his digestion.

  4. You are Queen organizer, once you start, you don't stop! Love it!

  5. Wow! That looks great - door and the room. Much kudos to you, young lady! I hang my head in shame - my sewing room is an absolute mess!
    Still have the in-laws here and branches were trimmed yesterday in readiness for the barn going up - they were overhanging the area. Father-in-law has the dreaded C (not the virus) - no treatment now apart from pain killers - so he felt he was helping by holding the ladder for a while and then had a sit down. Mother-in-law helped do some weeding in the veg plot. It is the first decent weather we've had lately. Birds are in the pens for the most part as the fox attacked again and we lost the last of our evil twins. Dilly duck continues to sleep on the roof of the chicken run, but came down to go inside for a couple of nights - I am wondering if she can foretell really bad weather! Monday night and Tuesday we are supposed to get storms. If she stays out that night then I'll dismiss that idea!
    Hope all is going well with you - that clean up must have given you such peace of mind - and satisfaction of a great job done and dusted (both senses of the word). xxxx

  6. Your "Before" pictures look a lot like my sewing room. If you are ever in Georgia and feeling industrious and a little bit crazy, you are welcome to come over and organize my room. Yours is gorgeous! Wow! You are a true inspiration --- Have a good rest and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  7. Good for you, I am inspired, but first church, football X 2
    while I am stitching, well there goes this day. Maybe tomorrow, that's why my stitching room looks worse than yours.
    Your's look fantastic.

  8. It looks and sounds like your Saturday was a most productive one. I hope you are able to lift your arms and move about today, Coni!

  9. I wish I had your organizing skills! Looks great!

  10. I'd be happy if my stuff was as organized as your "before"!

  11. Where do you buy those cubes? Do they have to be assembled? Love the look of your room. Good job. I needed that inspiration!

    1. Hi, Carol!

      They are from the Targets, and do require assembly. But I'm happy to tell you that they are very easy to put together...but they are heavy to lift!

    2. Thanks. I will check out Target although since the new college kids have probably bought up a lot of the storage stuff, I might have to wait a bit. Glad they were easy to assemble. Thanks for the info.

    3. I ordered mine from and had them delivered!