Sep 5, 2020


Oh, Dearies...what an absolutely gorgeous few days we've had here in Hoosierville! Breezy and cooler, low humidty, and the most gorgeous blue/puffy cloud skies! I never thought of myself as one affected by weather, but I feel better today than I have in months!

Japanese food for dinner last night: California roll (sorry, can't do anything raw), edamame, gyoza, and spring rolls. All were from a new restaurant that I've never been to, and all were positively delicious! My JB does not care for that type of food, nor does he like Chinese food, so Spinstercation is my chance to indulge.

Three chores on the agenda today and then methinks it will be a pool day if it's not too crowded. I have had it all to myself the last week or so, but I would imagine it will be crowded with the holiday weekend.

I do hope you are off to a good start on your very own wonderful weekend. Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. Enjoy every minute! Project is coming sling nicely!
    Hot and humid here so as I have finished my errands I will stay inside and enjoy the A/C.

  2. It's wonderful when the weather is beautiful like that, it's a great mood- lifter! I hope you were able to enjoy some pool time. Your Japanese food looks delicious! Hope the rest of your weekend is lovely.

  3. Miserably hot and humid. Which makes it real easy to stay inside and keep working on a historic sampler.

  4. You are having fun! I agree, weather plays a big part. A little depressing here as we continue our cold, wet and windy spell. Seems we have a few days nice and the rest of the month is yukky. So I sorted fabric yesterday, tidied it up into strips and strings and odd bits with larger pieces folded in a box. These are still fabrics I'm using in the quilt but they needed to be sorted and I'm pleased with the progress. HRH has been making pickles and chutney from the garden and greenhouse. A lot of harvesting and batch freezing too. Well the sun is up, another day beginning and I need to make the most of it while it is out - even if the ground is soggy! LOL! Keep doing what you are doing - you sound great! xxx

  5. Day #3 sounded delightful. If your weather and my weather would hang around, it would be awesome. Hope you got your pool time in!

  6. Yummmmm!! I haven't had sushi for the longest time. I think I need to remedy that right away :) Hope you were able to get a swim in :)