Sep 10, 2020


A cool and cloudy day here in Hoosierville means I get to putter the day away in the Happy Chair with papers, puzzles, and stitchy time. There are some minor chores to be done, but I can knock those out in a few minutes and then get down to the serious business of doing absolutely nothing.

Yesterday was...a challenge. I think it was meant to test my patience and fortitude, as most Wednesdays are. I would love to tell you that I managed myself with grace and good humor, but it was more bull-headedness and desperation.

(Thank goodness I am made of hearty peasant stock and have a head like a rock.)

English Garden Sampler has me a bit twitchy. Would it be so wrong to add it to the mix? In my weekend clean-out of the cube room studio, I am going to carefully pack/store away all of the things that are languishing and give them a little rest and gather a small basket of projects to finish off the year. I know Eliana, Hoity Toity, and Baked Alaska will be in the mix, and I'm thinking I could add the Magic Santa and the English Garden to top it off. 

We'll have to contemplate that one.

What a nice sit and contemplate stitching things today! I have come up with a new phrase that I hope catches on. (If somebody else already coined this, please forgive me and let me know.)  I'm going to gather threads and fabrics and charts and whatnot and spread them all around me today and take a....wait for it...STASH BATH.

Cute, huh?

Oh, before I forget, I have an update on the mask orders. The company that is printing these is overwhelmed with production and will not be shipping these to me until next week! I am profoundly sorry for the delay, and will issue immediate refunds upon your request. I am mortified that I have had your money for quite some time and you do not have your masks, but I promise that they will ship out of here the very day I receive them!

Happy Thursday, Dearies!  I'm off like a herd of turtles armed with my second cup of damn good and nothing but my wits. Thank God I don't have to operate any heavy machinery or solve world peace today!


  1. Coni, I think you should put the projects in your basket that make you happy. If English Garden will do that, then go ahead and add it. Enjoy your Stash Bath!

  2. Lol - stash bath! Love it. Go with whatever takes your fancy!
    Similar weather here today! Chilly too! Off to a pub lunch with the in-laws soon and the cook makes really good food - more like a restaurant! Looking forward to that. om nom nom!

  3. A stash bath! Love it! Have all kinds of fun :)