Aug 29, 2020


Me and the hot glue gun? 

Maybe not so much.

All I wanted to do was sit down and make thread boards (the quilt design boards that I figured out you could use to organize all of your working threads).

Definitely NOT in the cards today for this portly spinster. I finally quit in utter disgust with myself that no matter how hard I try, I just can't make it nice.

(That's for all you Dorinda Medley fans out there).

I have three suitable boards...two that are from the Fat Quarter Shop, and the one that I made for Elliana:

For now, this will have to do. I am showered, in clean pj's, and ready for a long night of stitching!

I know I promised a full progress picture when I took her off of q-snaps to serge the edges of the fabric, but given my disaster today, methinks I should keep the sewing machine put away for another little bit.

So here is a partial progress pic:

That's it for me, Dearies! I hope your weekend is off to a very swell start! Do something successfully crafty and come tell me all about it!


  1. I guess today was Unsuccessful Craft Day ;-) While in the final stages of completing a project, I discovered I had cut it out wrong. This would be after I stitched it. So I finished it anyway, because I couldn't face ripping it out!

  2. Fun day. I had the day/morning off work, so had a friend over for a day of stitching. There was a small amount of frogging involved, though.

  3. You are very brave! Just noticed the Snoopy and Woodstock fabric around the edge of Elliana! May the stitchy swirls continue.
    No stitching here apart from masks for the boy to take home, but that was last week. Yesterday was dry so he helped me plant the remaining leeks that I'd been fretting over, trimmed the squashes and the celeriac - and he even weeded some bits! He had a bowl of strawberries as a reward! Sunday (mother-in-law's birthday so HRH went to stay with our daughter until Tuesday) is sunny so we will go for a walk and make the most of it.
    Take care and hopefully no more sticking yourself to the boards! LOL! xxx

  4. Elliana is looking good, Coni. Sorry about the glue gun mishap.

  5. The glue gun is not my friend, either. Have you tried tacky glue or heat-n-bond instead? They might work, depending on the materials involved.

  6. We must have the same kind of glue gun skills :D Hope your fingers didn't get too badly burned.