Aug 27, 2020



  1. lol I needed a chuckle today , thank you!

  2. Probably not. Tbr difficult part would be convinving friends that the bird did actually speak!
    Made my day!

  3. Hi Coni

    You often ask us about what blew our skirts up . . . so today, when the wind blew my skirt up, I thought of you.

    And it was so appropriate, as I was coming out of the store where I just bought "slip shorts" which provide protection against chub rub of the thighs, as well as coverage when something blows your skirt up! They are not shapewear, so are comfortable to wear under dresses on hot days like today.

    If anyone is interested,here is a link. I am not paid by the company, don't get a commission, but want to share something that "blows my skirt up"! if that is okay.

  4. I could have sworn "pieces of eight" were mentioned! ;)
    Hope everything is going OK for you. xxx