Aug 30, 2020



If it's possible to have a craft day hangover...I've got one. I feel like I've been hit by a big fat bus full of glue guns and fabric remnants and scraps of ribbon.


But...I am happily settled into the Happy Chair with Moonstruck on the TeeVee, a big glass of iced tea with lemon, and puzzles and stitching. Absolutley nothing to complain about.

My Jersey Boy is headed back that way to see his mom this week, and that means I have a few weeks of Single Spinster Shenangins to look forward to. This time I AM writing a list, and I fully intend complete at least one or two things on it. Most critical on that list will be a clean-up/re-org of the cube room studio. I have been dumping things in there for months now and the little cubes have gotten completely out of whack.

Come to think of it...there's a lot that's out of whck with me, so maybe I can concentrate on getting back IN whack and get on with the Fall.

Masks will be shipping at the end of this week, hopefully, so I can start packaging them and getting them out to you. Thank you for the support! I hope to have another item for sale shortly.

Well, Dearies...I'm going to turn off my tiny little brain for a bit and get some stitchy time in while JB is at the golfing. I suspect that we will head to the swimming for a bit when he gets home, so I should enjoy a few more hours of laziness before I start flapping around doing my big girl exercises in the water.

I hope your very own Sunday is peaceful, lovely, happy, healthy, and as long as you need it to be! 

Ciao, for now!


  1. Your Sunday sounded very blissful, Coni. Hope you enjoyed your pool time.

  2. How lovely - just want to hug that manatee!
    Sounds like you have been having a good weekend. I'm HRH free and just took son home - a short amount of freedom for me. My sewing room is in a right old state - but with a flow of visitors (in-laws followed by daughter and her man) expected in September, I can't seem to get my mojo in gear at the moment!
    Have fun sorting - it'll be super when you've done, and as you are a tidy person I'm sure it won't take long. Hope you enjoyed your swim too. xx

  3. The more times you show your thread organizer the more I want one of my own! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  4. I too had a lazy stitching day yesterday while sitting out on my newly being built patio and keeping my honey company as he added square footage to it. My Chatelaine misty morning vineyard got more added to it and I enjoyed remote church, lunch, ice tea, and later hard cider, as we conversed and I counted. Had to frog and redo one section but it goes with the territory sometimes. Have a good week my dear!

  5. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me! I love Moonstruck. And I'm envious of your upcoming alone time. I know one has to be careful about one wishes for, but in the year and a half since the husband and I have both been retired, I do miss a little bit of time with only me, myself, and I. I used to take vacation days just to be home alone. Have a great week!