May 15, 2021


In an attempt to re-populate CS2 with living breathing things, I now have these two little guys perched on the crackpot spinster fireplace. They are planted in 6in grower's pots, and I then put the grower's pot in a ceramic pot.

Should I take the plants out of the grower's pots and re-plant them into the ceramic? Or, should I let them continue on in the 6in grower's pots and then upgrade them to larger pots as they get bigger? I actually have four of these ceramic pots, so my intention is to get two more plants as budget allows, and then move them into bigger pots as growth demands.

I'm so paranoid about re-planting things since the demise of my fern, so any advice you can give is most appreciated, Dearies!

All of the plans for today have gone right out the window, because I have no energy or motivation to get out of my pajamas or the Happy Chair today, so I think I'll pick up my stitching, turn on the Bravo, and get on with it.

Ciao, my beauties! Here's to a lovely weekend!


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  2. I would leave your plants in their original pots until they grow more. By that time you might be able to split and fill your other two. Also your snake plant (also called mother in law's tongue) may have some side shoots. You can cut straight down them through the roots and repot. They will grow easily and spread in the pot.

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