Jan 10, 2019


Well, hello there Dearies!

I feel like I have been brought back from the hinterlands of cyber solitude or something. That iPad crash was...disconcerting...to say the least! Fortunately, the nice young geniuses at the Apple Store were able to help a spinster out, and I think I am back up and running.

(No clue what the problem was....and I did all the right things in trying to restore, but hopefully after a full on factory reset I won't have to do that again.)

(But I have started saving my pennies for a new iPad thingie, since this poor little guy is quite old and seemingly on his last legs.)

Today is Thursday, which means I am in the Happy Chair and ready for some bliss.  I have all of the ingredients in place...

A cozy view of Christmas lights and the little fake fireplace:

The second cup of damn good and a clearance rack Yankee candle burning away:

The morning paper to read and The Chicken Sisters for company:

And a big basket full of stitching to play with all day:

Speaking of stitching...not much has been accomplished in the last few days, but I will remedy that today for sure. I'm hankering for a new start, but am determined to stay with my facacta rotation a bit longer, since even I think ten days in is a little too soon to abandon ship.

We finally got a bit of snow in these here parts, so I am going to enjoy every single flake of it from the friendly confines. Tomorrow when I have to venture out into it, I might not love it as much, but for now...bliss.

Happy Thursday, Dearies! I hope you, too, are warm and safe and dry and that you get to do everything your heart desires today. Come tell me all about it!


  1. Double recipe of Julia Child's potato soup in preparation for the snow that is coming our way. Meanwhile the wind chill was 13 F this morning.

  2. I see you have not yet read the paper...perhaps you should skip the local news....I saw that the Chicken Sisters got into a bit of mischief last night at the club. Yikes!

  3. Putting on a pot chicken vegetable soup. One more chore and I too can sit and stitch.

    Do you have a fabric case for each of your projects?

  4. Looks like you're all set for a wonderful day, Coni. Enjoy.

    Weather here continues warm with - yep - 100% humidity. (Grrrrrr.)

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Hope you have had a marvelous Thursday, Coni! Glad your iPad is back to you and working!

  6. I sure hope you saw the blog post by Mz Laura J. Perin today. Ohhhh...a new cyber class and it's gorgeous!! I know you are a fan, as am I. Here is a link Coni, in case you missed it.