Jan 7, 2019


I did have a completely restful day yesterday, but I am one tired spinster this morning! I'm really hoping my damn good kicks in soon, because I need to get myself moving and ready for d-chair time.

Just a little progress on Red Velvet Cake, but progress nonetheless:

I might try to make this a focus piece, because there is only one corner left to complete and then I can attach beads and get it to the framer. We'll see...

Here's hoping our week is happy, healthy, and fruitful, Dearies! Happy Monday!


  1. Red Velvet is just stunning, that variegation...drool! I vote for a focus piece, just think the finish is right there for you to grab.
    I am on my second damn good and so far I think it must be faulty as it has not kicked in!! Have a fabulous day and may your needles move swiftly.

  2. Red Velvet is looking fabulous, Coni! I vote to keep working on it.

  3. You are making good progress.. Will be thinking of you today while in the d-chair.

  4. With that nasty cold, no wonder even damn good has a time
    kicking in… Affix your mask to protect others and get that
    chair time behind you as soon as you can. Hope you will be
    feeling better very soon.

  5. I really like this piece - 'twas disappointed when you stopped working on it last time. I hope you get it completed, framed and up on the wall soon.

    Sydney, Australia