Jan 30, 2019


Like the rest of the world, we are experiencing our share of weather at the moment. As I type this it is -14 degrees outside with a windchill of -44.

Tonight the actual temperature is expected to drop to -21, an official record cold for Hoosierville.

I'm happy enough to stay inside, because this means no dialysis for me today!  An unexpected mid-week break!

No stitching or beading to report.  I was a complete lump and did nothing yesterday except watch TeeVee and look at stuff on my iPad thingie. I watched Housewives and two really really awful movies and then called it a day and went to bed early.

If there were a prize for complete inertia I would have most certainly earned it yesterday.

Today I will finish my damn good, have a nice hot scrubby shower, and finish Red Velvet Cake. I have about a quarter of it yet to bead, so that should hopefully comprise about an afternoon.

So that's it for me, Dearies. If you are participating in this Polar Vortex, I hope you are warm and safe and dry. God keep you if you have to be out in it....stay safe!


  1. Hi Conni, Love your work, girl the cold sounds so cold think of us in Sydney Australia we are having +39C with high humidity...yuk, but it will warm you up! Robyn

  2. Here in a Kansas it is cold and grey! Somewhat better than be this a.m. but about to begin the overnight dtop. Too much for someone who no ever saw snow coming or temps below be freezing until she moved to the "north".
    Any,a great stitching day. Stay warm

  3. I'm also in Sydney and our 39 degrees Celsius is your 102 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity is just a bonus torture! We're just about to end the hottest January ever recorded and, although your colds are a might extreme, I would love to have some cooler weather very very soon.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Coni I am freezing in Indiana with you. Stitching away on several projects. Car doors are frozen shut so I have to stay home! Which I don't mind as it gives me more stitching time,YEAH!!!! RVC is looking great! Stay safe and warm.

  5. Hope you are staying warm! We are very cold on PEI also. But that is normal here haha! Can't wait to see Red Velvet with all her bling :)