Jan 22, 2019

What is Blogger error 400, and why does it keep taunting me so?!

For some reason, I am unable to post anything to this here blog without encountering an error message. I can publish text, but anything with a picture seems to go completely awry.

Oh, bloody hells bells anyways.

Thank you for indulging my funkety funk funk, Dearies. This is a very deep dark mysterious one, since it lingers hard and is baffling even to me. I suspect that anesthesia and post-op pain meds are the culprit, and since both are now a week long gone, I imagine I will feel better soon.

Staying in the Happy Chair and not giving a flying fig is a challenge, but one that I embrace wholeheartedly and with impunity.  The not stitching thing, though, is an enormous problem, and one that I am going to remedy today.

Or else.

OK...enough. I'm here and awake, alive, and well-fed. The snow is sparkly, I've got a big fat cup of hot damn good, and a lovely winter candle all doing their respective things.  Time to sit up and get my bearings before climbing out of this well...

Crossing my fingers that this will publish...


  1. And, nasty Winter doldrums don't hurt. We need a good sunshiny day.

  2. Hoping for better days ahead for you.

  3. I hope you're able to do a bit of stitching, if that sounds good, but most importantly, please try to be gentle with yourself and really give yourself time to recover. I know a week might seem like forever, but that surgery was a big deal, and you and your body need time to heal! Hope you can have a relaxing day!

  4. From what I have read on other blogs, the Blogger error 400 involves an app, an iPad, and the fact that blogger isn't supporting it (the app). Some are having to use either their laptop or desktop to post. Some are even saying they will stop blogging and move to Facebook or Instagram. I hope you get it figured out, Coni.

    I think you should rest and let your body mend; stitching, reading, or just vegging out in front of the TeeVee is highly recommended.

  5. Stitch away!!!
    Vegging is always helpful after any surgery, I think. Do what makes you smile!!!

  6. If only those who concoct the meds could take them to experience what they do to the body, we might get that nonsense resolved. I venture you are right about the causes
    of your funk and that once they are dissipated you will be
    out of the well and back to your joyous self.In the meantime,
    let go and do whatever appeals...hope it includes a stitch
    or more and enough hot damn good to keep you rolling beside
    your "fireplace"...Don't forget to rest...good for you.

  7. I'm sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. Take it one minute at a time and know that those who lurk and finally comment are cheering you on. Before following along on your journey I never really thought about those who live with dialysis. I have much empathy for them......definitely not a cake walk.

  8. Ditto to Cherie. It is a helluva lot to go through. You are one tough, brave lady.

  9. Friends indulge their friends' funks without a second thought. I'm pleased that you feel that you can funk with us. That said, I hope it lifts soon.

    Sydney, Australia

  10. Well I see the spark is still hanging in there - just a matter of time. R&R is good, so take advantage. Winter gets everyone down, especially if there is no sun for days. But you have the chicken ladies and I'm sure they'll be up to mischief somewhere you haven't noticed yet!