Jan 3, 2019


Not a thing to do today, Dearies! I am going to take advantage of it and stay in my pajamas and stitch. All. Darn. Day.

I did not get to enjoy any stitchy time yesterday after d-chair time, unfortunately. I had a mini crash at the very end of treatment that left me wiped out, a bit woozy, and ready for bed at 8:30.

But today is a new day, and I am well rested and just falling into my second cup of damn good. I'm going to read the paper and contemplate a healthy breakfast and then it's back to the Happy Chair for the duration.

What's on your agenda for the day? Come tell me all about it!


  1. Happy New Year! That sounds like a wonderful day! Sorry you had a bit of a problem yesterday, but I'm glad it wasn't as bad as previously. It's chilly and grey here, so after a few errands I plan to start organizing my stitching stash (it's a mess!)and then hopefully get a few stitches in as well! Hope you thoroughly enjoy your relaxed stitching day!

  2. Sounds like a great pkan! Enjoy your day your way!! Stitch on.

  3. Gray skies and occasional rain here in NC. Stitching with you for a few hours and off to complete the house blessing (cleaning)…

  4. Just love house blessing(cleaning) Susan....
    Sorry about the mini crash, Coni...but glad that you can
    do whatever you wish today. I would love to have "not a thing
    to do" time...am busy trading 2018 record files for 2019 and
    putting paper life in order; gets more complicated and ponderous each year. Praying Coni and followers a grand year
    ahead with a minimum of frogs...

  5. That doesn't sound like a bad way to spend a day. The temperature here isn't too bad for summer but we're experience 100% humidity - aaargh. Everything feels dampish. The only good thing about it is that high humidity reduces the risk of bushfires, and since I live in an area that is at high risk from bushfires, this is to be valued.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Is that a little pot bellied stove there in the back ground of your picture? I worked most of the day. Now going home and putting a few stitches in myself! Happy New Year!
    Ruth in California

    1. Yes, indeed, Ruth! It is actually an electric faux fireplace and heater. Magoo likes to sit on the balcony and enjoy an occasional cigar, and this is a perfect way for him to warm his feet in the colder months!

  7. Well I fell off the wagon yesterday and ignored the sunshine and did some sewing instead. I should have done chores and gone out to start sowing seeds but I chickened out!
    Hope your day is much better! I still have my Christmas tree up too, the lights are so cheerful on cold, drab days!

  8. Well, I am going to go to the gym and get in about 90 minutes workout. Then home to shower and maybe start undecking my house of Christmas decor. Trying to get back to stitching but have too many books waiting for me to read. I have umpteen million WIP and would love to get my mojo back. Love reading your blog - you are an inspiration. Blessing in 2019.

  9. Your day sounds like absolute Bliss!! Sorry about the crash and early bedtime. I survived the day and the countdown till escape hour at the job! I am now in the Pj's and ready to stitch!! Side note....I have the same little fireplace on the boat, that is my favorite stitchy spot!

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