Jan 6, 2019


(Raise your hand if you saw THAT coming.)

Yup...full on runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, sniffling, head and body ache kinda soupy mess cold, right here in Spinster City.

(I swear, if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.)

But, on a happy note, this gives me the perfect excuse to stay right where I am...in the Happy Chair wearing Christmas jammies...for the duration. No cleaning or cooking or laundry or galavanting, Just the Sunday paper, lots of stitchy bags, my magic blanket, and some hot tea.

Jimminy, you'd almost think I planned it that way.

(Pause for pondering.)


I'd much rather be up and about and able to bend over without my sinuses coming out of my ears.

A little stitchy progress on Come Tarry from yesterday:
I filled in the little hill on the right.

Not sure what will be on the stitching menu for today...I might play with Nova a bit more or fish through my January basket and see what else strikes my fancy. Who knows? Maybe a little on each!

Happy Sunday, Dearies! I hope you are warm and safe and dry in your corner of the world and that your fancies are well struck today! Come tell me all about it!


  1. Hope you don't have what I have had -- my annual pre-Christmas cold started in early December with a sore throat and cough. The throat lasted for 2 weeks, the cough for 4 weeks. Finally, just this past Friday, I felt well, went for a nice walk in the warm(ish) sun, and came home with a sneezy, runny nose. YUCK -- so I hope you just have the usual 1 week version

    Drink plenty of fluids, rest, gargle with salt water, and feel better.

    Susan Anonymouse

  2. Chicken soup with lime, or lemon, juice with a small shake of Tabasco. Repeat as needed!
    Has always worked for me. Hope it will work for you!!!
    Stay warm and enjoy the break.

  3. Hoping your cold exits quickly. I been stitching on a secret valentine stitch today and just finished it, so the rest of the evening will be working on geraniums, I am sprinting to the finish at a turtles pace. Enjoy your happy chair, drink lots of hot tea. Remember rest is the second best medicine right after stitching :)

  4. I hope you don't have that bug that wrecked my Christmas! I spent Christmas through New Years lying on the couch watching BBC reruns, feeling very sorry for myself and sending the spouse out for more Kleenex and chicken noodle soup. But my old cat got hours of uninterrupted lap time, so at least one of us was happy.

  5. I was also unwell over Christmas with some kind of chest congestion - which is very rare for me. Three weeks later, I'm still trying to get rid of the last of it.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Coni, hope you are feeling better soon. Stay in, stay warm, keep hydrated and stitch a little. Thinking of you!

  7. What a sweet little hill filled with perfectly perfect little stitches :) Hope you are on the mend!