Feb 21, 2016


I might have half a shot at being normal if I would just stay off the internets.

I've really tried to put this silly contraption away after dinner each evening so that I can get some stitching done, but last night was an epic fail.

Pinterest is very dangerous for a lonely, portly, aspirational, hungry stitcher spinster.  I think I've redecorated my house at least eighty two times, enhanced my stitchy stash tenfold, and gotten myself completely lost in all things planning and organizing.

Plus, it has adorable pictures of Jack Russell terriers.

And Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

So today I am going to head to the grocery for some provisions and then spend some time trying to cook, organize, bake, arrange, and fluff myself into a tiny resemblance of all the crap I've been pinning.  I suspect that it will all go awry, but at least I'll have something to tell you about tomorrow...right?

Happy, happy Sunday to you and yours!


  1. I certainly can relate....I wish there was a support group for recovering Pinterest addicts. Of course it would be online....so close to that Pinterest bookmark.

  2. I understand completely and swear every night that I'm going to stay off this damn thing but I just keep getting sucked back in.

  3. Pinterest, where time doesn't matter any more. I have missed my bedtime many a night lost on that site. But oh all the good stuff I have pinned :)

  4. Pinterest is a land I never go to.